Why We Love Kyra Panagia Beach (And You Will Too!)

Kyra Panagia Beach

Kyra Panagia is an incredibly beautiful beach on the island of Karpathos Greece. It also happens to be one of our favorite places we stayed during our entire trip to the island. It may only have a handful of hotels, and even fewer restaurants. However, the fact that it is such a secluded paradise made the trip more than worth it! Here’s exactly what to expect on a trip to Kyra Panagia Beach in Karpathos and all about our own experience.

What Makes Kyra Panagia Beach So Magical? 

First, you should know that Kyra Panagia isn’t really a town or small village. There is a winding road that cuts from the mountains down to the beach.

The parking might be tight depending on what time of year you visit, but don’t stress it! Be patient and look for an open spot as you cruise towards the water.

Once you walk down the small steps, you’ll immediately see what the draw is to Kyra Panagia Karpathos. The pebbly beach is between two large cliffs, and set on the sparkling Aegean Sea.

It will be hard to miss the stunning red domed church that overlooks the beach. This is actually one of the most famous views, and somewhere you may have seen in photos before visiting Karpathos.

We explored all over the island, but there was something truly special about Kyra Panagia beach. It felt like we were in our own little paradise far away from the touristy crowds of other Greek islands. 

Kyra Panagia Beach Karpathos

Spending the Night at Kyra Panagia Beach Karpathos

Most travelers simply make a day trip to Kyra Panagia Beach as part of a longer road trip itinerary. Yet, after countless recommendations, we decided to stay overnight at a small family run place called Pension Akropolis

We arrived in the late afternoon for check-in after driving from the capital of Pigadia. The room we stayed at was basic, but the view was gorgeous and surreal.

Spending the night allowed us to visit the beach after almost everyone left for the day. We honestly felt like we had Kyra Panagia all to ourselves in early June!

We decided to go to a restaurant called Sofia’s Taverna (more on this next) for dinner down the street. Yet, the following morning we had a scrumptious greek omelette to start the day at our hotel. 

Kyra Panagia Beach Hotel

Greek Dinner at Sofia’s Taverna

Sofia’s Taverna is a great local spot that’s easily the most popular eatery in town. If you do plan to go we recommend getting there early.

We didn’t make a reservation visiting in June. However, it may be worth it if you’re visiting in the peak summer months.

So what made this Kyra Panagia dinner so special? We started with the house salad. This was tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, goat cheese, and some unique greens we’d never tried before. 

Next we shared fresh calamari which we topped with fresh lemon juice. We finished off our meal with an unreal baked lamb that we still think about to this day!

This was obviously a dinner to remember and one of our favorite food experiences on Karpathos. You can check out more of the best restaurants on the island here.

Sofia's Taverna Salad

Sofia's Taverna Dinner

Sofia's Taverna Karpathos

5 Tips For Kyra Panagia Beach 

1. As soon as you get down to Sofia’s Taverna look for parking. Spots are limited, and nowhere is that far of a walk from Kyra Panagia Beach. 

2. Hike up the stairs above the iconic red church for an amazing view!

3. Stop by Taverna Akropolis Kyra Panagia which is the restaurant connected to the Pension Akropolis hotel. This is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, and you don’t have to stay here to eat. 

4. Grab a beach chair during the summer months. It’s nice to have a sun lounger and the shade of the umbrella on a hot day.

5. Go for a swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea. This is one of the best beaches on Karpathos (read more of our picks here), and a morning or afternoon dip will be so refreshing!

Kyra Panagia Beach Karpathos Greece

More Things to Do After Kyra Panagia Karpathos

Kyra Panagia is so worth a visit, whether you stay overnight or you’re just making a day trip. We had an entire week on the island so it was an easy choice to spend a night. 

Renting a car will give you the freedom to see all the beaches and sites on your own time. Just up the road is the world famous Apella Beach, and don’t miss out on Lefkos on island’s west coast.

We also recommend visiting the mountain village of Olympos and taking a boat tour to Saria Island. Keep in mind, this area of the island is connected by a winding mountain road that isn’t for the faint of heart! 

As you can see, there’s so many unique things to do on Karpathos. Be sure to include Kyra Panagia beach on your next island holiday.

Karpathos Underwater

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