Do You Need a Rental Car in Rhodes? 10 Easy Tips to Know First

Renting a Car in Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest of Dodecanese Islands and a destination that should be high on your list to visit in Greece. With its size, one of the best ways to see it is by renting a car on Rhodes! Let us break down the best reasons to rent a car in Rhodes, some helpful tips, and what to know before you pick up your rental car. 

10 Tips for Renting a Car in Rhodes Greece

1. Getting the Best Deal on a Rhodes Rental Car

Luckily, renting a car in Rhodes is not as expensive as you might think. When we visited in June we were pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices.

June is an amazing time of year to visit Rhodes before the busy summer months. In addition to the best prices on rental cars, you’ll also find cheaper accommodations. 

You should know that in the peak months of July and August renting a car in Rhodes might be slightly more expensive. Still, there are always Rhodes rental car deals to be had! We always use Discover Cars for the best rates and most competitive prices.

One of our best tips for renting a car anywhere is that you should search/ask for a weekly rate discount. Often times you can get a better price for an entire week as opposed to 3-4 days. We paid around 20 Euros per day on our last trip to the island of Rhodes. 

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Renting a Car in Rhodes Tips

2. Rhodes is a Massive Greek Island

The top reason to rent a car in Rhodes Greece is how big it actually is! While you may have one of those cute little Greek islands in mind, Rhodes is one of the five largest in the country. 

With over 1,400 sq km to cover it’s essential to have a way to get around if you want to see it all. Having a car will give you more freedom to explore all the beautiful beaches and some of the less explored areas as well.

We loved staying in the different parts of the island which is another advantage of having a rental car in Rhodes. This way you’ll be able to truly soak in the culture and enjoy the unique areas to the fullest. For all the best things to do on Rhodes be sure to check out our article below!

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Tips Renting a Car in Rhodes Greece

3. Renting a Car in Rhodes Old Town vs Airport

Since this is one of the most popular Greek islands, renting a car in Rhodes is quite easy. With that said, there are two options we recommend for the best experience.

The first would be to rent a car in Rhodes from the airport right when you land. Simply head to Rhodes rental car counters, grab your vehicle, and take off!

If you are doing it this way you’ll want to save Rhodes town for the end of your trip. There are not many places to park in the city center and it’s very walkable. You’ll be happy to know that the entire Rhodes Old Town is UNESCO World Heritage Site so you won’t need a car here!

The other way would be to head straight to the famous old town from Rhodes International Airport. After exploring old town for a few days you can then pick up your Rhodes rental car in town and drive from there.

We always use Discover Cars while traveling to find the cheapest rental cars. It’s important to know when searching that you need to filter for in-terminal pickup if you want to get your car from Rhodes Airport.

Otherwise, you’ll be shuttled to the rental center which may actually be in old town. If this is the case it’s best to get your car after you walk your way around the ancient city walls.

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Renting a Car in Rhodes Greece

4. Hit All the Best Rhodes Beaches

It should be no surprise that one of the biggest draws to Rhodes is its beaches! Having a car rental in Rhodes is perfect for beach hopping and the best way to maximize your time under the sun.

Before our visit, we had no idea how amazing and diverse the beaches of Rhodes truly were. From pebbly paradises to golden sandy beaches, Rhodes has it all!

There’s nothing like blasting around in your Rhodes rental car and cruising from beach to beach, as you swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

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Rental Car Rhodes Greece Tips

5. Adventures to Mountain Towns

Yes, the beaches are stunning in Rhodes. However, to really experience the best of this island you’ll want to get up into the mountains, too! One of our favorite day trips with our rental car in Rhodes was our trip to Monolithos village. 

Not only did we see the sunset at a 15th century castle and explore sea caves at Fourni Beach, but our car allowed us to fully embrace the local culture of the town. Don’t forget to venture off to the small towns when renting a car in Rhodes.

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Car Rental in Rhodes Greece Tips

6. Get a Small Rental Car in Rhodes

Everyone has their own style of car they like, but there’s one thing we need to advise when renting a car in Rhodes. Get a small car! Like many other islands in Greece, the roads are not very wide for driving.

This should be an important factor when picking the right car. While many travelers would prefer luxury cars or something bigger, it’s really not necessary on an island like Rhodes.

If you decide to get a bigger vehicle you may stress yourself out on the smaller roads and when parking! The other advantage of the smaller cars is the great price compared to other models.

Honestly, the smaller the car rental in Rhodes the better. And don’t worry, even the tiny cars will make it up the island hills and mountains.

