Is Wizz Air a Good Airline? Read This Review First!

Wizz Air Review

When searching for the cheapest flights in Europe you might be surprised to see an airline called Wizz Air. This Hungarian low-cost airline has become more and more popular as it competes with the likes of Ryanair and EasyJet. Are you taking a Wizz Air flight soon or wondering what it’s like before you book? We got you covered with our Wizz Air review! Here’s everything you need to know about Wizz Airlines and the best tips from our own experience. 

Why is Wizz Air So cheap?

This is the first question we had when we saw this company while searching for flights. Wizz Air is one of the many low-cost airlines in operating in Europe that are drastically cheaper than competitors running the same routes. Sometimes it’s so inexpensive that it almost may seem too good to be true!

With that being said, there are a few things you need to look out for before booking your Wizz Air flights. Unless you’re traveling super light you’ll be paying extra for baggage, seats, and so on.

Also, Wizz Air doesn’t always fly the same routes daily. This means you have to be flexible on your dates to get the best deal. 

Wizz Air Flight Review

Our First Experience Flying With Wizz Air

We’ve only flown with the Wizz Air a couple of times the over the years. However, our first experience is a budget story we still tell to fellow travelers to this day. Back in 2015, Wizz Air was one of our initial flights through Europe to start our year long backpacking trip.

This was actually when we first started our website, and before we even started travel blogging full time! You can read more about our story here. We began our trip in beautiful Bergen Norway and looking for flights to Eastern Europe.

While using the Skyscanner app, we saw the airline Wizz Air which we had never heard of before. We were shocked to see tickets offered for just $9 USD to get to Poland. In comparison, the prices were over $150 to Germany which was the next stop on our itinerary. 

Obviously, we had never seen a price this low in our lives! We ended up taking this Wizz Air flight and fell in love with the city of Gdansk. After a few more days exploring Poland we continued on via Flix Bus to Germany. From there, we rented a car and went on a magical week long drive down the Romantic Road.

Although you may never see a ticket under $10 again, we were so happy we found out about Wizz Air this way. Without these flight tickets we never would’ve taken this amazing route through Europe.

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Wizz Air Europe

2023 Wizz Air Review

Fast forward to this year, and there was another Wizz Air flight offered on the exact day and route we needed! After spending a month working from the small village of Stonehaven Scotland, we took an epic road trip through the Scottish Highlands.

Once we finished our drive in Edinburgh, we had to make it to Budapest where we were starting on a one-week river cruise on the Danube. Be sure to check out our experience with Riverside Luxury Cruises when you get a chance!

We decided to fly with Wizz Air for two reasons. First, it was a direct flight from Edinburgh to Budapest which wasn’t offered by many other airlines.

Secondly, the other airlines that did have this flight path were almost double or triple the price. Wizz Air was an absolutely no-brainer for us even though it was an early morning flight.

Wizz Air Review Europe

Booking Our Tickets With Wizz Air

When searching for flights throughout Europe we always start with Skyscanner. Honestly, we don’t know how we would’ve been able to travel full-time without this website! This is where we find 99% of all our flights before booking directly on the airlines website.

Once we filtered for our dates we found that Wizz Air was the most inexpensive option. When booking our Wizz Air tickets, we decided to select the cheapest fare offered.

It can be a little confusing because there are different levels depending on what you need. These options include baggage, Wizz priority boarding, check-in, extra leg room, seat selection, and much more. Below is a breakdown of the different Wizz Air fares to choose from.

Basic: Small carry on bag (40 x 30 x 20cm) and online check in.
Wizz Go: Seat selection, 20kg checked bag, carry on luggage (55 x 40 x 23 cm), one underseat item, and priority boarding.
Wizz Plus: Free cancellation, premium seat selection, priority boarding, 32kg checked bag, carry on luggage, and underseat item.

Wizz Air

What Did We Pay With Wizz Airlines?

One of our top tips for booking cheap flights in Europe is to choose the most basic option and then add on additional baggage that you may need afterward. Realistically, you can expect the baggage to double the price of your budget flight in Europe. Our fare price was $125 USD (£104 British Pounds) each. By adding the exact luggage amounts on after instead of choosing one of their standard fares we did save a little money.

With everything our total cost with Wizz Air direct from Edinburgh to Budapest was $190 USD each. That may seem like a lot compared to the $9 flight we mentioned earlier! Just know that the price reflects us booking last minute and the fact that this isn’t a very popular route in general. 

Make sure to select the checked baggage you’ll need during your booking process if you have more than a small personal item. If you try to add it on after (or at the gate) don’t be surprised when your trip gets a lot more expensive with extra costs. 

Wizz Airlines Price

Wizz Air Flight Check In

It was easy enough to check in on the Wizz Air website. We then used the Wizz Air app to get our boarding passes to make the process even simpler. Still, when we made it to the airport in Edinburgh we had to drop our luggage at the check-in desk. We ended up having some time to get breakfast using our priority pass before boarding which is always great before an international flight.

When it was time to board our Wizz Air flight they announced that priority passengers would be allowed on first. If this matters to you, make sure to choose the highest fare called Wizz Plus when picking your tickets. Once we scanned in with the flight attendants we were loaded unto a shuttle bus to the plane and promptly boarded. 

Wizz Air Flight

In-flight Wizz Air Review

One thing we noticed immediately was that the inside of the plane was really nice and not what we were expecting from a budget airline. It was fitted with leather seats and seemed to have more room than other low-cost carriers. 

Our plane was about 30 minutes delayed, but we seemed to make up for it in the air. Something to keep in mind about Wizz Air flights is that you’ll have to pay for all extra services. Even a glass of water will cost you on Wizz Air! Honestly, this is the same business model with most discount airlines so we’re used to it by now.  

We didn’t bother buying any snacks or drinks since we had enjoyed a meal in the airport lounge beforehand. While the flight went smoothly overall, our landing was a different story.

When we went to touchdown on the runway the pilot pulled up at the last second and went back into the air. Obviously, this startled us as we had never experienced anything like that before. He explained over the intercom that there were crosswinds on the landing strip and he’d have to circle back and try again. 

The entire plane was nervous as we circled the airport and once again went down for landing. Luckily, the 2nd try was a success and we safely landed in Budapest! 

We don’t think this had anything to do with the cheap tickets or it being a low cost carrier. However, we couldn’t leave out this wild story in our Wizz Air review. This second landing did get us into Budapest slightly behind schedule, but thankfully not too late. 

Wizz Airline

Is Wizz Air a Good Airline?

Well, that’s a loaded question to end our Wizz Air review! As frequent travelers, we’ve flown many budget airlines over the years. It can honestly be hard to differentiate them from each other.

We were impressed with the inside of the plane although it wasn’t anything luxurious. The flight crew was very welcoming and overall customer service was excellent which isn’t often the case with discount tickets. 

We had no issues aside from our strange landing at the end of the day. Really, as long as you keep your expectations in check for the flight cost you shouldn’t have any issues! While we had read some negative reviews prior to our trip, the Hungarian budget airline got us from point A to point B safely.

Just beware of the additional fees for a checked bag and make sure you don’t end up paying any extra fees. While Wizz air isn’t our go to airline, if they’re ever offering the most direct and cheapest flight option we would fly with them again.

Is Wizz Air a Good Airline

Have any questions about our short flight or want to leave your own Wizz Air Review? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out our favorite things to do in Budapest if you’re heading to the capital of Hungary.

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Wizz Air Review

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