Assos Kefalonia: How to Visit the Beautiful Town & Venetian Castle

Assos Kefalonia: How to Visit the Beautiful Town & Venetian Castle

The magical little town of Assos is a must-see on your trip to Kefalonia Greece! We had an amazing time exploring the colorful town, Assos Beach, and the Venetian castle that sits above. Here’s everything you need to know about Assos Kefalonia and a few tips we wish we know before our visit.

Assos Kefalonia Greece

How to Get to Assos Kefalonia

First off, you should know Assos is not the easiest place to get to. Yet, if you have a vehicle it’s a short drive from other popular towns. Just prepare yourself for some winding mountain roads on the way! 

Renting a car is actually the best way to get around the island of Kefalonia. Be sure to compare prices in advance on sites like Discover Cars to get the best deal.

We stayed about 25 minutes away in the lovely port town of Sami. We chose here for its close proximity to Assos and the world-famous Myrtos Beach. While in Sami we also hired our own boat, and even made it to the gorgeous beach of Antisamos. 

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How to Get to Assos Kefalonia

Where to Park in Assos

There are two parking lots near Assos Kefalonia. The main parking lot is centrally located between the walk from the beach to Assos Castle. However, we recommend parking in the second larger lot which is closer to where you drive in.

From here it’s only a 5 minute walk into Assos. More importantly, you will avoid driving down the slender roads of the main area during the peak summer months. 

Where to Park in Assos

Arriving in Assos Kefalonia

As soon as you get to Assos take a right and walk along the path that circles the town. Here you will get the best view of the colorful buildings. This is the iconic photo you may have seen that brought you to Kefalonia in the first place!

After that you can take a look at the beach, hit the bakery, and have check out the local tavernas. The best time to visit Assos Greece is early in the morning before the other tourists get there. It’s one of the most popular places on Kefalonia and it does get crowded in the summer.

We got there just after 9am in early June and felt like we had the town to ourselves. Most of the people we saw were actually staying on the yachts parked elegantly in the harbor. 

Assos in Kefalonia

Assos Taverna

Hike to the Historic Assos Castle

Assos Kefalonia as a unique history tied to the castle that sits high atop the town. It was built by Venetians in the late 16th century and used as a residence for the high commissioner with an additional 200 homes inside.

During this time, it was used as a strategic fortress to defend against piracy and the invading Ottoman forces. However, after 1920 it was turned into a prison until disaster struck with the 1953 earthquake.

If you’re planning to hike up to the Assos Castle we recommend doing so right when you get there. The earlier you go in the morning the more you can shield yourself from the hot Greek sun!

We were surprised that the path up to the ancient fortress of Assos Kefalonia was wide and paved. A few minutes into the trail, you will pass a sign that shows a more traditional hike up through the forest.

It’s only slightly faster than the paved path (800m to 1200m) so it’s up to you what kind of hike you want to have. Whatever the case, the views are absolutely incredible from the summit! 

Hike to the Assos Castle

Exploring the Castle of Assos Kefalonia

Seeing the Venetian Fortress was interesting, but know that it’s mostly ruins with not much info provided. To be honest, the best part about the Assos Castle was the spectacular views on the way up. We kept looking back down at the town and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was!

Even if you’re not a huge history buff, know that the hike is still worth it. In total, it took a little over one hour round trip.

When we arrived back in Assos we went for a refreshing swim at the small stony beach below the castle. It’s located right next to the smaller parking lot so you can’t miss it.

Assos Castle

Where to Stay in Assos Kefalonia

We should also mention that you can stay overnight in Assos Greece. It is very small so there are limited accommodations. Still, if you have the money to spend you can get a stunning view of the bay and colorful town.

You’ll find everything from cute studio’s with a sea view at Linardos Apartments to the Kanakis Apartments and Vassilis Retreat. Just make sure to book in advance! Like we said, there isn’t a large number of hotels and they sell out quick.

Where to stay in Assos Kefalonia

Is Assos Kefalonia Worth Visiting in Greece?

100% Yes! Assos was one of the highlights of our week in Kefalonia. Honestly, if we had more time we would’ve got a chair at the  beach and spent the afternoon.

It was the perfect day trip, especially when we combined it with the nearby Myrtos Beach. If you get to Assos Greece first thing in the morning you can hit the town, hike up to the castle, and be at the crystal clear waters of Myrtos before noon.

Is Assos Kefalonia worth visiting?

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own experience from Assos Kefalonia? Let us know in the comments below.  

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