Rhodes Greece Rental Car

7. Freedom to Explore 

Another great reason to rent a car on Rhodes is the freedom it gives you! Had enough history at the ancient ruins of the Lindos Acropolis? No problem. Jump in your car and head to the next place.

Having a fun time at Kallithea Springs but getting hungry for a Gyro at lunch? Easily jump in your rent a car on Rhodes and blast off!

The simple luxury of being able to stay and go when you want is key to having the best vacation ever! It’s something you just don’t get with other forms of transportation on the island.

Rent a Car on Rhodes

8. Driving in Rhodes Greece

After driving on so many other islands in Europe we were slightly nervous about renting a car in Rhodes. However, we would come to find out it was not so bad!

The roads were almost all paved and in very good condition. It was nothing like what we would experience in the mountains of Karpathos later on in our trip! 

Still, there are some easy things you should know before you rent a car on Rhodes. Here are a few tips for driving and parking around this beautiful island. 

  • Book an automatic if you need one. There are limited available and they are a bit more expensive than manual transmission. 
  • Yield to local traffic and obey the speed limit. This is no time to pretend you’re an F-1 racer!
  • Be careful after finding a parking space with your rental car in Rhodes. They are especially tight around Old Town and Lindos.
  • There are no toll roads entering Rhodes city or anywhere on the island.
  • Consider buying full insurance for an additional charge if you don’t have coverage which transfers to Greece.
  • Drive on the right-hand side of the road! 

Rhodes Rental Car

9. Avoiding Public Transportation

That brings us to our last point about having a Rhodes rental car. Know that there are buses and taxis available on Rhodes. However, it is not ideal to plan your trip around them! 

We attempted to take them a couple times and found that they weren’t as efficient as what we’d experienced with buses on Santorini.

If you’re just heading from the airport to one beach town and staying there then maybe it will be okay. Depending on them for the entirety of your vacation though is not a good idea.

There is just too much to see that renting a car in Rhodes Greece is the way to go! It’s also not ideal waiting for the buses in the hot afternoon sun. Do yourself a favor and get a set of wheels to enhance your trip.

Rental Car in Rhodes vs Bus

10. Planning an Itinerary With Your Rhodes Rental Car

If you haven’t figured it out by now, renting a car in Rhodes Greece will allow you to build the best itinerary ever! Even if you only have one week, the amount of places you can see with a Rhodes car hire is astonishing.

We went to several different towns and felt like we saw everything! From the rustic mountain towns to the stunning Rhodes beaches, and more! It was obvious afterwards that it would have been impossible to see what we did in a week without a rent a car on Rhodes. 

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Rent a Car in Rhodes Greece

Should You Rent a Car in Rhodes Greece?

Yes! After reading renting a car in Rhodes article we hope you see the value in having one. If you only have a day to explore Old Town or are just looking for a relaxing beach vacation, then we totally understand. 

Just know that there is SO MUCH more to see on this epic island in Greece! If you can’t find a cheap car hire you can always look into a motorbike or ATV rental as well. 

Explore all our Greece articles to help plan your trip! We cover everything from general travel tips to amazing destinations such as Santorini, Paros, Rhodes, Karpathos, Crete, Milos & more beautiful islands!

Have any questions on how to rent a car on Rhodes or want to share your own experiences driving on the island? Feel free to comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where to Stay in Rhodes Greece

Old Town Luxury – 10GR Hotel & Wine Bar – Set inside the historic walls of Old Town, this hotel doubles as the best wine bar on the island. The luxury rooms built inside caves style rooms give you a one of a kind escape from the city center. 

Old Town Budget– Mascot Garden Rooms & Mascot Boutique Hotel – These sister hotels are unique and fun places to stay just outside of Rhodes Old Town.  They are beautifully designed and a simple, but charming place to sleep after exploring all day. 

Old Town Hostel – Stay Hostel Rhodes – What separates Stay Hostel from others in town is that it offers a kitchen, multiple lounges, games room, gym, and home cinema! It’s also a great place to meet other travelers from around the globe. 

LindosMelenos Art Boutique Hotel – At Melenos, luxury mixes perfectly with a special design that includes historical artifacts from around Rhodes. Enjoy stunning ocean views while being just a quick walk from the Lindos Acropolis and town.

Monolithos Limeri Traditional Guesthouse – At Limeri you’ll find a traditional design equipped with modern amenities. Each room has a nice view from the balcony, and some even have a private jacuzzi! 

For more places to stay in Rhodes Greece you can explore the latest prices here!


Rhodes Rental Car

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