8 Naxos to Paros Ferry Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

Naxos to Paros ferry

If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Greek Islands then Naxos and Paros are not to be missed! The Naxos to Paros ferry is an easy and fast way to get between these two islands. However, there are some things to know first before you go. We’ve done the trip multiple times and have a few things to share that will make your day easier. Here’s exactly how to get from Naxos to Paros (and vice versa) to ensure you have no issues on your own vacation!

Our Travels to Naxos and Paros

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Greek Cyclades and had several experiences on the Naxos to Paros ferry route. It’s an incredible area of Greece to visit, and we love how close the two islands are to each other! This makes it simple to plan your itinerary if you want to hit more than one place on vacation. 

Our initial introduction to Naxos was back in 2019. It wasn’t our first time on the Greek ferries as we had used them a few years prior to get to Santorini. Yet, this was still our first big island hopping trip in Greece and we were slowly figuring out how to use the ferries.

We spent days exploring Naxos Town and swimming at the stunning beaches on the western coast. Years later, we would be back on Naxos again and did an amazing road trip circling the island. If you haven’t been yet be sure to check out our top 10 tips for visiting Naxos!

From there, we continued onto Paros and immediately fell in love. From the capital of Parikia to the endless Paros beaches and mountain villages, this island truly captured our hearts! The  town of Naoussa became one of our favorite places in all of Greece and is totally worth seeing on your Paros trip. We even jumped on the boat to small island of Antiparos next door.

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How to Get to Naxos Greece

8 Naxos to Paros Ferry Tips

1. Getting to Naxos Greece

Before you can make the ferry trip to Paros, you’ll first need to know how to get to the Greek Island of Naxos. There is a small airport on Naxos with domestic flights coming in from Athens. Nevertheless, you’ll most likely be taking the ferry from the mainland or another island.

Some of the most popular routes are from Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, and of course Paros Island. When planning out your own itinerary you’ll want to figure out exactly how many days to spend in each place. This can be a little tricky depending on the time of year you’re visiting. 

Peak season offers more daily routes, while in the shoulder months you’ll need to be more careful booking your tickets. So much so, that you’ll like be planning your trip around the days and times the ferry goes!

Check the Updated Prices and Ferry Schedule Here

Naxos and Paros Ferry Guide

2. Buying Naxos to Paros Ferry Tickets

We typically buy our ferry tickets online beforehand to avoid any hassles. You will then get an e-ticket emailed to you or will have to pick it up at the corresponding office in Naxos port. 

This step is very important! We’ve noticed it changing slightly over the years, but many boat won’t accept the confirmation email. You may need to visit specific ticket offices to have your boarding pass printed. They are right across the street from the ferry terminal and normally charge an extra Euro or two for this service.

You can also buy tickets directly from the company, but we would advise against that. Particularly in the peak summer season, boats will sell out fast for the most popular routes. Yes, Naxos to Paros is absolutely one of those!

This is why it’s so important to book ferries before you get there. You may also find the ticket prices are cheaper for the Naxos ferry service the further out you buy them as opposed to waiting. 

Naxos to Paros Ferry Tickets

3. Boarding the Naxos to Paros Ferry

The Naxos ferry port is conveniently located right next to the old town. After collecting your tickets, you can sit at a cafe overlooking the Aegean Sea and enjoy a coffee or beer. 

One thing to know about the Naxos to Paros ferry is that the boats go in and out very fast! If you’re not careful you could totally miss your ferry and be stuck waiting for the next one.

Obviously, this is an issue depending on the time of year, as it could be anywhere from a few hours to multiple days! Not to mention the fact you will need to buy a completely new ticket.

Once you see your boat pull up, proceed quickly to get your tickets scanned. They will first let the cars off and on and you can usually walk around the side to the door for the passenger entrance. 

There is one super confusing thing in the Naxos port we should mention. On the left hand side there is an area that people line up to get on their ferry. However, this may not be for your boat.

