Galissas Beach and Why You’ll LOVE the Charm of Syros Island

Syros Island

We didn’t initially plan to go to Syros when we first made our Greek island hopping itinerary, but what a wonderful surprise we had in Galissas beach! This diverse island is off the typical tourist track, and after visiting we think that will change very quickly. The locals are proud of their home, extremely welcoming, and excited to share it with you. So how did we end up deciding to travel to Syros?

Arriving by flight into Mykonos, it was actually cheaper to take the ferry to Syros island then continue on to Paros and Naxos. For the same cost to go from Mykonos to Naxos, it was cheaper to go Mykonos, Syros, Paro, and then Naxos! So we got three islands for the same price as one by playing around with our dates and the ferry schedules. 

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Arriving on Syros Island

Your first introduction to the island will be stepping off the ferry and into the heart of downtown Ermoupoli.

The administrative capital of the Cyclades is stunning, especially with the pink, yellow, and blue buildings sprinkled between the traditional white Greek architecture.

We decided to take a break from the bigger towns and head straight to the more secluded Galissas, which also happens to be one of the best Syros beaches!

Ermoupoli Syros

Ermoupoli Greece

Getting to Galissas Syros

Bus (45 minutes): The bus is a good option for Syros travel, but comes with a warning… No one really seems to know when it’s running! When you get off the ferry take a left and the bus stop will be just past the gas station. Our boat arrived at 2:45pm and we caught the 3:30pm bus to Galissas Syros. We enjoyed this loop to get a feel for Syros island, but if you don’t want a long ride it’s best to pay for a taxi.

*FOOD ALERT: If you’re taking the bus you HAVE to stop in and get the most delicious Gyro we’ve had in all of Greece! Believe it or not, it’s so local the name isn’t even listed online. If you continue on the street leading away from town, about 30 seconds after the bus stop is a small Gyro shop on your right. Once you get a waft of delicious lamb meat and see it spinning, you’ll know you’re there. Also, please send us the name if you go so we can add it to this post!

Taxi (10 minutes): From the ferry, you can grab a taxi for €10-12 Euros. Just make sure to set the price when you get in for this mode of Syros travel. Note that the bus wraps around the south of the island making Galissas one of the last stops. This is the reason it takes so much longer than a taxi, as the car just fires straight across to the beach!

Nothing Familiar Syros Greece

Our Visit to Galissas Syros

The small town of Galissas Syros is a local bubble that comes alive during July and August for their busy summer months. Visiting the Syros beaches in May meant we were one of the few tourists there, and we really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

We spent our days hiking through the hills, swimming in the dreamy blue water, and drinking wine at a local watering hole. Locals we spoke with on other islands talked fondly of Syros and confirmed that it was indeed very traditional.

This is definitely a place to relax, take in the beautiful Syros beaches, and fall in love with Greek culture!

Galissas Syros

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Syros Beaches: Galissas vs. Armeos  

Of course Galissas has its main spot in the sand, but there is also a secret place that not many tourists know about! So what’s the difference between these two Syros beaches? 

Galissas Beach

Located in the center of town, the main beach stretches the entire cove with its soft sand and crystal clear ocean. A few restaurants and bars open during the summer months, and umbrellas and chairs line the water.

The hillside to the left towers over Galissas with the Agia Pakou church shining atop. It’s only a 10 minute hike, and you’ll have an awesome view of Syros and the surrounding mountains.

Galissas Beach

Armeos Beach Syros

Up and over the small hill and church sits the hidden beach of Armeos. The beach is rocky and it’s much smaller than its counterpart of Galissas.

Although it’s less crowded, you might be in for a different surprise when setting up your towel and getting ready to jump in. This is commonly a NUDE beach, so don’t be shocked about this part of Syros travel when you see everyone around you stripping down! 

Syros Beaches

Eats and Treats in Galissas Syros 

Our mornings started with a massive and delicious breakfast that was included with our accommodation. For lunch and dinner there are half a dozen restaurants to grab a meal in town, from cheap Gyros to upscale dining. Still, you know that if you visit in off or swing season most of the restaurants will be shut down.

