6 Best Tips For Freedom Beach Koh Tao (Read BEFORE You Go!)

Freedom Beach Koh Tao

Let’s get this out of the way immediately… This island has more beautiful beaches than we can count! However, Freedom Beach Koh Tao is truly one that stuck out to us on our recent trip. The way the massive round boulders surround the light blue waters here is unlike anything else we’ve seen while traveling through Thailand. No wonder this unique landscape is often compared to tropical destinations like Seychelles and the Caribbean! Here are 6 tips to know before your visit to Freedom Beach, epic viewpoints, and why many consider this the best beach on Koh Tao.

How to Get to Freedom Beach Koh Tao

Freedom Beach on Koh Tao is just a quick 10-minute motorbike ride from the main area of Sairee Beach. We decided to rent a motorbike to explore the entire island which was a lot of fun. You can also ask your hotel to call you a taxi to take you here.

Don’t worry about getting a ride on the way back from this Koh Tao beach as it’s actually next to a hotel we talk about more below. You’ll be able to easily call a taxi or ask them to help you get one.

To find this island paradise put in “Koh Tao Relax Freedom Beach Resort” into your phone or offline map! 

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Best Koh Tao Beaches Guide

6 Tips for Visiting Freedom Beach Koh Tao

1. See the 360° View First

Before you head to Freedom Beach there is an amazing viewpoint just before the hotel entrance. To get to 360° View pay the 50 Baht entry fee which includes a bottle of water. There is a bar as well but it wasn’t opened at the time of our visit.

Drinks or no drinks, it’s still worth the views! From above you can see the south end of Koh Tao, Chalok Baan Kao Bay, and the famous Shark Bay! Also, if you visit in the daytime you can save your ticket and return for sunset as it’s good for the whole day.

Koh Tao Beaches

2. Bring Cash & Park at the Bottom of the Hill

After getting an eagle’s eye view of the area it’s time to actually visit the best beach on Koh Tao! One thing you might not know before you go is that it’s actually part of Koh Tao Relax Freedom Beach Resort. From the parking area of the 360 viewpoint, you can drive your bike down the small hill and park in front of the hotel gates. 

There is a 50 Baht entry free here as well that gives you access to Freedom Beach Koh Tao, the bathrooms, and waterfront chairs. Just know that if you do want a chair you may want to get there before the afternoon crowds. Also, the price to enter Freedom Beach Koh Tao may fluctuate depending on the season and number of tourists.

Freedom Beach Koh Tao Tips

3. Walk the Stone Bridges to Freedom Beach Koh Tao

When you first walk through the gates there is a sign guiding you to Freedom Beach Koh Tao on your left… But not so fast! If you’re up for a short adventure take a right down to Taatoh Beach first!

This Koh Tao beach is also beautiful, often overlooked, and less crowded. You can chill here for a bit or head straight around the corner towards Freedom Beach! 

On your left, there is a cement walkway that is raised above the water. This unique walking path actually hugs the coast and eventually pops out at Freedom Beach! The pathway is thin and parts of are actually formed by large stone slabs that form a bridge.

The walkway to Freedom Beach on Koh Tao isn’t very wide so be careful when passing others. Also, it’s a good idea not to do this barefoot as it’s a little rocky towards the end.

Koh Tao Freedom Beach Path

4. Spend the Afternoon at the Best Beach in Koh Tao

When you first arrive at Freedom Beach Koh Tao (especially if you did the ocean path) you’ll instantly see why it’s one of the best on the island. The soft sands are surrounded by large boulders giving off a secluded feel.

As we walked down through the trees, we immediately saw the ocean sparkling under the afternoon sun. Jumping in the clear blue Koh Tao water was so magical!

If you couldn’t already tell, this is not a beach you want to see quickly and move on from! The snorkeling is great here and it’s also a fun place to relax and just take in the vibe.

There is a restaurant that overlooks the water if you get hungry or want a drink. To the left of Freedom Beach, there is a small sandy cove that a lot of people swim over to as well.

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Best Koh Tao Beaches

5. Hike to John-Suwan Viewpoint

Ready for another epic viewpoint?? Either before or after hitting this Koh Tao beach, there is a hike you can check out!

The climb up (literally) is short but super steep and will give you amazing views of the island. Proper shoes are recommended and it can be even more difficult if it’s recently rained. 

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Freedom Beach Koh Tao Hike

6. Stay on Freedom Beach Koh Tao 

Yes, you can actually stay at the best beach in Koh Tao! The area is beautiful and we were surprised by how large the hotel grounds were. We had already booked our accommodations otherwise we totally would have spent a couple days at Koh Tao Relax Freedom Beach Resort.

Within walking distance, you’ll have several more incredible Koh Tao beaches. This includes the stunning Chalok Baan Bao Bay which you can see from the 360 viewpoint.  

Book the Koh Tao Relax Freedom Beach Resort

Koh Tao Relax Freedom Beach Resort

More Places to Stay on Koh Tao Thailand

Apartment StayThe Plantation Koh Tao – Set on the far side of Sairee Beach, these apartments are great for travelers looking for a little more space. Ranging from studio to three bedrooms, the Plantation is also a great pick if you are traveling in a group! 

Sairee BeachBlue Tao Beach Hotel – Conveniently located on the main Koh Tao walking street and beach, this hotel is close to all the action. You’ll be surrounded by great restaurants, cafes, bars, and dive centers. 

Shark BayJamahkiri Resort – At this resort up in the cliffs overlooking the gorgeous Shark Bay, you’ll be just a quick walk away from some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Jamahkiri has amazing views, spacious rooms, and you can even splurge for one with a private infinity pool!

Chalok Baan Kao BeachView Point Resort – This area is great if you want a quiet stay, but to still be a quick motorbike or taxi away from town. There are a handful of beach bars here and you’ll be close to Freedom Beach on Koh Tao!

Budget-Friendly Budchui Village 2 – If you’re traveling on a budget this is a nice family-run place to stay in Koh Tao. The rooms are very basic, but also large with balconies facing the mountains. It is a few minutes away from the beach. However, you’ll be closer to many delicious local restaurants. 

Hostel LifeThe Dearly Koh Tao Hostel – Hands down one of the most popular hostels on the island! This spot is inland but just a few minutes by motorbike taxi away from all the best beaches. There is a pool and common area with both dorms and private rooms available. 

For more places to stay in Koh Tao you can explore the latest prices here!

Koh Tao Thailand Boat Rental

Have any questions about Freedom Beach Koh Tao or more of your favorite beaches on the island? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


Koh Tao Freedom Beach

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