Parikia Paros: Fun Guide to the Lively Port & Old Town

Parikia Paros

From the minute your ferry pulls into the main town of Parikia Paros, you’ll see it’s not your typical port in Greece! Parikia is filled with oceanfront restaurants, incredible history, and a colorful old town that can compete with any Greek Island. Here’s our experience in Parikia and everything you need to know for own your visit!

How to Get to Paros Port

The convenient part about Parikia is that it’s actually the main port on Paros Island! This means unless you’re flying into the airport, you will be arriving directly at Parikia Paros Port.

There are ferries that float into town all day from different parts of the Greek Cyclades. Both Naxos and Mykonos are under an hour away and you can get to more popular islands from here like Santorini and Milos

For island hopping, we use FerriesinGreece to compare different routes, prices, and companies. The fast ferries like Sea Jets will cost more but often takes half the time of slower ferries like Blue Star.

Once you arrive at the Paros Port you can simply walk to your accommodation in town. If you’re not staying in Parikia Paros don’t worry! The bus station is directly to the right when walking off the boat and there is a taxi stand straight ahead.

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Parikia Paros Port

Why Base Yourself in Parikia Paros?

So now for the question you may be wondering about Parikia Greece! Should you stay in the island’s largest town or look elsewhere on Paros? Honestly, it depends on how much time you have, and what type of vacation you’re looking for.

If you only have 1 or 2 days on Paros it makes complete sense to stay in Parikia. Right in town, there are multiple places to rent a vehicle so you can quickly get to exploring.

Here’s some pros and cons of renting a car to help if you’re still deciding. Paros is small enough that you can even circle it in one day!

Just keep in mind that rental cars sell out and get super expensive in the summer. Make sure to book your car in advance for the best deal. 

You’ll also be within walking distance to beaches, the nightlife scene, and many Parikia restaurants which are some of the best on the island. Considering all of these factors it’s easy to see why Parikia is the most popular place to stay on Paros.

Naousa is the 2nd largest town and another great area to base yourself from. If you’re the type that wants to relax and get away from it all, there are plenty of small beach towns and villages to enjoy on Paros, too. 

As you’ll see in this article, there is so much to see itself in Parikia Paros! Ideally, you have more than just a couple of days so you can include it in a larger itinerary. 

Where to Stay in Parikia Paros

Luxury Stay: White Blossom – Enjoy comfortable rooms and the swimming pool while being just a short walk to Livadia beach.

Historic Old Town: Hotel Dina – Located in the gorgeous old town of Paros, stay overnight in a traditional Cyclidic building with balcony views.

Close to Port: Pelican ParosPrivate air-conditioned rooms down the street from the famous Church of Ekatontapyliani.

Livadia Beach: Parian Village Beach Hotel – This unique property is on a hill with a swimming pool and beautiful view of the beach in Paros port.

Paros Parikia Guide

Quick History of Parikia Paros

The history of Paros is incredible and can be seen immediately in the main town of Parikia. If you can believe it, this magical island has been inhabited since 3200 BC. Yes, that means people have been living on Paros for over 5,000 years!!

Legend has it, that the first king of the island (Alkaios) built an ancient city where Parikia lies today. During these times, Crete was trading with nations all over the world including Egypt and the Balkans. This made Paros an ideal stop for trade routes and a naval station in Parikia. 

It was also known for its marble at this time which was used in many famous monuments around the Cyclades. Paros would undergo great changes during Roman times and with the spread of Christianity in the Byzantine period. Parikia Paros is actually home to the Church of a Hundred Doors which is considered one of the oldest and most important churches in Greece. 

Many years later Paros would become a major pirate hideout like other islands in the Cyclades. The Venetians would take over in 1207 and their architectural style can still be seen today. They did not relinquish the power of Paros until the mid-16th century when the island came under Turkish rule. 

Parikia Greece

Parikia Paros Old Town

Phew! Can you believe there is so much wild history about this Greek Island?? Now that you know a little bit of the backstory, it’s time to visit the most historic part of town. Not far from the port in Paros are the beautiful whitewashed buildings of Parikia. 

Looking at it from the water, you would never guess there is such a gorgeous network of streets that make up the old town. I know we certainly couldn’t believe it! The Cyclidic architecture rivals that of a Mykonos or Santorini, and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of streets. 

Sitting atop the Parikia Greece Old Town is a 13th-century Frankish castle. You’ll have fantastic views of the ocean from the walls of the castle ruins and it’s also a great place to watch the sunset.

Parikia Paros Old Town

Beaches Near Parikia Paros

Although Parikia Paros does not have the best beaches on the island, there are plenty of great places to swim around town! A few steps away from the port in Paros (to the right if you’re looking at the ferries) is Livadia Beach. It’s made up of sand and small pebbles and is an easy place for an afternoon dip. 

If you continue North from Livadia you will find two of the best beaches in Paros in Marcello and Krios. Heading the other way South you can enjoy more of the beautiful coastline.

We stayed at Marili Apartments Studios which is set on a winery and a short stroll from Parasporos Beach. This was a fun location just outside of town but still walking distance from Parikia Paros. 

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Parikia Paros Beaches

Parikia Restaurants

We couldn’t write an article about the amazing Paros port town without mentioning the Parikia restaurants! The entire oceanfront of Parikia is lined with great bars and delicious places to eat. We loved the mix of traditional Greek food, Italian, and fun cocktail bars. 

To the south of the Port in Paros, there is a line of endless places to eat right on the water. They range from upscale Parikia restaurants and local bakeries to funky cafes and gyro spots.

Parikia seems to come more alive at night when travelers have returned from their days of adventure. You can easily find your own favorite Parikia restaurants, but here are a few we tried that we really enjoyed!

  • Symposium Cafe: Cute cafe and espresso bar in the charming backstreets. 
  • Paros Taverna: Classic family-run Greek taverna with all the classic dishes.
  • Ragoussis Bakery: Right in Old Town this is a smaller version of the famous bakery in Naousa. 
  • Hibiscus: Oldest Restaurant on Paros with a beautiful setting under the Ficus tree. Be sure to try pizza out of their wood-burning oven! 
  • Nick’s Hamburgers: Fun burger spot that’s been around since 1977. Just make sure you come hungry because they’re enormous. 
  • Yiannoulis Tavern: Great stop for a Gyro especially if you’re waiting for your ferry to the next island from Paros port. 

Parikia Restaurants

Have any questions on Parikia Greece or want to share your own favorite things about the unique port in Paros? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


Parikia Paros

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