Other travelers lined up around us were taking several different routes and everyone was confused. What we are trying to say is that when you see your boat, don’t wait to get on at the Naxos port!

Naxos to Paros Ferry Terminal

4. Bringing a Car on the Naxos Ferry

If you didn’t know, you are actually able to take a vehicle with you on the Naxos to Paros ferry. Renting a car is an awesome way to explore Naxos which is the largest of the Cyclades Islands.

You could even rent a car in Athens and bring it all the way here! Still, we wouldn’t recommend that. There is an additional charge to have a car on the Naxos ferry that can almost double or triple your ticket price. You’ll also want to account for the additional to take a car on board with your rental agency.

From our experience, it’s much better to just wait until you get to each Greek island to pick up your rental car. There are several companies to choose from right in the port of Naxos and when you get to Parikia Paros.

You can also book a car in advance and have it waiting for when you arrive. We always use this company to search for the best deals on rental cars in Greece. 

Do You Need a Naxos Rental Car? (Read This First!)

Naxos to Paros Car Ferry

5. How Long is the Ferry From Naxos to Paros?

The Naxos to Paros ferry travel time is only 30 minutes on the fast ferry and just over one hour for the normal boat. The high-speed ferries make the trip multiple times a day during high season. Before you know it, you’ll be on a completely different Cycladic island soaking in the summer sunshine!

The route takes you directly from Naxos town to the port of Paros which is located in the capital city of Parikia. This is super convenient as you’ll be picked up and dropped off right in the center of all the action.

Our favorite place to sit on the ferry is on the outside decks so we can watch the islands of the Cyclades pass us by. It’s such a relaxing way to travel and see this part of Greece! Beware of inclement weather conditions as it can get a little bumpy with strong winds or rain. 

Ferry Naxos to Paros

6. Companies That Run the Naxos to Paros Ferry Route

There are multiple ferry companies that make the Naxos to Paros route. In the summertime, there will be up to 6 daily crossings and times to choose from! 

Alternatively, in the off-season or shoulder months, you will find that they run much less. Make sure to check out the available ferry schedules when planning your trip.

One of the best companies is Blue Star Ferries which we have used a lot to get around Greece. Yet, they are all pretty similar to each other. We usually go with the cheapest price and fastest ferry that works with our travel dates.

Other popular ferry operators include Seajets, Minoan Lines, and Golden Star Ferries. The Naxos Paros ferry route is so short that you won’t need to book any special seat type or overnight cabins. Just know that those are available if you’re doing a longer crossing to a different Greek island grouping.

Naxos to Paros Ferry Route

7. Don’t Miss Your Stop!

This is something to know for all your Greece island hopping adventures. About 10 minutes before you arrive at the port you will need to listen for an announcement.

Even if you feel like you are still far away, it’s important to stay very alert on the Naxos to Paros ferry. Head down, collect your luggage if you need to, and get ready to deboard the ship.

We’ve heard countless from other travelers who missed their stop or thought that the boat would be parked for longer. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s definitely not the case! The Greek ferries are known for being efficient and they will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Naxos to Paros Ferry Tips

8. Can You Day Trip From Naxos to Paros? 

Yes! With the short duration of the trip it is possible to go from Naxos to Paros round trip in the same day. With the constant ferry routes in the summer months, you could easily go to the Greek island of Paros and get back to Naxos by the evening.

We would actually recommend doing it in reverse (from Paros to Naxos) if you were going to take the day trip. This is because there is so much to do right from Naxos port, with the old town right there and best beaches a short drive away.

With that said, we really would avoid taking a Naxos to Paros day trip. Both are incredible islands with rich history, beautiful beaches, and tasty Greek food to enjoy. 

For the best travel experience, you’ll want to dedicate at least 2 or 3 days to both of these destinations. Honestly, the more time the better!

If you’re short on time you could also book a sailing island hopping tour. This is such a unique tour and great way to get the most out of a day on the water.

Best Beach on Paros Greece

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for using the Naxos to Paros ferry? Leave us a comment below.

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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