Piso Livadi: The Paros Beach Paradise You Can’t Miss!

Piso Lavadi Paros

We’ve now made several trips to Paros Greece, and the little beach town of Piso Livadi has always stayed on our minds. The old fishing village is brings in tourists in the warm summer months, but still retains its Greek charm. Here’s what to know about Piso Livadi Beach, our favorite bars and restaurants, and all about our experience!

How to Get to Piso Livadi Paros

Piso Livadi is a small beach town located in eastern Paros. Many travelers will be taking the ferry from other islands in the Greek Cyclades and coming into popular Parikia port.

On our most recent visit, we took the quick ferry from Naxos Island! You can also fly into Paros Airport from Athens during the summer season. 

Either way, your best option will be to rent a car to get to Piso Livadi Paros. There are several companies available at both the airport and in Parikia.

We always use this website to find deals and compare rates between companies. Be sure to check out the article on the pros and cons of renting a car in Paros if you’re still deciding.

There are also bus routes available from Parikia and other popular places to Piso Livadi. However, it’s best to have a car to fully explore the island.

Even if you only rent a vehicle for one day to circle Paros, there’s so much to see and experience! There is limited parking by the Piso Livadi beach. For this reason, you may want to park as soon as you see a space once you’re close.

Piso Livadi Greece

Our First Visit to Piso Livadi

Our very first trip to Piso Livadi came in 2022. We were actually staying in the beautiful village of Marpissa which sits just above the beach. 

The owner of our apartment rental told us we HAD to make the walk down the hill to Piso Livadi on a sunny day. When it comes to beaches in Greece, you don’t have to tell us twice!

It was just 20 minutes from the village to Paros Piso Livadi, and oh was it worth it. As soon as we arrived, the crystal clear Aegean Sea smiled back at us.

Being there in early May, we immediately loved the relaxing vibe along the water. There were some awesome cafes and restaurants with a view that were perfect for lunch. 

We ended up making multiple trips back to Piso Lavadi during our time in Marpissa. Whether it was for a quick swim or Greek coffee, we couldn’t get enough!

Boats in Harbor

Where to Stay in Piso Lavadi Paros

The next time we visit Paros we will 100% stay in Piso Lavadi. While Marpissa lovely in itself, we loved the more relaxing and laid back vibe on the beach.

Nomads House and Anna Studios are both great options in the main area. Just a quick walk back from the Piso Lavadi Beach is the popular hotel of Klironomos Apartments Logaras as well.

For a more high-end resort on Paros, look into Summer Senses Luxury Resort. You are on vacation after all, right?? 

Piso Lavadi Paros Greece

Piso Livadi Beach 

One of the best parts about Piso Livadi is there are actually two beaches. When just strolling on the main strip, you might miss the second one all together. Just know that would be a huge mistake!

The first is the official Piso Livadi Beach, and sits right in front of the seaside restaurants. This view looks out over the boats that fill the harbor and is absolutely stunning. 

Piso Livadi Beach 

Piso Livadi Beach Paros

The second Piso Livadi Beach is called Logaras. If you walk to the far end, don’t be surprised if you have this Greek paradise to yourself! 

Another unique thing this about this beach is the cone chaped mountain. This is the home of the 17th century St. Antonios Monastery which sits on top.


Logaras Greece

Fun Bars & Restaurants

Piso Livadi is quite small, but there is a good selection of spots to eat and drink. We loved hitting Vrohas Cafe or Remezzo in the morning to grab a coffee with a view.  

There are also traditional tavernas where you can get a delicious gyro plate and other Greek classics. For something a little fancier, check out Ouzeri Halaris and Markakis Restaurant in the port.

The beach bar vibes can be found at Fyssilanis and Cactus Beach Paros during high season.


Where to Visit From Piso Livadi

Something we love about Paros is how easy it is to get around. For example, you can literally drive from the capital of Pirikia to Piso Livadi via the inland route in just 25 minutes!

While you’re on the east coast, we recommend seeing the Marpissa village where we stayed. You’ll also be a 20 minute drive from Naousa which is known as the most beautiful town on Paros. 

Another place we highly recommend seeing is the mountain village of Lefkes. You can get there on the road that goes from Piso Livadi past Marpissa a little further to the center.

This is the ancient capital of Paros, and has so much old world charm. Of course, you’ll want to check out all the best beaches on the island which we wrote about here.

Definitely don’t miss out on the Kelegaros Beach where you can give yourself a natural clay treatment! If you have time, you could even take the ferry to the neighboring island of Antiparos for a day trip.


Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for Piso Livadi Paros? Leave us a comment below.

Safe Travels,
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