Agios Prokopios & More of Our Favorite Beaches in Naxos Greece

Nothing Familiar Naxos Greece

Before going to Naxos we had asked a friend who recently visited what to do. We were surprised when he said he never left the beach on his week long stay. Yet, four days later… we hadn’t moved from the west coast stretch of Naxos beaches either! I guess we understand now why many consider Naxos island to have some of the nicest beaches in all of Greece. From the golden sands and clear blue water of Agios Prokopios to the beach bars and restaurants of Agia Anna, Naxos really is heaven on earth!

General Tips for Naxos Beaches

The Bus: We easily got around on the bus to all the best beaches and Naxos restaurants. It cost €1.80 per ticket and goes from the port to every beach down the west coast.

Rent a Vehicle: If you want to have more control than being on the bus and stop anywhere you want, we would highly suggest renting a car, motorbike, or ATV! This way you can cruise around to find secret beach coves, and even adventure into the mountains.

Beach Bars: Most of the Naxos restaurants have chairs down by the beach that are free to use with the purchase of food or beverage. In the off-season there won’t be as many options, but from June through the end of August they will be packed with beachgoers.

Nude Beaches: Another thing we wanted to remind you is that many of the beaches on Naxos are in fact nude. Like other places in Europe, don’t be surprised when you see people going all natural here!

Boat Tour: Hands down the best money you can spend is on a boat tour. Get out onto the water as you drink wine, soak in the greek sun, and jump off the boat into the crystal clear water. You can book everything from a large wooden sail boat tour with a BBQ to a more intimate Catamaran cruise with lunch.   

Naxos Island Bus

Agios Prokopios 

The first stop on our Naxos beach guide is the gorgeous Agios Prokopios. It’s the largest town outside of the main port with many of the best restaurants in Naxos to choose from, but still small enough to carry great local vibes.

We arrived after traveling non-stop for the past few weeks and were looking for some much needed rest and beach time. The water was a little chilly because of the time of year, but that also meant we basically had the beach all to ourselves!

Our daily routine in Agios Prokopios consisted of breakfast on our balcony, long walks to the other Naxos beaches, and ending each day on lounge chairs overlooking the ocean. More often than not, this included a craft of local wine from the town tavern as well!

With our visit in mid-May most of the town was still shut down, but each day a new restaurant or store would pop open. The long stretch of pebbles that make up Agios Prokopios beach has a small hill on the end that the sun sets over every night. We couldn’t believe the beautiful colors as the sun went down! 

Naxos Restaurants & Bars in Agios Prokopios

  • Lefto’s Souvlaki & Kebab House: (Location) – Amazing Gyro pitas and plates. Dine in or grab something quick to take to the beach.
  • Traditional Greek Tavern Giannoulis: (Location) – One of the best restaurants in town for traditional Greek food.
  • La Trattoria: (Location) – Restaurant that also has lounge chairs on the beach. Great food and drink deals.

Naxos Beaches

Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios Naxos

Naxos Greece Agios Prokopios

Agia Anna

Just around the corner, you’ll find a lively pocket of beach bars and restaurants. Agia Anna is popular for partying and soaking in the sun and bright blue ocean. Past the first row of beach bars, there’s a beautiful bay where the water is often completely still. This was our favorite spot to lay in the ocean and let the day pass us by! There are also other places up on the rocks to the left of the bay, which are perfect to relax and enjoy this spectacular Greek island.

Naxos Restaurants & Bars in Agia Anna

  • Taverna Grill Akrogiali: (Location) – Family run taverna. All the best greek specialties for lunch and dinner.
  • Banana Beach Bar: (Location) – Fun place to grab a cocktail with stylish decor overlooking the ocean.
  • Palatia: (Location) – Cafe with amazing atmosphere. Good for breakfast or a seafood lunch.

Best Beaches on Naxos

Agia Anna Beach Naxos Greece

Agia Anna Beach Naxos Island

Nothing Familiar Travel Naxos Greece

More of the Best Beaches on Naxos Island

Continuing on from Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna, these beaches run down the west coast of Naxos island in this order. The best way to reach these beaches is the bus or rent a vehicle!

Maragas: (Location) – As you get further away from the beach bars and rocky area of Agia Anna, you will reach the smooth sands of Maragas. This beach gets popular because of a nearby campsite, and on a sunny day you won’t find a more gorgeous place to take a dip!

Plaka: (Location) – The defining feature of Plaka is the rolling sand dunes set just back from the beach. They are the perfect spot to get your suntan on while also providing a bit of privacy.

Orkos: (Location) – You’ll start to notice that the farther away from the port you go the less crowded and undeveloped it is! This Naxos beach differentiates itself by the trees and rocky coves that form behind the sand. The dense nature and hideaways will be a great change-up from the long sandy beaches of Plaka and Maragas.

Mikri Vigla: (Location) – This will be a place you definitely want to visit if you have the chance! The cedar tree forest behind the giant cove is an incredible backdrop for a day of swimming and fun. This is also the best spot for windsurfing for all our adventure enthusiasts out there!

Kastraki: (Location) – After some rocky coves you’ll reach yet another long white sandy beach. Kastraki is known for its crystal clear water and unspoiled sands. Now a full 16 km away from Naxos town, you can enjoy peace and quiet in from one of the best beaches on Naxos!

Best Beaches in Naxos

Getting to Naxos Best Beaches

Naxos Greece Beaches

Naxos Greece

Did we miss any of the best beaches on Naxos Island? Let us know in the comments!

Safe Travels,
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Where To Stay on Naxos Greece

LuxuryMelidron Hotel & Suites –  Beautiful boutique hotel with ocean view rooms, balconies, and swimming pool. Located in Agios Prokopios the hotel is walking distance to the beach and the small main area. 

Fun Vacation – Ariadne Hotel – Complete with a gorgeous swimming pool and located just 50 meters from the Agios Prokopios beach, Ariadne will be a fun and elegant beachside stay.

Budget – Studios Kahlua – These studios are just around the corner from the beach, and surrounded by fun restaurants and markets.

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Naxos Greece

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