14 Fun Things to do in Paros Greece on Your First Visit

Paros Greece

No matter what type of traveler you are, there’s so many fun things to do in Paros Greece! It has become popular for its upscale restaurants, historic old town, and lively nightlife. Yet, once you look outside the Paros Island port, you’ll find beaches, mountains, and more amazing activities outdoors! This makes Paros the perfect place if you’re looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation. Here’s what to do on Paros and more great tips for your visit.

How to Get to Paros Greece

Paros is one of the larger islands in the Cyclades that has an International Airport. This means you can fly from Athens easily, or even other countries in Europe! Know that flights are more frequent starting in May and continue on through the summer months. 

Another great way to get to Paros is by using the ferry Greek system. This is one of our favorite ways to island hop around the country, and Blue Star is often our first choice. You’ll be happy to know that you can get from Naxos to Paros by boat in just 45 minutes.

As with the flights, you can find some insanely cheap deals if you’re flexible with your itinerary or book in advance. A cruise can also be a fun way to see multiple destinations at once.

Once you get to Paros Greece you’ll need a way to get around all the best beaches and towns. If you’re planning on making the most of your time we highly recommend renting a car

You can do so from the main port, most of the larger towns, or right from the airport after you land. We’ve also utilized the local bus or water taxi plenty of times on our visits. Here’s some pros and cons to renting a vehicle on Paros if you’re still deciding!

Blue Star Ferry

Where to Stay on Paros 

Here’s a selection of some of the highest rated places to stay on Paros. We’ve spread them out all over the island, from the Paros beaches to the mountain towns.

Parikia  Hotel Dina – Pelican Paros 

Naousa: Saint Andrea Resort HotelParian Lithos ResidenceBungalows Marina  

Aliki: Aphrodite Boutique HotelGeorge’s Beach Studios Aliki ParosDahlia Apartments & Studios

Drios: Golden Beach HotelPoseidon of Paros Hotel & Spa Golden Sand Paros

Piso Livadi: Elena Studios & ApartmentsAnna’s StudioNomads House 

Lefkes: Villa ByzantinoSweet Path Villa

Marpissa: Ventu Paros VillaTsigonias Traditional Villa

Paros Things to Do

Finding the Best Things to Do in Paros

There are so many fun and unique things to do in Paros that it can feel overwhelming… Especially if you only have a short trip planned! Between the stunning beaches and mountain villages, it’s easy to see why vacationers are including this island in their Cyclades itineraries.

Below we share our 14 favorite things to do on Paros and why it’s such a must-see island. Hopefully, this can help you plan your own amazing trip.

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Paros Island in Greece

14 Fun Things to do in Paros Greece

1. Explore Parikia Old Town

Parikia is the capital and main hub for ships bringing passengers. All day, large ferries come in and out of the harbor with thousands of tourists in the peak season. 

Still, you should know this isn’t your average ferry port town! The port of Parikia is complete with 13th century Frankish castle and an old town with centuries of history. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of backstreets and jaw-dropping scenery here.

Restaurants line the harbor where you can get a traditional Greek meal and tasty sunset cocktails. There are also multiple beaches within walking distance of the main town to cool off from the afternoon sun.

Parikia Paros: Guide to the Lively Port and Stunning Old Town

Things to Do Parikia Paros

2. Visit the Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

Known as the Church of 100 Doors, Panagia Ekatontapiliani is an important symbol of early Christianity in Greece. The historic Byzantine religious complex dates back to 4th century making it one of the oldest churches in Greece. 

Legend has it, it was founded in ancient times by the mother of Constantine the Great! It’s located in the center of Parikia, just a quick walk from the sparkling harborfront. There is also a nice museum inside where you can learn more about the church and history of Paros Greece. 

Paros Greece Panagia Ekatondapiliani

3. Eat at a Traditional Greek Taverna 

Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour of the beach bars and port towns of Paros Greece! In between the cocktail bars and upscale dining, there are also many traditional restaurants.