There is however a small mini-mart that sells beach snacks and drinks. Make sure not to skip the massive freezer with trays and trays of homemade ice cream sticks at the store! Here are some of our favorite restaurants and bars that were open when we visited.

Manoúsos: This was our go-to place for dinner. The simple shop gets slammed at night serving giant Gyro plates, greek salads, and other local specialties.

Angelino: Right on the corner of the main street, this coffee shop is a perfect place to relax and take in the morning. The bus also pulls up right in front so you can grab a coffee while you wait.

Green Dollars: Great local spot to grab a craft of wine or beer for sunset.

Savvas: If you’re looking for a nice dinner out this place is for you! Savvas specializes in local homemade greek dishes so you’re sure to find something yummy here.

aVentoura: This is the only restaurant that we didn’t go to because it was just starting to open. Yet, it is still worth mentioning because it is the only spot located right on the sandy beach.

Ventoura Studios & Apartments

Galissas Syros Restaurants

Exploring More of Syros Island

Hike to Agios Stefanos Church: Just over an hour hike from Galissas you will find a one-of-a-kind church on the hillside. It was built by a local fisherman who was saved from the tentacles of an octopus after praying to the holy saint. I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that while planning your Syros travel!

Explore Ermoupoli: Take an afternoon to explore the main town during your stay. Walk through the streets and stop at one of the many cafes, or grab a bite to eat on the ocean in the port. For the best view work your way up to the beautiful Church of Resurrection that sits above the city. 

Rent a Car or Motorbike: There’s no better or more fun way to see Syros island than renting a vehicle and circling the entire thing! This is the best way to see all the landmarks, eat local food, and find secret swimming holes of your own.

Visit More Syros Beaches: Syros is home to many nice beaches, but Galissas was definitely our favorite! If you can, check out as many as possible. Agathopes, Kini, Delphini, Vari, and Megas Gialos are all worth seeing and having a swim at. 

Galissas Syros Greece

Syros Island

Our three short nights flew by and we left excited to return again!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and local island to visit during your trip to the Cyclades, consider adding Syros Island to your itinerary.

Have you been here, or have any other information to share about Syros travel? Please let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where To Stay In Galissas Syros

Luxury (High End) – Hotel Benois – Located right on the beach with a beautiful pool behind the property. Bar on-site and just steps away from all the great restaurants.

Fun Vacation (Mid Range) – Ventoura Studios & Apartments – Our home during our stay! Just a few steps back from the beach you’ll find these wonderful studio apartments. Each room has a balcony with a view, and the property has a jacuzzi and steam room as well.

Budget Life (Longterm Travel) – Manousos’ Rooms – Most central location you’ll find and right across from the bus stop. The rooms are above a restaurant and happening bar during the summer.

For more places to stay on Syros Island you can check the latest prices here!

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Galissas Beach Syros Greece

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  1. July 5, 2023 / 6:12 am

    Since 1998 we visit regular the greek Islands and in special Syros.
    This place took our ❤️, so we decided to stay for longer time, than just for Holidays. In 2001 we’d spend 4 month in Galissas, me working as a Chef in Finikas/Kokkina Beach Hotel and in the night in Aithrio Taverna (next to Angelinos)
    We came Back to Syros in 2003 and stayed until November 2004.
    My wife worked as a waitress in Manousos Barok Bar and me as a Chef again in Aitheio.
    We made a lot of Friends for Life this time.
    Now, 20 Years later our Kids are grown Up and they Love Syros too and have good memories abour this lovely place.
    Right now, we are again in Syros, staying in Manousos Rooms and having a wonderful time in the Island ( First time without the Kids, after 20 Years 😉)
    Kisses from our ❤️ place

    • Brigitte & Jake
      July 5, 2023 / 6:21 am

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this experience. Love that you return to Syros. Such a special island (-:

  2. Geraldine
    June 11, 2023 / 2:36 am

    Excellent review

    • Brigitte & Jake
      June 11, 2023 / 5:15 am

      Love Syros!

    June 18, 2021 / 1:09 am


    • Brigitte & Jake
      June 18, 2021 / 2:25 am

      Wow what an amazing story. Syros is still so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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