Ferry vs Flights! How to Get From Athens to Mykonos Greece

Athens to Mykonos

Athens to Mykonos is one of the most popular travel routes in Greece! Yet, before you start planning out your adventures on Mykonos, you’ll need to book your transportation. The two best options for how to get from Athens to Mykonos are taking a ferry or quick flight. Here’s everything you need to know about each mode of travel, the cost, and tips from our own experiences. 

Our Travels From Athens to Mykonos

We have visited Mykonos several times over the past few years in Greece. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most famous islands in the country! 

From the beautiful beaches to the white and blue streets of old town, there’s so much to see and explore on Mykonos. So how do we prefer to get there? 

Well, that’s a complicated question as it usually depends on a few different factors. Where we’re coming from, the season, time we have, and prices all play a part. 

We’ve taken direct Athens to Mykonos flights, jumped on the ferry, and even stopped there as part of an amazing Greek islands cruise. Typically, we spend 2 to 3 days on Mykonos and include it in a larger Greece island hopping itinerary. 

Our favorite time of year to visit is in May or October outside of the high season of summer. This is when you can find cheaper prices for flights and for Athens to Mykonos ferry companies. You can even score some deals on hotels during this period!

Athens to Mykonos Flights

How to Get From Athens to Mykonos: Ferry or Flight?

The first thing to understand about getting from Athens and Mykonos is the time each mode of transportation takes. As you may have guessed, the ferry is a bit longer! Below are the durations you can expect for each option.

Athens to Mykonos Fast Ferry Time: 2 hours 55 minutes (Check Current Prices Here)

Slow Ferry From Athens to Mykonos Time: 5+ Hours (Check Current Prices Here)

Athens to Mykonos Flight Time: 45 minutes (Check Current Prices Here)

When deciding which to use you should consider the cost and time you have for your Greece itinerary. Obviously, if you’re on a tight schedule you may want to hop on an Athens to Mykonos flight. 

Know that costs can vary for each, and it will be more expensive to travel during peak season. For those on a budget you should consider traveling to Mykonos during the shoulder season months outside of July and August. 

On our first trip, we went in May and booked a small hotel just outside of Old Town for just $30 USD a night! This is a great example of visiting a popular destination like Mykonos outside of the summer. Even the most ritzy island in Greece is totally doable on a budget if you plan accordingly. 

Athens to Mykonos Ferry Guide

Athens to Mykonos Ferry

The first thing to know about the Athens to Mykonos ferry is that the boats don’t take off from the city center. Piraeus and Rafina Port are the two main ports to leave from in Athens. 

They play host to both cruise ships and many different ferry operators. Piraeus Port is the larger of the two and in good proximity to the city, while Rafina is a bit closer to the airport. 

Be sure to leave time to make your Athens to Mykonos ferry! Traffic from both the airport and capital city can be crazy during rush hour.

Also, know that there are different types of ferry boats when selecting your tickets. The slow ferry from Athens to Mykonos will take around 5 hours, and the high-speed ferries will be just under 3.

As we’ve mentioned, the cost can range depending on the season, and even the day you pick! We’ve regularly planned our itineraries around the ferry schedule as the prices can fluctuate so much. 

We have traveled with Blue Star Ferries the most, but completely base our choice on the cheapest option and what works with our schedule. Here’s a list of the most popular ferry lines to look into before your trip:

  • SeaJets
  • Minoan Lines
  • Cyclades Fast Ferries
  • Golden Star Ferries
  • Hellenic Seaways
  • Blue Star Ferries

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Athens to Mykonos Ferry

Athens to Mykonos Ferry Ride

When it’s time to board the Athens to Mykonos ferry you should arrive as early as possible. Keep a close eye on the boats pulling in as they will go in and out faster than you can blink. 

As your boat pulls in, hand your Mykonos ferry tickets to the staff member (which they normally scan) and verify you’re getting on the right boat. After all, it would be a bad start to your vacation if you got on the wrong one!

The Athens ferry port is more structured than the islands but it can still get confusing. With an average fast ferry travel time of 2 hours and 55 minutes, this isn’t the shortest Greek ferry ride by any means. However, we always enjoy island hopping in Greece as opposed to taking flights.

Simply grab a coffee or beer, take a seat outside (on the slow boat), and watch the scenery pass you by. If you’re traveling in the off-season you may encounter windy weather conditions, but we haven’t had many problems over the years.

The Mykonos ferry arrives in Tourlos which is also referred to as the “New Port.” It’s only 3km from Mykonos town and you can take a taxi, water ferry, or use the daily bus routes to get there.

The schedules are set around the ferry times so you shouldn’t have any issues getting to Old Town. Yet, if you are staying in a different part of the island we highly recommend booking a transfer through your hotel.

Another option is to look into a Mykonos rental car and pick it up directly from the port. We always use this company when renting cars in Greece to find the best deals!

