How to Drive Around Paros in One Day (Road Trip Itinerary!)

Paros Itinerary Road Trip

How long does it take to drive around Paros?? Well, that totally depends on how much time you have! We included a one day road trip in our own Paros itinerary and had such a blast! Even if you only have a short amount of time, you can easily circle the island in 1 day with a rental car. Here’s some of our can’t miss beaches, driving on Paros tips, and tasty restaurant recommendations. 

Planning Your Paros Road Trip

The first thing to figure out when planning your Paros itinerary is how there. We typically use FerriesinGreece to compare different routes, prices, and companies. If Paros is your first stop, there’s also an airport on the island. You can find cheap flights to Paros using this website! 

Once you’ve made it to Paros and found your accommodation (we recommend a few below) it’s time to explore! Rent a car for your entire trip, or take just a day to follow our route. Be sure to read our article about the pros and cons of renting a car on Paros if you’re still undecided.

Always book your rental car in advance, especially in the peak summer season. We use this company because it offers free cancellations if our plans change.

Need a vehicle for your entire visit? Then you should pick up at Parikia Port or Paros Airport depending on how you’re getting to the island. Yet, if you only want a car for one day in Paros, simply find a shop closest to your accommodation. 

Nothing Familiar Greece

Where to Stay in Paros

Whenever we go to Paros these are a few areas that we look in first! Some are busy like the main town of Parikia and famous Naousa village. However, there are plenty of more laid back options such as Piso Livadi and Aliki.

Paros Greece Travel Guide

Starting Your One Day in Paros Itinerary

Our route began from the capital of Parikia which is where the ferry from Naxos comes in. Either way, you can follow along and start your Paros road trip from the stop closest to your hotel!

One thing to really stress is starting as early as possible. We got on the road around 7am, and it allowed us to take our time driving on Paros.

If possible, spend a night or two in the capital of Parikia before taking off. Enjoy the beautiful white washed walking streets, amazing restaurants, and beaches for a dip!

With an early start, you may want to grab something to go for breakfast. Ragoussis Bakery is right in the center of town, and so worth a trip for a coffee and pastry. 

Paros Greece Itinerary

First Stop in Aliki Paros

Let’s head south to start of off our Paros road trip! First, you’ll actually pass where you catch the boat to Antiparos.

We wanted to mention this as we loved our quick ferry ride and stay here. Still, it’s best to save Antiparos for at least a full day or overnight if you have time. 

Once you get into the town of Aliki look for parking. We parked in a big open lot, and pulled in when we saw other cars doing the same. If you missed breakfast, you can stop into Agkairia traditional bakery. 

Aliki is an old fishing village which has now turned into a popular small beach town. Have a stroll around, take your first swim of the day, or grab another coffee with a view.

Past the small jetty to the left of town, is another beach to discover. Piso Aliki Beach is great for families with kids! Here’s our full guide to Aliki Paros to check out before your visit.

One day Paros

Greece Boat

1 Day Paros Itinerary

Quick Trip to Drios

Honestly, it will be hard not to pull over and stop in Diros. There are so many magical beaches on the island (here’s our favorites), it feels like every twist and turn of your Paros road trip leads to a different one. 

Right before Diros is a beach called Paralia Lolantonis which is absolutely incredible. Diros is a small coastal community with a nice restaurants on the water. Park as soon as you see somewhere because the roads are tight. 

Kima Restaurant Paros is a fun pick, but if you can hold out we recommend waiting to the next stop! This was a really cool area which only requires 15-20 minutes before continuing on. 

Paros Road Trip Drios Greece

East Coast Paros Road Trip 

One of the most popular places to visit is in the southeast par of Paros is Chrisi Akti. We didn’t spend much time here due to mixed reviews. Yet, we did go to Paralia Nea Chrisi Akti which is the smaller of the two beaches for a swim. 

It was also easy driving on Paros as the road goes right along the water. This made it so easy to jump out of the car and cool off!

The next section of our drive around Paros was one of our favorites. Traveling on the east coast, you’ll have a direct view to Naxos in the distance.

This Greek island is super close by ferry, so it will be easy to create a joint Naxos and Paros itinerary. Check out this epic road trip we did through the mountain villages of Naxos! 

Paros Road Trip Drive

Lunch in Piso Livadi

As always, when driving on Paros, it’s best to park as soon as you get close to each village. The towns roads are really tight, and it can be stressful when passing larger vehicles.

Piso Livadi ended up being one of our favorite beach towns (read more here) on our one day in Paros itinerary! There is a beautiful bay to swim at and some of the best local restaurants and bars on the island.

Remezzo is a small beach cafe which has a basic traditional menu. Ouzeri Halaris is also a good option for a nice seafood lunch overlooking the water. After lunch, you can take a quick walk or drive over to Paralia Logaras beach as well.

How long does it take to drive around Paros

Paros Itinerary

Afternoon Paros Itinerary 

Kalogeros Beach

Now it’s time for something a little different! By now it will be getting into the late afternoon of your drive around Paros.

How does a natural clay treatment sound?? On Paros there is specific beach with just this! Mix the clay with water and spread it all over your body. You then hang out in the sun while all the minerals soak into your skin.

We have found a few beaches like this around the world, and always love them. If this interests you, take a look at our Kalogeros Beach post for more info.

Kalogeros Beach

Naousa Village

Ready for one of the most famous towns in all of Greece?? The charming village of Naousa is why many travelers make the trip to Paros in the first place!

We wrote an article about all the reasons we love Naousa here. From the moment you step into this colorful town it will be easy to see why it’s so popular. The small backstreets weave their way through to the waterfront restaurants, and lead to ancient castle ruins.

There’s a good chance you might be staying in this area on your Paros itinerary, so enjoy it! When you get hungry it’s time to head to Ragoussis Bakery again (other location is in Parikia).

We recommend trying one of their classic Greek dishes from the hot prepared food section. If you couldn’t tell, this was by far our favorite spot to eat on the island. 

Take a stroll over to Piperi Beach if you need a dip from Naousa. You should also make the drive to Kolympethres, which is one of the most unique beaches on Paros.

Paros Itinerary

Ending Your 1 Day in Paros Itinerary

At this point, it’s already been a full day of exploring and countless beach swims. I think the day we did our drive around Paros island we swam over 10 times! Our one day Paros road trip is still one of our best memories from the Cyclades.

Looking for the perfect spot to end your Paros itinerary? Parasporos Beach is an amazing place to watch the sunset, and less than 10 minutes away from Parikia.


More Tips For a Paros Road Trip 

1. Start as early as possible! Obviously, this is a full day driving on Paros and there is a lot to cover. You may want to cut the route up into two or three days to give yourself more time to full enjoy it.

2. There are so many great small towns to discover on Paros. One of our favorites is the mountain village of Lefkes which you can read about here.

Unfortunately, we didn’t add this to our Paros itinerary as it’s located in the island’s center. With only 1 day in Paros, you may want to stick to the coastal areas. 

3. Check your gas levels before taking off! There are only a few places to fill up on your drive around Paros.

4. Consider buy a Greece E-Sim before you arrive. It’ also smart to download an offline map like! This is super helpful if you come across somewhere that doesn’t have service while driving on Paros. 

5. There are so many amazing things to do on Paros that we recommended spending at least 3 days to a week on the island. 

Paros Greece Road Trip

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own one day in Paros Itinerary? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
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