How to Get to Antiparos Greece: Fun Ferry, Beaches, and Day Trip Guide

Antiparos Greece

If you’re heading to Paros there’s something you should know… There’s another gem of an island in Antiparos Greece right next door! Antiparos may be extremely close to Paros. However, it’s got its own local flavor, outdoor activities, beaches, and restaurant scene. The best part is Antiparos is just a short trip away by ferry!

Why Should You Go to Antiparos Greece?

Antiparos is the small neighbor of Paros and totally worth the trip! Looking over across the ocean you’d think there wasn’t much going on in this tiny island. Yet, Antiparos is filled with beautiful beaches, hiking, and a fun nightlife scene. 

With it being so close to Paros there’s no reason not to go see it. This is also true for the island of Naxos which is just a quick ferry ride away.

If you’ve been to the Greek islands before then you know they can be many hours apart from each other by boat or multiple plane trips. This makes it so unique that you can go to Antiparos Greece for a day trip! 

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Antiparos Greece Guide

Antiparos Ferry Directly From Parikia

This is where it can get slightly confusing so pay attention! There are two different ways to get to Antiparos using the ferry and/or bus. The first is to take a boat straight from the Paros ferry port.

This Antiparos ferry runs every hour and even less during the off-season. They leave to the right of the main Paros ferry port in the center of Parikia town. Also, this is for passengers only and not cars or adventure vehicles. 

Parikia Paros: Guide to the Lively Port and Stunning Old Town

Bus to Antiparos Ferry From Pounta

The 2nd option goes more frequently but also requires more steps. There is a bus that runs from the main port of Parikia to Pounta.

Pounta is a small town up the coast and another launching point from directly across Antiparos. From here you can take a short 10-minute boat trip across the ocean.

The bus runs more often which is why many travelers go with the 2nd option. It may sound a little tricky but it’s actually quite simple once you figure it out!

The point is if you want to make the trip with the Antiparos ferry you can easily get there. Just make sure to check the updated bus schedule before your trip to Antiparos Greece!

Antiparos Ferry

Antiparos Day Trip vs Staying Overnight 

Whether you only have time for a day trip or can stay overnight, Antiparos Greece is so worth it! For day-trippers, travel over on the morning ferry as described above. Know that you can also bring your rental car, ATV, or scooter right on the boat from Pounta with you.

If not, there are multiple rental offices once you arrive on Antiparos. Without a car though, it’s just as enjoyable! It’s just as fun to spend a few hours walking through town, going for a hike, and enjoying dinner or drinks without a vehicle. 

If you have the chance to spend a night or two in Antiparos then you totally should! We had the chance to stay 2 days in the port town and had so much fun.

Staying overnight will give you more of a chance to see the Antiparos beaches, enjoy the great restaurants, and truly take in the charm of the island.

Where to Stay in Antiparos Greece

Kastro Antiparos: Enjoy an outdoor swimming pool and being just a short stroll from town and the beautiful Psaralyki Beach.

Nicolas Studios: Small apartments that sit right on Agios Spyridonas Beach with kitchenette and balcony.

Sunset Studios & Rooms: Unique and spacious studious looking out to the sea. 

Ergina Summer Resort: Located on the other side of the island away from town, this gorgeous resort is the perfect place to relax on Antiparos.

Antiparos Greece Travel Guide

Antiparos Town and Castle

When we first strolled down the main street in town we couldn’t believe it. Ritzy boutique shops, traditional Greek and Italian restaurants, and hip bars that pop off at night.

We’ve been to so many small Greek islands where there was just a simple taverna, grocery store, and that’s it! So needless to say, seeing this type of glamorous activity on Antiparos was quite the surprise. I guess now it makes sense why movie stars like Tom Hanks own property here!

At the end of the road is a 15th-century castle built by the Venetians. The ruins are super small compared to other castles in the Greek islands but it was still interesting to experience. I wonder if they would’ve been shocked to see what Antiparos has turned into today!   

Antiparos Town Walking Street

Antiparos Greece Town

Antiparos Old Town

Antiparos Beaches, Hiking, & More

There are so many fun things to do on Antiparos! Like we mentioned, when first arriving we were expecting to see such a little sleepy Greek Island. Who knew there were so many fun adventure activities to be discovered?

Still, if you just want to relax on the Antiparos beaches that will be easy to do. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Antiparos Greece below. 

Hiking: Antiparos has a network of paths that go all around the island and to some of its most unique beaches and viewpoints. We recommend starting with the 6km Kaloudia Beach trail which takes 1.5 hours from town.

Antiparos Beaches: Like much of the Cyclades, Antiparos has its fair share of beautiful beaches. Some are easily accessible from the port while others you’ll need to hike or take a vehicle to get to. It would be hard to highlight all the Antiparos beaches, but make sure to check out Faneromeni, Saint George, and Psaralyki Beach.

Boat Tour: One of the most popular activities from Antiparos is to take a boat excursion. Half and full-day tours are available and you can even find ones that start from Paros! This is a great way to spend the day and find more unique swimming spots on Antiparos.

Antiparos Cave: Don’t miss out on this natural wonder of Antiparos Greece! The cave has stalagmites estimated to be 45 million years old. It was also a former hideout for Macedonian generals on the run from Alexander the Great.

Dining Out: Antiparos has plenty of great restaurants to enjoy. While many are on the expensive side you can still find your local gyro spots, cafes, and bakeries. We loved grabbing a quick bite to eat at George’s Grill near the port.

Antiparos Nightlife: Our visit was quiet in May but we could still tell the bars must be packed in the peak summer months. There are even places that offer takeaway drinks that you can stroll the Antiparos streets with!

Camping: For a fun overnight experience try camping in Antiparos Greece. The campsite just so happens to be on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, so you really can’t go wrong!

Antiparos Greece Cats

Have any questions about the Antiparos ferry or want to share your own favorite things to do on the island? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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