Athens to Mykonos Ferry Ride

Athens to Mykonos Flights

The other way to get to this popular destination is by taking an Athens to Mykonos flight. Whenever we’re planning our route we always check the flight prices from Athens International Airport. You’d be surprised how cheap it can be on certain dates! 

The average price we’ve seen during shoulder season is between 50 and 80 Euros. Just remember that you will likely have to pay an extra cost for baggage fees (which you wouldn’t on the Mykonos ferries), especially with the more inexpensive airlines. 

Direct flights are the quickest way to get from Athens to Mykonos. With a flight time of just 45 minutes, you’ll feel like you’re barely in the air before landing on the island.

An advantage of flying is seeing the beautiful islands from the sky. Whether you take one of the ferry routes or go by air, your eyes are in for a real treat.

If you’re traveling from another country and don’t plan to see Athens then this is the better option. You will save yourself the time of leaving the airport and heading to the Rafina or Piraeus ferry port as opposed to just hopping on your next flight. 

We’ve flown with most of the major airlines on Athens to Mykonos flights. Aegean Airlines is by far our favorite domestic airline and offers the most daily routes. You can also check out companies like Olympic Air, Sky Express, and Bluebird Airways from Athens Airport. 

There are even nonstop flights from several countries in Europe that go straight to Mykonos without stopping in the capital city. This is the same with islands like Santorini and Rhodes which makes them easy to include if you’re planning a bigger Europe itinerary. Be sure to check out our article below for the best ways to save money on flights.

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Athens to Mykonos Flight

Arriving at Mykonos Airport

Athens to Mykonos flights are so fast you’ll barely feel like you were on the plane at all! We love how many of the Greek airlines still give you a little snack and drink on the short route.

Once you land at Mykonos Airport you’ll likely be heading to Old Town. From here, it’s only about 4km which makes for a very short taxi ride. The bus stop is also conveniently located right outside the exit and is what we usually use if we’re not getting there too late. 

Still, there is one thing we want to warn you about arriving in Mykonos! Try to book your transfer in advance to ensure you have a ride. There are a limited number of taxis on the island and the ones waiting at the airport go quick. 

​Of course, you can wait for the bus which is super inexpensive and used to get between the Old Town and also the ferry port. Another option is to rent a car on Mykonos right from the airport.

While Mykonos Old Town is the star of the show, don’t miss out on other parts of this incredible island. Mykonos is full fantastic beaches, fun nightclubs, and traditional villages. Know that it’s totally worth it to rent a car or motorbike even if it’s just for one day.

Athens to Mykonos Airport

Where To Stay In Mykonos

Personally, we loved staying within walking distance to Old Town! However, there are lots of great accommodations all over the island depending on your travel style. 

Ultra LuxuryAnax Resort and Spa – Stylish and spacious rooms with amazing sea views. You won’t need to leave with your choice of infinity pool, hot tub, or private beach area.

Fun VacationChill Out Studio – Traditional Greek rooms set above the city center, but just a quick 10 minute walk to town. The star of the show is the large outdoor pool where you can enjoy a glass of wine with a view!

Budget Travel – Angela’s Rooms – Our home while in Mykonos. Kind owner who is happy to answer all your questions. Quick walk to the town center and cute traditional rooms.

Hostel – MyCocoon Hostel – This hostel will be unlike any you have stayed in before! The small dorm beds are set in little cave like grottos right in the heart of town.

How to Get from Athens to Mykonos

Should You Take the Athens to Mykonos Ferry or Flight?

Honestly, the best option all depends on your own budget and itinerary! If you’re flying into Athens Airport and aren’t planning on seeing the city then it makes sense to get right on another flight.

Yet, if you’re planning a longer visit to multiple islands then you may want to look into ferry ticket prices. The cost and time you have will be the biggest factor in booking your Athens to Mykonos route.

We typically take the flight when arriving at Athens International from abroad. It just doesn’t make sense to transfer all the way to the ferry port when you can easily connect to the domestic terminal for a short plane ride.

Again, we highly recommend visiting Mykonos during shoulder season to avoid the crowds. It can seem like a madhouse in July and August and may not be as enjoyable. 

Athens to Mykonos Ferry or Flight

5 Things You Can’t Miss on Mykonos

1. Get out onto the water! These are some amazing boat tours such as ones to Delos & Rhenia Islands as well as a popular luxury Catamaran Cruise. 

2. You can easily rent a car (check prices), an ATV, or motorbike for the day to explore Mykonos. If you prefer not to drive you can take a popular group island tour like this one which includes a farm visit, Ano Mera village, and beaches. 

3. Go on a wine tasting to sample Mykonos specialties at a local vineyard. This is one of the most famous to visit on the island.

4. Watch the sunset from the windmills above Old Town. This is such a beautiful time to walk around, and the entire town will be in full swing even outside peak season. 

5. Try a traditional Greek cooking class. Learning how to cook the local dishes is one of our favorite things to do while traveling.

Mykonos Travel Tips

Have any questions on this article or want to share more tips for how to get from Athens to Mykonos? Leave us a comment below.

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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