Bergen Norway Travel Guide: 13 Top Tips and Best Things to Do

Bergen Norway Travel Guide

The beautiful streets and architecture lofted above the sea make it easy to fall in love with one of the best cities in Norway. Even though it’s the country’s 2nd largest city, this picturesque metropolis is small enough to explore on foot! Here you’ll be able to enjoy nature, delicious Bergen Norway restaurants, and everything else it has to offer. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate Bergen Norway Travel Guide!

Bergen Norway General Information

Official Language: Norwegian
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Airport: Bergen Airport – BGO
Best Time to Visit: Late June – Early September

13 Best Things to do in Bergen Norway 

1. Stay In The Heart of Bergen 

When looking for where to stay on your Bergen Norway travel we feel it’s best to be in the action of the main harbor. That way you can easily explore the Bergen fish market, catch your boat to the fjord, and check out the city center.

For a reference point when looking for a hotel you can use the tourist information center. Also, make sure to take a look at our recommended places to stay at the bottom of the post!

Bergen Travel Guide

2. Explore Bergen Norway By Foot

There’s no need for cars or public transportation on your Bergen Norway travel as it’s an extremely friendly walking city. So much so that we walked over 10 miles a day during our stay!

That’s not meant to scare you off, but it’s one of the most magical things you can do when visiting. Simply walking around and taking in all the architecture and colors is what makes Bergen one of the best cities in Norway.

Book a Private Tour with a Local to Explore Bergen


3. Eat at the Bergen Fish Market

There is good reason for this being one of the top attractions in the entire city of Bergen. Located right on the harbor, this small line of stalls is packed from open to close. King crab, smoked salmon, caviar, and even whale are some of the seafood options you will find.

There are also plenty of Bergen Norway restaurants nearby, but give the market a shot first! Just pick your plate and some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted will be prepared right before you.

→ Bergen Norway Fish Market: Would You Try These Local Specialties?

Bergen Fish Market

4. Drink Craft Beer

The first thing you need to know about drinking in Bergen (and Norway in general) is that alcohol is expensive. A six-pack at the supermarket can easily set you back $15-25 USD. With that being said, if you’re willing to spend the money Bergen has a surprisingly exciting craft beer scene.    

5. Hike To The Top Of Mount Floyen

One of the most rewarding ways to see the city is by hiking to the top of Mount Floyen. Not only is this some great exercise, but it was one of the top highlights of our Bergen travel guide.

Starting in the city center you will slowly weave up the winding roads before entering the hiking path. Leave yourself lots of time to take advantage of the many stunning viewpoints in one of the best cities in Norway.

→ Hiking Mount Floyen Guide: Amazing Views of the City in Bergen Norway

Best Cities in Norway

6. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site

What you might not know before visiting is that Bergen Norway falls into the special category of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Known as “The City Between the Seven Mountains,” Bergen was founded in 1070 AD by King Olav of Norway. Over time Bergen flourished as an important trading port between foreign cities and became one of the most influential cultural hubs in the country. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site

7. Jump On a Bergen Norway Fjord Tour

Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords, and this is absolutely something everyone should make part of their Bergen Norway travel experience. Trips can be a little pricy, but you have your option of a 3 hour, half-day, full-day, or multi-day tour.

Stop by the visitors center as soon as you arrive because the spots fill up quickly. You can also check out our journey to the Mostraumen Fjord from Bergen by clicking the link below!

→ Mostraumen Fjord: Tips for the Fun Boat Tour From Bergen Norway

Bergen travel guide

8. Watch the Sunset on the Bergen Harbor

One of the most important things to take away from our Bergen Norway travel guide is that the harbor acts as the heart of the city. From here you have the fish market, information center, and boats coming in and out from the daily Fjord tours.

We would recommend watching the sunset from the top of Mount Floyen, but honestly we wouldn’t want to do the hike after dark. Trust us when we say though that Bergen Harbor is no runner-up! Take in all the colorful buildings and life of Bergen in the harbor as the sun sets over the Norwegian Sea.

9. Watch Out For the Prices at the Bergen Norway Restaurants

As we mentioned with drinking, the food also carries a steep price in Norway. Many Bergen Norway restaurants cater their menus to seafood. With that being said, the prices are often listed per 100 grams when in reality a portion can run 300-400 grams.

Make sure and ask the waiter how many grams come in a serving, and do some quick math to avoid any mishaps. Just something to be aware of if you aren’t used to meals being priced this way! 

Bergen Norway Restaurants

10. Explore The Neighborhood of Nordnes

Multi-colored buildings paint the hillside of this small neighborhood located close to the heart of the city center. Winding roads and steep hills are well worth the extra effort as the views are amazing and the architecture is one of a kind. Just simply strolling through these colorful houses is one of the best things to do in Bergen Norway!

Bergen Norway hotels

11. Try Reindeer Sausage 

When in Norway do as the locals do and eat reindeer sausage… At least that’s what the sign said when we ordered ours! Reindeer was surprisingly delicious and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bergen.

Be sure to order it the traditional way if you decide to go for one. It typically comes on a bun with fried onions and a sweet berry sauce!

Trekroneren Sausage Stand Location

best cities in norway

12. Don’t Miss Out On The Sun?

I know it sounds weird, but you should definitely take the time into consideration when booking a trip to Bergen Norway. With its location close to the arctic circle, there are long days of summer and even longer dark days of winter. One thing that makes visiting Bergen so special is actually being able to see it. So plan accordingly! 


13. Travel By Train to Oslo

When leaving Bergen Norway, travel by train to Oslo on the famous railway. This has quickly become one of the most sought-after journeys in all of Norway for the picture perfect landscape. Instead of flying try going by train to experience more of Norway’s beautiful countryside!     

City Sign

Have any questions about this Bergen Travel Guide or want to share your own favorite things to do in Bergen Norway? Please comment below! 

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Where To Stay In Bergen Norway

Ultra LuxuryBergen Børs Hotel – This beautiful hotel is set in the old stock exchange building in the historic center of the city. Everything you’ll need for a luxury stay in Bergen!

Fun VacationScandic Torget Bergen – Just steps from the famous Bergen Warf, Scandic Torget has rooms overlooking Vagen Fjord and Mount Floyen! Perfect location to base yourself from.

Apartment Stay –  Magic Hotel & Apartments Kløverhuset – If you’re a traveler that likes to have a little extra space than a typical hotel room this is a great pick. Different apartments are available ranging from studios to three bedrooms. 

Hostel  – City Hostel Bergen – There aren’t many low-priced hotels in Bergen so City Hostel will be a solid option if you’re traveling on a budget. There are both male and female dorm rooms, a shared kitchen, and is just a 5 minute walk to the city center. 

For more places to stay in Bergen Norway you can explore the latest prices here!

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