16 Magical Beaches on Paros to Enjoy on Your Next Vacation

Beaches on Paros Greece

While many travelers head to Paros for the colorful port towns of Naousa and Parikia, you should know that there is plenty to see for beach lovers! Yet, the best beaches on Paros aren’t just long sandy stretches of sand you may be used to. So what makes them so extraordinary? Join us for the best Paros Greece beaches, how to get to them, and more fun tips!


Getting to the Paros Greece Beaches 

There are multiple ways to get to the amazing beaches on Paros! Ideally, you will want to rent some type of vehicle to see the island anyway. 

Paros does have a bus system that is fine for going from town to town. However, it’s SO MUCH easier beach hopping in a car or ATV. You will find rental shops all over the island, with the majority in the main port town of Parikia.  

A car is perfectly fine for the Paros beaches, but having an adventure vehicle is twice as fun! An ATV or dune buggy will also allow you to get down the narrow dirt roads where some of the best beaches on Paros are located. 

Make sure to book your rental car in advance for the best deal. They can sell out during the busy summer months very quickly.

Paros Greece Beaches Guide

About Our Paros Beach Guide

On our first visit to Paros, we knew the beaches would be amazing! However, what we didn’t expect is how unique they would all be from one another. The best beaches on Paros range from small pebbly coves to long sandy paradises.

I guess what they all have in common if anything is the crystal clear water! Some double as fishing villages with tavernas and local watering holes.

There is even a beach where you can give yourself a natural clay facial and another with some of the best windsurfing in the world! As you can imagine, there is no shortage of great places to swim. We recommend using this guide loosely to make your own itinerary and beach hop on Paros. 

If you’re looking for a unique experience consider jumping on a full day Paros sailing cruise or even rent a private boat to take you to Antiparos and the Blue Lagoon!

Greece Paros Beach

Northern Beaches on Paros Greece 

1. Kolympethres Beach Paros

We might as well start out this Paros beach guide with one of the most famous on the island! Kolympethres is known for its special rock formations and clear blue water. Honestly, it feels like you’re swimming on another planet! 
The rocks create different swimming coves and small caves that you can sit in to shield yourself from the sun. There are also chairs for rent and a funky beach bar for refreshments.
This Northern Paros beach is just a short drive from Naousa and gets very busy during the popular summer months. You can jump on the ferry that runs from the center of Naousa village which transfers travelers to the beaches in the area. 
Best Beach on Paros Greece

2. Monastiri

Just up the road from Kolybithres is the small beach of Monastiri. It gets its name from the nearby monastery of Agios Ioannis and is a great spot to spend the afternoon.

There are two different restaurants here and sunbeds available. Our favorite part about Monastiri though has to be its location next to the outdoor wonderland of Paros Park. From the beach, you can hike up to a lighthouse, an ancient theatre, and enjoy more great hiking trails and viewpoints.

Best Beaches on Paros

3. Santa Maria

Welcome to one of the most popular beaches on the island! Located in sunny Plastira Bay, Santa Maria is divided into two gorgeous sandy Paros beaches.

This family-friendly beach offers a hip bar and lounge and plenty of water sports options for rent. The clear and still ocean water also makes it a great place to snorkel.

Beach Guide Paros Greece

4. Piperi Beach

This is another one of the best beaches on Paros that’s close to Naousa. You can actually walk right here from town after you are done exploring the pretty port. We love grabbing a bakery treat from Ragoussis and strolling up the road to Piperi to hang out!

Paros Greece Beach

5. Ambeles 

We mentioned that many of the beach towns on Paros Island in Greece are also small fishing villages… And that’s exactly what you’ll see in Ambelas! 

It’s only 5 km from Naousa and has its very own charm to discover. The local tavernas serve up fresh seafood and cold drinks and will draw you in after relaxing at the beach.

Top Beaches on Paros

Eastern Beaches on Paros Island

6. Molos Beach

Making our way down the east coast of Paros, Molos is a special beach that has yet to be touched by hotels and the tourism industry.

It’s not far from Marmara village and the shallow water makes it ideal for children and families. You can also see Naxos Island directly across the ocean from here!

Beaches on Paros Island

7. Kalogeros Beach

Ready for your personal spa treatment? Well, you can get all that and more at one of the best beaches on Paros! Kalogeros beach is known for the natural clay that can be found on the cliffside. 

