Kalogeros Beach: Give Yourself a Natural Clay Treatment on Paros!

Kalogeros Beach

What if we told you there is a unique beach on Paros island where you can give yourself a personal spa treatment? That’s right! At Kalogeros Beach you’re welcome to cover yourself in clay, stand in the warm Greek sun, and let your body soak in all the powerful minerals. If you’re looking for a completely unique experience while visiting Paros Greece then Kalogeros may be for you.

Discovering Kalogeros Beach

For us, finding out about Kalogeros Paros all started at our Airbnb in Marpissa! We’ve gotten pretty skilled at finding the best Airbnb’s over the years as we stay at them all over the world. One of the things we love most is reading any information on the website or welcome booklet when we arrive.

When scanning all the information the host mentioned Kalogeros Beach. She wrote that it was famous for its mud and it’s like having your own personal spa treatment! Well, that was all it took for us… We were sold!

Paros Kalogeros Beach

Getting to Kalogeros Paros

The easiest way to get to Kalogeros Beach is with a rental car or ATV. It’s located in a part of the island that is more spread out and away from many of the main attractions of Paros. Although the island itself is touristy, this is definitely an area of Paros that’s far less explored.

If you are determined to reach Kalogeros by public transport you would have to take the bus to the town of Marmara and walk from there. Just know the buses to this town don’t run frequently so make sure to check the return schedule beforehand. 

Kalogeros Beach Location

Kalogeros Beach Parking

Kalogeros Beach Warning! 

First, we had absolutely no problem with this but if they post signs it’s important to mention. When walking towards the beach from the parking lot make sure to pay attention to the sign about the ships.

The large cruise ships pass WAYYYY out in the ocean. However, they are so massive they can cause waves on the beach. We didn’t have an issue with this even when a ship went by but if they are posting signs it’s best to be aware. 

Kalogeros Beach Warning

Where is All the Kalogeros Beach Clay?

When we got to Kalogeros Paros it was in the late afternoon after a day of exploring. When visiting we would actually recommend going in the late morning or early afternoon to have the best sun. We’ll get to why that is so important soon.

As we walked out onto Kalogeros Beach for the first time it looked rugged and stunning in it’s own special way. The high brown, gray, and green walls were unlike anything else we’d seen on Paros so far! It is both a rocky and sandy beach that faces the island of Naxos.

There was only one thing that confused us… Where were all the people covered in clay that we’d heard about? There were a handful of people on Kalogeros Beach yet no clay in sight. 

We had visited a beach similar to this on Guadeloupe Island in the Caribbean before. Here we had to actually swim out into the ocean and dig up the mud before rubbing it all over bodies. However, this would be completely different! 

Kalogeros Beach Paros

Making Friends at Kalogeros Beach

It was then that we walked towards the far end of the beach and saw two people standing in the sun. As we got closer, we noticed that they did in fact have the special clay all over themselves. We were still very confused at this point about where they got their materials from. Luckily, they were nice enough to show us!

Covered in drying mud, an older French man and his daughter took us over to a rock wall and revealed the secrets of Kalogeros Beach. They explained that you need to scrape the clay from the wall, mix it in the ocean water, and make your own clay! Honestly, it’s experiences like this that we truly love about traveling. 

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Creating Your Clay Mixture

There was a small cup and stick that were left by past visitors and everyone was using it to make the clay. Still, if you are planning to go to Kalogeros Paros bring your own small non-breakable cup and spoon as there is no guarantee one will be there for you.

After we mixed the clay from the walls with ocean water it turned into a thick paste. The key is not to make it too hard OR too runny. Add a little water at a time and stir the potion until it looks just right.

Once the clay concoction was done we covered our entire bodies (except our eyes) and waited for it to dry. Make sure not to miss any spots!!

Enjoying Our Natural Clay Treatment in Kalogeros Paros

Walking down the beach we stood in the last sliver of sun and waited for the clay to soak in and dry. It turns from a dark to light color as it gets to work on your body.

Funny enough, as soon as we started to walk down the beach other travelers started to ask us where we got it. Of course, we passed along the advice!

After about 20 to 30 minutes the clay will be completely dry and it’s time for a Kalogeros Beach ocean dip. Make sure to rub it into your body with the ocean water so it fully exfoliates your skin. 

What an amazing place to discover on Paros Island! We loved the natural spa treatment we got at Kalogeros and highly recommend it for your own visit. 

Paros Spa Beach

Have any questions about Kalogeros Paros or want to share your own tips for this amazing beach? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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