5 Tips For Antisamos Beach Kefalonia (Without the Crowds!)

Antisamos Beach Kefalonia

Antisamos Beach on Kefalonia is known as one of the best on the entire island! Just a quick drive away from the small town of Sami, is a long pebbly paradise with beautiful lush green mountains above it. Honestly, this part of the island reminded us of being in the Caribbean! Here’s 5 quick tips for Antisamos Beach that are sure to make your visit better in Greece. 

5 Tips For Antisamos Beach Kefalonia 

1. You Can Hike from Sami 

Sami is the closest town to Antisamos Beach and just a quick 20 minute drive. However, if you can also hike if you’re looking for a more adventurous way to get there!

The 9.3 km loop trail is quite steep and advanced. Yet, if you’re an experienced hiker then this scenic path is for you. Another option is to take a taxi from Sami to Antisamos Beach Kefalonia, and then hike back.

Make sure you get a quote from your taxi driver before taking this ride. We spent three days in Sami and wrote all about our epic visit here! We even rented a private boat to get to all the secluded pebbly coves.

Obviously, if you’re not staying in Sami (and coming from another part of the island) you’ll need a rental car. Check out our post for all the pros and cons of renting a vehicle on Kefalonia.


2. Stop at the Antisamos Beach Viewpoints

As we mentioned, if you’re not up for a big hike then you’ll be driving to Antisamos Beach on Kefalonia. We got a great deal on a rental car just before high season (check the current prices here). The drive from Sami is only around 20 minutes, but the incredible views make it much more enjoyable. 

One thing we want to highlight is stop on your way at the many pullovers. The picturesque turquoise waters and massive green mountains is one of the reasons why this island is so popular.

Antisamos Beach Kefalonia can actually be seen perfectly from one of the first lookout points. This is a view you won’t want to miss! 

Antisamos Beach on Kefalonia

3. Get to Antisamos Kefalonia Early 

The best way to beat the crowds at Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia is to get there early. The morning is also one of the most beautiful and relaxing times to visit. 

Before you even have your morning Greek coffee, jump in the car and make the trip to Antisamos Beach! You’ll be able to get a parking spot and even a chair on the front row.

On our first trip to Antisamos Beach Kefalonia we arrived just after 9am. We honestly felt like we had the beach to ourselves! June was a great time to be on the island before the summer rush. 

Even so, we were told that travelers don’t flock here until the afternoon in July and August. We were the first to be seated at one of the Antisamos Beach bars, and started our day with a refreshing dip in the Ionian Sea.

Antisamos Kefalonia

Chair and Blue Sky

4. Free Chairs & Floaties 

Another benefit of arriving early is that you can get front row beach chairs for free! This was what was advertised during our visit in June to Antisamos Greece, so if it changes let us know in the comments.

As long as you order something from the menu at some point you are able to use a lounger. In addition to the comfortable chairs, there are tons of massive floaties and beach games to play with.

The several beach bars at Antisamos Kefalonia compete with each other which works out well for guests. We will say that the restaurant menus here are more expensive than the local tavernas on the island. Just keep that in mind if you plan to spend your entire day here.

Nothing Familiar Travel

Antisamos Beach Bar

5. Pack an Antisamos Beach Picnic 

Not feeling the beach bar prices? No worries! One great way to save money and escape the crowds is walk to the far right past the chairs.

Antisamos Beach is huge and stretches far along the coast. You can always stop into a bakery and mini-mart beforehand to load up on drinks and snacks. 

Once you get to Antisamos Beach in Kefalonia, take stroll down to the far end. The further you go, the less crowded it will feel! Eventually, you’ll find your own little slice of paradise for yourself.

A small picnic with bakery treats and fresh made sandwiches is one of our favorite ways to spend the afternoon in Antisamos Greece! Spathis Bakery Sami was our go-to spot in the port town, and we highly recommend it.

Antisamos Beach

Planning a Trip to Antisamos & Kefalonia Greece 

Still deciding if Kefalonia is right for you? Here’s 12 reasons why we you should make it your next holiday in Greece!  We have now been to over 20 Greek islands, from Santorini to Naxos and the amazing destination of Rhodes! With that said, know that Kefalonia completely blew us away. 

The unique beaches and lush greenery makes it stand out from other islands in Greece. While Antisamos Kefalonia is certainly spectacular, no trip would be complete without seeing Myrtos Beach. Also, the morning we spent in Assos hiking to the castle ruins was one of our favorite days! 

We spent three nights at Sami Beachview and absolutely loved it. Some other popular hotels to check out are Alancia Suites, Sea Breeze Apartment and Staggia Studios.

Kefalonia Greece

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for Antisamos Greece? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
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