How to Hire a Private Boat Rental in Kefalonia Greece

Boat Rental in Kefalonia

Getting a boat rental in Kefalonia was one of the best days we had in the Ionian Islands! If you’re looking for a fancy yacht, then this article may not be for you. However, a small 4 person Kefalonia boat hire is the ultimate way to explore the coast! Here’s everything you need to know about self driving boat trips on Kefalonia, and all about our day renting from Sami.

Picking Up Your Boat Rental in Kefalonia 

When walking around small harbors like Sami youโ€™ll see tons of boats to rent for the day. We actually spent 3 days in Sami which you can read about here!

During our time on the island, we would go to so many beautiful beaches. Antisamos and the world-famous Myrtos Beach are so worth seeing, too! 

The thing that makes a boat rental in Kefalonia so unique is that you donโ€™t have to have a license or prior experience. After talking with a few different companies, we ended up going with Kefalonia Compass Rent a Boat.

They are located in Sami port and just a few minutes walk from where we were staying. Check out Sami Beachview hotel for a nice accommodation with sea views.

To be honest, we were a little nervous about driving having not done it before. The guys that ran the stand assured us it was easy enough for beginners though. Before taking off, we even had a 30 minute instruction where they taught us everything.

As you’ll see, it ended up being such an epic day! They even told us about a secret lunch spot which we’ll share with you later.

Boat Rental in Kefalonia Greece

Boat Hire in Kefalonia Cost

A boat rental in Kefalonia wasn’t cheap, but it was well worth the money. We paid 150 Euros for the day including insurance. Keep in mind, you also have to pay for gas which is calculated upon return. 

In total, our Kefalonia boat rental came out to be 200 euros. This wasn’t bad at all considering we split it between a group of four people.

The best part about this trip is that anyone can do it. Nevertheless, if you arenโ€™t comfortable driving yourself, you can pay for an official captain to take you out. There are also a wide range of Kefalonia boat trips and tours you can take around the island.

Boat Hire in Kefalonia

Our Boat Rental Kefalonia Adventure

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to start your day bright and early to get out on the water! We stocked up on snacks and drinks at the mini-market, and even hit the local bakery for a breakfast treat.

Our Kefalonia boat hire company told us that the winds can change late in the afternoon. For this reason, we wanted to get going as soon as possible before the water got choppy.

After getting a nice tutorial on driving the boat, we were given a map with different routes. We decided to head towards the east out of the harbor and cruise all the way down the coast.

Our strategy was to get to the furthest harbor we could then slowly work our way back. This ended up working out splendidly as we took our time hitting all the small coves and swimming spots.

Sami Port

Beach Hopping in Kefalonia

The next couple of hours were straight out of a dream. We have now been to over 20 Greek islands and have had so many amazing adventures.

Yet, jumping off our private boat rental in Kefalonia was truly something special! Visiting in early June (before the peak summer months) was also key as we felt like we had the island to ourselves.

Every now and then, another small boat would come along and park down the beach from us. While there was plenty of room for everyone, it was also easy enough to cruise to the next stunning cove. 

Kefalonia Greece Boat Rental

Kefalonia Boat Rental Greece

Lunch That You (Literally) Need a Boat to Get to 

As we mentioned, we came plenty prepared with snacks and drinks. However, after we heard about a secret lunch spot, we knew we had to try it!

I mean how often can you say you took a private boat to a Souvlaki stand on a secluded beach in Greece? Ha!

With our map in hand, we found the small food stand at Koutsoupia Beach. A local Kefalonia man has been holding down this beach for over 5 years serving up delicious lunches. 

His menu is simple with just pork or chicken souvlaki available. Trust us when we say it was so worth stopping for! The plate comes with a tomato, onion, and cucumber salad for 10 euros. You can even grab an ice cold mythos beer to have with your meal.

We put our phones and cash into a small waterproof bag after parking and dropping anchor. At most of these beaches you will have to make the short swim to shore. 

It was nice that he had tables set up in the shade because the sun was coming on strong. This is the one harbor that had a few more boats with a food stand available.

Apparently, the secret is out! Whatever the case, it still felt like a completely unique experience with our boat rental in Kefalonia.

Koutsoupia Beach

Koutsoupia Beach souvlaki

Cruising Back to the Symi Harbor 

We were pretty tired after lunch from a full day out on our Kefalonia boat rental. No amount of SPF could protect us from the intense Greek island sun!

We parked our boat in one final harbor, and spent an hour sitting on the pebbly shore. It was so fun getting to experience the island in a way that few other travelers do! 

On the way back the wind was definitely picking up. For this reason, we were happy we headed back when we did to finish the day. 

You won’t need to worry about any damage (unless you sunk the boat) as insurance was included. Still, remember that they’ll need to check the gas levels to figure out your final charge.

Best Kefalonia Boat Rental

6 Kefalonia Boat Rental Tips

  • Bring sunscreen! Even with the canopy top we came back with some serious sunburns.
  • Confirm your boat the night before in shoulder season. If you’re visiting in July and August, you may want to do so days (or weeks) in advance.
  • Have cash with you for the souvlaki lunch! It’s such a great way to cap off your day with a boat hire on Kefalonia.
  • Buy a small waterproof bag which will be helpful when swimming to the beaches.
  • Pack more water and snacks than you think you might need. Cold beers are always a nice addition to Kefalonia boat trips!
  • Read all our Kefalonia guides including how to rent a car, the Assos Village Castle Walk, and why it should be your next island holiday

boat rental Kefalonia

Have any questions on this article or want to share more fun Kefalonia boat trips? Leave us a comment below!

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