When’s the Best Time to Visit Thailand For Perfect Weather?

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Looking for the best time of year to visit Thailand? Then you came to the right place! We make the trip to this beautiful country in Southeast Asia every year in different months. Truly, there is never a bad time to head to this tropical paradise. However, you should be aware of the seasons when planning your vacation. So when is the best travel time to go to Thailand for perfect weather? Here’s a full breakdown so you can pick the best month for yourself.

Our Travels in Thailand 

As we mentioned, we’ve spent a lot of time traveling in Thailand. While we typically gravitate towards the beaches and beautiful islands, there are many incredible regions of the mainland to explore. 

The first time we visited Thailand was over 10 years ago on a 2 week island hopping trip. After exploring all the different countries in Southeast Asia we’ve quickly realized that Thailand is our favorite! Now a decade later, we have spent many months in Thailand and always look forward to returning. 

The cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are well worth visiting, as well as the smaller towns. Thailand is also home to over 1,400 stunning islands which are sprinkled around the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand.

In our humble opinion, some of the most beautiful are Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan, and Koh Lipe. The greatest thing about these islands is they all cater to different styles of travelers. For example, Koh Samui is one of the most fun for families, while the Phi Phi Islands are where to go for the ultimate party experience. There are even smaller islands like Koh Tao that are more relaxing and offer some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

Even though Phuket is the most popular of the Thai Islands, you’ll find so many awesome beaches and things to do! We even spent 2 months in the town of Rawai which is the islands digital nomad hub. You may also enjoy the coastal towns of Krabi, Railay Beach, and Khao Lak along the mainland.

Is this your first time traveling to Thailand, or are you still in the research stages? Then we recommend check out our article below. We cover all the things you need to know when first planning a trip to Thailand!

Planning a Trip to Thailand: 10 Step Easy to Follow Travel Guide

Best Time to Visit Thailand Guide

When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

The first thing to know about Thailand is that it is absolutely massive! Spanning over 500,000 square km, we’re talking about one of the largest countries in all of Asia.

With that said, know that each area of the country has different weather when picking the best time to visit Thailand. This can depend on the season and weather patterns which fluctuate around Southeast Asia.

When determining the best time to go to Thailand, it may depend on what you want to do and see! For instance, during the rainy season, you may want to visit the cities and inland areas of the country. The months with better weather is when we would recommend heading to the many islands we discussed above.

When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand

Best Time to Travel to Thailand: Dry Season vs Wet Season

Something important we should point out is that there are two main seasons in Thailand. Instead of four seasons you may be used to in Europe and North America, here they’re easily divided into a Wet and Dry season. Wet or monsoon season typically runs from late May to October, while the dry season goes from November to April. 

We’ve always found the best time to visit Thailand is during the dry months with less rain. Still, you should know this is high season when the majority of tourists plan their travels. 

The popular high season months also come with higher prices and more crowds which is something to keep in mind when traveling to Thailand. This makes complete sense as it’s during the winter months for the United States and Europe. So this is when travelers who are escaping the cold pick this is the perfect winter destination.

During this time, you can expect the highest prices for accommodations and activities. While in low season, you’ll find much lower prices and fewer crowds. If you’re planning more then a week or two vacation, swing and low season are also a great time to get deals.

Obviously, the weather can be hit or miss. Yet, for budget travelers, this is the best time of year to visit Thailand as your money will go a lot further when it comes to accommodations. 

You’ll also want to beware of certain Thai culture festivals that go on throughout the busy season. Particularly for Chinese New Year and Thai New Year (Songkran festival) prices jump dramatically because there is a massive push of domestic travel and people coming from neighboring countries. There are also regional celebrations like the lantern festival to keep in mind. 

best time to go to Thailand

Best Time to Visit Thailand Monthly Breakdown

Now that you have a bit of the background information on the best time to go to Thailand, let us break it down from month to month! We understand that everyone has different obligations that can determine the time of year for your travel plans. Nevertheless, if you know the best month to visit Thailand that works for you it will be much easier to create your itinerary.

Thailand From November to February 

Let’s start with the high season. This is the best time to visit Thailand and experience its endless beaches and coastal areas. Once early November rolls around, the rains disappear and the sun comes out to play. Our favorite months for traveling to Thailand have routinely been December and January. 

This is when you can expect very little rain and maximum days of sunshine at the beach. Remember that it’s still Southeast Asia. So even if rain is expected in the forecast you may just get a quick tropical shower before the sky clears.

Whether you’re just looking to lounge at Kata Beach on Phuket or experience the beauty of Khao Sok National Park, these months around the end of the year are so perfect! Just know that the peak tourist season also comes with a warning.

Going to a popular destination like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Phangan during the Full Moon party might not be the relaxing vacation you’re looking for. We actually really love these two islands! However, that’s only because we have visited strategically in the off season when the crazy party scene wasn’t drawing travelers in.

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Traveling to Thailand From March to May

Towards the end of March, you’ll feel the humid and tropical climate set in. Many may consider this the best time to travel in Thailand. It’s when you’ll find the fewest days of rain and the peak season in different parts of the country.

While it still can be the best time to visit Thailand, these are absolutely the hottest months. For this reason, we usually plan our trips out from November to February and avoid the high humidity. 

If you don’t mind the hot season then maybe this won’t bother you. Just be sure to stock up on electrolytes and wear plenty of sunscreen!

With it being spring time in much of Europe and the USA, you may not feel this is the best time to go to Thailand. Yet, the shoulder seasons can still make for a great vacation for travelers on a budget. 

best time to travel in Thailand

August to October in Thailand

With the end of July comes high rainfall and the monsoon season in Thailand. We would not recommend traveling to Thailand during this time of year, but it all depends on what your plans are.

Even though it does rain, we noticed it typically comes in short bursts. So yes, there are still sunny days from August to October… Just not as many as you’d probably want on a beach vacation.

The seas are rough, and some of the typically clear and calm blue beaches even have surf. If you are planning to visit the country during this period you can also take advantage of the many historical sites.

Thailand is full of museums, temples, and nature parks to enjoy. This is actually one of our favorite times of year to be in Chiang Mai and hit up the famous weekend markets.

With the rain comes what is known as the cool season bringing much cooler temperatures to the entire country. Expect more wild weather, especially in the wettest month of September. As we’ve mentioned though, traveling to Thailand in the official “off-season” is also the most inexpensive time to go. 

best time to travel to Thailand

Best Time of Year to Go to Thailand

So when is the best time to visit Thailand? After so many trips to this epic country we have come to the clear conclusion that it’s November to February. While this is peak season, there are so many amazing places to visit outside of the most popular tourist destinations. You don’t necessarily have to box yourself into the main islands and cities.

Also, if you avoid the winter rush of the holiday season you won’t experience the rush of  crowds. This is considered the popular time to visit for good reason, and that is the weather. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting the West Coast, Gulf Coast, Northern Thailand, or one of the many National Parks! This is when everything will be open and you’ll have the best chance for dry weather. 

March to May is also an ideal time to go to the incredible beaches we keep praising. From the east coast of Thailand to the mountainous north, it’s never a bad time to start planning your next trip!

Best Time of Year to Go to Thailand

Have any questions about this article or want to share what you think is the best time to go to Thailand? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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    • Brigitte & Jake
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      That’s so great to hear! Thailand is one of our favorite countries in Southeast Asia. I hope you have an amazing visit (-:

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