It won’t be long before you are sitting under an olive tree enjoying a Greek meal side by side with the locals. As food lovers ourselves, we couldn’t wait to eat a freshly cooked Moussaka, fresh fish plate, or dig into delicious goat with lemon sauce.

One of the best meals we had on Paros was at a small family-run restaurant in the mountain town of Marpissa. Definitely check out Haroula if you make a visit to this Paros Greece village!

Paros Greece Things to Do

Paros Greece Traditional Food

4. Hit the Paros Greece Hiking Trails

There are so many fun outdoor things to do on Paros. So when you add in a network of hiking trails that connect the entire island it will blow your mind! The desert and rocky terrain mix wildly with the green rolling mountains to make for some very cool scenery.

One of our favorite trails is an ancient Byzantine path with over 1,000 years of history. It links the old capital of Lefkes with another stunning mountain village in Prodromos for 3.5 km of beautiful views. 

Another great place to do some hiking is Paros Park. Starting right next to two of its most beautiful beaches, these trails wind their way up into the hillside. You can climb up to an old lighthouse and monastery here as well.

Paros Greece Hiking

5. Walk Out to the Venetian Castle of Naousa

Naousa is a place that will surely be on your itinerary when looking for things to do in Paros Greece! The village is a beautiful place to admire as its whitewashed buildings rival those of Parikia village.

After you’re done exploring the interior of Naousa, walk out to the historic Venetian castle. It was built in the 15th century and used to spot pirate attacks that would happen so often in the Greek Islands. From here you’ll also have the best view of Naousa village and its colorful Cyclidic architecture. 

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Paros Greece Naousa

Paros Greece Guide

6. Grab Lunch at Ragoussis Bakery

If you’re hungry on your trip to Naousa you are in for a real treat! I know we already mentioned eating at the Greek tavernas as one of the best things to do on Paros. Yet, there is one bakery that keeps us coming back time and time again. 

Ragoussis has the perfect spot in the very center of town near the main harbor. In addition to its scrumptious bakery treats and baklava, you will find cafeteria-style trays filled with all the classic Greek food specialties.

Pick out whatever looks freshly cooked and have them warm it up for your lunch or dinner. We are partial to the pastitsio and stuffed cabbage rolls. However, there is always something new and exciting to try at Ragoussis.

Oh and if you can’t make it for lunch don’t worry. This Paros Greece staple is open 24 hours 7 days a week!

Paros Greece Ragoussis Bakery

Ragoussis Bakery Paros Greece

7. Try Local Paros Island Wine

So what’s the best thing to have with your food on Paros Greece? How about a nice cold glass of wine! While not exactly known for its wine production like Santorini, Paros has its own local vineyards to experience. 

While you’re near Naousa we recommend touring Moraitis Winery. You can also get a taste of wine and local spirits in the mountain town of Lefkes. Even if you don’t make it to a winery, it’s always a good idea to take a bottle down to the beach to watch the sun set over the neighboring islands.

Paros Island Wine

8. Beach Hop Around Paros Greece

One of the best things to do on Paros Island is enjoy the beautiful beaches! Still, if you’re searching for plain old long sandy beaches, you may want to look elsewhere.

The beaches in Paros Greece are unbelievably unique, ranging from small pebbly coves to windsurfing paradises. Did we mention that the crystal clear water is something out of a dream? 

As we mentioned, the easiest way to get around Paros is with a rental car. You can easily pick up a car from Parikia or Naousa if you are based there and see many of these magnificent beaches.

The island is even small enough that you can circle it in one day with a car! We’ve listed a few of our favorites and a full article about the best Paros beaches below.

  • Santa Maria Beach
  • Monastiri Beach
  • Kolymbithres Beach
  • Chrissi Akti Beach
  • Faragas Beach

16 Magical Beaches on Paros Greece For Your Next Vacation

Paros Greece Things to Do

9. Visit a Local Fishing Village

You might be surprised to find out that some of the best Paros Greece beach towns are also traditional fishing villages. In the coastal towns of Aliki, Drios, and Piso Livadi, the local tavernas and cafes sit looking out of the colorful ports and small coves.

