6 Best Karpathos Beaches to Spend a Lazy Afternoon

Karpathos Beaches

A day at the beach is one of the best things to do on Karpathos, and for good reason! In no way does this island draw the crowds of Rhodes, Crete, or Santorini. However, once you see the Karpathos beaches you’ll understand why it’s one of Greece’s best-kept secrets!  Join us as we take you to the best beaches on Karpathos and cover everywhere from Apella to Lefkos. 

Finding the Best Karpathos Beaches

On an island the size of Karpathos, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches. As you cruise the twists and turns of the mountain roads it will be easy to look out and see cove after cove of beautiful beaches.

Realistically, it will be impossible to see all the beaches on one trip. Below we break down the must-visit Karpathos Beaches to see on your first visit. Also, while you’re traveling to these six beaches on Karpathos you’re sure to discover many more on the way!

→ You’ll need to book a rental car to explore the island. We paid about $20 a day and it was the best way to see all of Karpathos!

6 Best Karpathos Beaches

1. Apella Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in all of Greece, Apella is a top draw to the island. Be aware that it’s an adventurous drive to get here, and you’ll want to come early to get a parking spot. Nevertheless, once you see those crystal clear ocean waters it’s well worth the trip! 

Beach chairs cost just 5 euros and you can stay for the entire day if you’d like. When you get thirsty, order a Freddo which is an iced Greek espresso from the passing waiter. He takes orders up and down the beach then runs to the small restaurant to fill them. 

If you walk to the far end there is a small path that you can climb up to get an amazing view of Apella Beach! Also, boat tours visit daily departing from the city of Pigadia. 

Apella Beach Karpathos

2. Kyra Panagia 

In our One Week Karpathos Itinerary, we recommend ending your visit at Kyra Panagia beach. Not only is this one of the best beaches on Karpathos, but the perfect place to relax after an adventurous holiday. 

Like many other small beaches on Karpathos, you’ll have to claim your beach chair early if you want a front-row seat! When you are ready to cool down explore the right side of the Kyra Panagia. There is a cave as well as a large rock that you can jump off of into the ocean. 

Kyra Panagia Karpathos Beach

3. Achata Beach

Along with the first two places on our list, Achata is known as one of the top beaches on Karpathos! We were actually told that if we only visit three beaches it should be these! 

One thing that makes Achata Beach so popular is it’s only a 20 minute drive from the main city of Pigadia. Still, note that because of the winding roads of Karpathos things tend to take a little longer. 

Achata Beach is one that you can easily spend the whole afternoon at. Chairs line the sand and there is a small restaurant where you can grab a local seafood lunch. Just remember to pack snorkels so you can explore the translucent blue water of the rocky coastline!

Achata Karpathos Beach

4. Lakki Karpathos Beaches

We actually preferred staying in Lakki over the main city of Pigadia. It’s just a quick 7 minute drive into town a completely different island experience. We would wake up, walk the few steps down from our hotel, and start the day off with a refreshing morning swim. 

This area features a handful of small coves and stunning sands all within walking distance from one another. There is even an ocean walkway connecting some of the best Karpathos beaches! Make sure to swim at Kastelia, Votsalakia, and of course the famous Amoopi Beach.

Best Beaches on Karpathos

5. Diafani Beach

Way up in the far north of the island is the tiny port of Diafani. This small town has a beautiful Karpathos beach that is never packed! You can grab a coffee or lunch at one of the seaside restaurants before jumping in the ocean.

If you plan to spend a few nights (which we totally recommend) in the village of Olympos then this will be the closest beach for you to enjoy. Also, you can’t miss jumping on a boat trip to Saria Island which leaves directly from Diafani.

→ Saria Island Boat Tour: Magical Day Trip from Karpathos Greece

Best Beaches in Karpathos

6. Lefkos Karpathos Beaches

Lefkos is a complete beach paradise that completely took us by surprise. Due to how the coast wraps around this town, the small bays are protected from the wind and rough water of the West coast. 

Out of all the beaches that we visited in Greece, this one felt almost like we were transported to a Caribbean island! On the other side of the main Lefkos beach is actually an even larger one to explore. Keep in mind it’s not protected so be careful of the current when swimming. 

This is truly the type of Karpathos beach town we could see ourselves spending a week enjoying the sun, eating long seafood lunches, and drinking bottles of wine at sunset. Lefkos is a Greek paradise to relax and forget the stresses of life.

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Karpathos Beach Lefkos

Have any questions about our favorite beaches in Karpathos or want to share you’re favorite to spend a lazy afternoon?! Let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Stay in Karpathos

PigadiaPorfyris Studios and Apartments –  Located in the center of all the action, this hotel is within walking distance of everything you need in town. Oceanview balconies, a small living room, and compact kitchens. 

LefkosZorbas Studios – Basic studios with beautiful ocean views! Just steps from the sand and close to all the shops and restaurants. 

OlymposAphrodite Hotel – This is where we stayed in Olympos and we loved every second. Enjoy incredible views from the small balconies that overlook the rugged coastline. Basic accommodations, but one of the best deals you can get for the location. 

OlymposOlympos Archipelagos – Gorgeous apartments just below the town center and close to Milos Taverna. Stunning views of the ocean and Karpathos Island. 

Kyra Panagia – Pension Akropolis – Where we stayed on our one-week Karpathos itinerary. Wonderful family-run hotel with rooms that overlook the ocean and beach below.

Kyra Panagia –  Bella Vista Suites – Cute apartment situated above Kyra Bay. Clean and stylish space with amazing views of the island. 

For more places to stay in Karpathos Greece you can explore the latest prices here!


Karpathos Beach

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    Armathia island
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    No hotels or people
    Super clean waters
    Accessible only by boat between June and September ( Boat Annastacia departs Pigadia for Armathia Timetable on the boat)

    • Brigitte & Jake
      December 17, 2021 / 8:02 am

      Sounds amazing! Thanks for the tips (-:

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