Simply scrape the clay off the wall into a cup, mix with water, and apply it to your body. We couldn’t believe how amazing the results were! Our skin was so smooth for days after our visit to this one-of-a-kind Paros beach. 

Kalogeros Beach: How to Give Yourself a Natural Clay Treatment on Paros

Kalogeros Beach Paros

8. Piso Livadi 

Just down the mountainside from the village of Marpissa is a beautiful harbor called Piso Livadi. Take in the calm setting over the water at one of the seaside restaurants, or enjoy a drink at Vrohas Cafe.

Just to the right of the port is a stunning beach where you can relax and take a dip on a hot day. This was an ideal day trip for us when we were staying in the mountain towns for a few nights.

Top Beaches in Paros Greece

9. Logaras Beach

Around the corner from Piso Livadi sits one of the most beautiful beaches on Paros Island. It’s quite an enjoyable and scenic walk along the coastline from the harbor to here.

Logaras beach is a local favorite for its golden sand and nice local tavernas. We laid our towels out here to soak in the sun and had a hard time leaving!

Best Paros Beaches Logaras Beach

Best Southern Beaches on Paros

10. Chrissi Akti & Nea Chris Akti (Golden Beach)

Paros is famous for its windsurfing and this is one of the best places to do so! In fact, this area has been hosting the World Windsurfing Championships for years now. The long stretch has shallow waters that are perfect for taking part in this fun adventure sport.

In addition to the water sports and dive centers, you will find beach clubs and more fun in the sun at Chrissi Akti. Also, known as Golden Beach this is definitely a popular pick for travelers in the summertime.

Paros Beach Guide

11. Drios

Right next door to the windsurfing capital is the small seaside village of Drios. Unlike the Paros Greece beaches we mentioned above, Drios is more protected from the wind. There are also some local seafood restaurants here that are amazing! 

Drios is a fantastic place to stay on Paros if you’re looking for a quiet relaxing vacation. Even though this is the case, you’re still right next to Golden Beach and a short drive from more island attractions.

Paros Greece Beach Guide

12. Glyfo Beach

The Southeast corner of Paros holds yet another peaceful beach town to enjoy. This is a favorite of locals so you won’t find any sunbeds for rent. Yet, if a few trees for shade and a small taverna are all you need, then Glyfo might be for you!

Nothing Familiar Paros Greece

13. Aliki 

Aliki village is a must-see town for many heading to Paros Island. Here you get all the local charm of a traditional Greek island village, while still having access to the sparkling sea. You can swim in the main area or head about the corner to a longer sandy beach.

Aliki gets its name from a salt marsh that sits at the end of the village. Treat yourself to a fresh fish dinner and some of the best food on Paros here! There is also a Cyclidic Folklore museum that’s worth checking out not far from the beach.

Beaches on Paros Aliki

Western Beaches on Paros Greece

14. Parasporos Beach

Now that we’re getting back toward the main port of Parikia, don’t miss out on this gorgeous beach with sunset views. There is also another great place for a swim at Magaya beach around the corner.

We stayed at a small winery near Parasporos and were able to walk here in just a few minutes. Needless to say, we took many dips at this pebbly Paros Beach! If you don’t bring your drinks check out the Parasporos Beach club for golden hour.

Best Paros Beaches Greece

15. Livadia Beach

Located in the main town of Parikia, this is likely the first beach you will see when the ferry pulls into Paros port. Now we wouldn’t say this is one of the best beaches on Paros.

Still, what it lacks in beauty it makes up for with easy access after a day exploring Old Town Parikia. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing that you can swim right next to where the large boats pull in all day! 

Paros Beach Tip: Make sure not to confuse this with the other Livadia beach that’s located near Naousa! 

Parikia Paros: Guide to the Lively Port and Stunning Old Town

Parikia Paros Beach

16. Marcello Beach 

The last of our Paros beaches is one not too far from Parikia. Marcello has all the golden sand and clear ocean water you desire while still being close to the nightlife of the capital. 

We loved that you can even take a water taxi from Parikia in just 10 minutes! Also, be sure to see Krios beach which is right next to Marcello.

Guide Best Paros Beaches

Have any questions on the Paros Greece beaches or want to share your own favorite Paros beach? Leave us a comment below!

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