At the same time, some of the most amazing beaches on Paros Island are just steps away! We found it so amazing how we could enjoy a traditional seafood meal with such easy access to the Aegean Sea.

8 Most Beautiful Towns You Can’t Miss on Paros Island in Greece

Paros Greece Travel Guide

10. Do a Natural Clay Treatment 

We’re going to keep with the beach theme as we have one more special place to tell you about. Located in the Eastern part of Paros Greece is a one-of-a-kind spa treatment. The only thing catch is… You have to make the clay and apply it yourself!

From the cliffs of Kalogeros Beach, there are minerals that create a therapeutic solution when mixed with water. Once you’ve spread it all over your body let it dry for a few minutes. Then you can go for a swim and enjoy the smooth skin and after-effects.

→ Kalogeros Beach: How to Give Yourself a Natural Clay Treatment on Paros

Best Things to Do Paros Greece

11. Climb to the St. Antonios Monastery

We mentioned hiking when looking for what to do on Paros, and there is one that we really wanted to highlight. Sitting high above the village of Marpissa is St. Antonios Monastery.

The history of Paros Greece is truly incredible and deserves a blog of its own. However, what you should know is that the Venetians built a castle here in the 13th century that came before the historic church. It wasn’t until the year 1410 that the St. Antonios Monastery would be constructed atop the hill.

History aside, the vantage point from Kephalos hill will give you superb views of Paros Island. This is the perfect morning hike and ideal place to explore before heading to the inland mountain villages.

Things to do in Paros Greece

12. Spend the Afternoon in Lefkes 

Speaking of mountain villages, Lefkes is a must-visit on Paros Island! Lefkes was once the capital of Paros and has retained its traditional feel in the best way possible. Strolling the colorful streets is such a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Like many ancient Greek villages, Lefkes was built high in the amounts to hide from pirate attacks. Due to this, you will be able to get some amazing viewpoints of Paros Greece.

You will even be able to see beautiful Naxos Island across the ocean. Make sure to try some local products and have a coffee at Agiazi Cafe.

Lefkes Paros: Why You Need to Visit This Charming Mountain Village

Paros Greece Mountain Town

Things to Do Paros

13. Watch the Sunset from the West Coast 

If you’ve been to the Greek Cyclades before you should already know what to do on Paros at the end of the day. Sunset is a magical time on Paros, specifically when seen from its west coast shores.

At the end of our trip we stay just outside Parikia town which made for the perfect golden hour location. Nothing beats having a drink and swimming in the Aegean Sea as the sun goes down!  

Paros Greece Sunset

14. Day Trip to Antiparos From Paros Greece

Surprisingly, one of the best things to do on Paros is to go to its sister island. Antiparos Island is a small laid back oasis that makes a perfect day trip or overnight visit. Ferries run regularly from two different harbors and it is a very quick crossing. 

If you take the boat from Pounta town you can bring an ATV or car to explore with you! Drive around the island, visit the Antiparos caves, and have a meal on the gorgeous walking street.

It’s possible to even rent a private boat to explore the island. We totally recommend staying a couple of nights so you can fully embrace Antiparos if you have the time.

How to Get to Antiparos Greece: Fun Ferry, Beaches, and Day Trip Guide

Antiparos Greece Town

More Things to do in Paros Greece

Obviously, there are more than 14 things to do in Paros. These were some of our favorite experiences and we hope they help you plan your own vacation. We know firsthand that it can be tempting to travel quickly and see as many islands as possible.

Just make sure you have at least a few days to fully enjoy Paros! We’ve been several times now and still find ourselves discovering more new beaches, local villages, and things to do in Paros island every trip.

Paros Greece Sunset Beach

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own favorite things to do on Paros Greece? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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