Hiking Mount Floyen: Amazing Views of the City in Bergen Norway

Hiking Mount Floyen Bergen Norway

If you’re up for a challenge hiking Mount Floyen should be at the top of your list when visiting Bergen! While most people take the Floibanen Funicular to the top, this alternate route is well worth the steps. However, hiking in Bergen Norway isn’t simply about getting to the top of the mountain. Along the way, you’ll experience countless views of Bergen and the surrounding villages en route to the Mount Floyen lookout.

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Bergen Norway Hiking Guide

Start: Floibanen Funicular 
Time: 2.5 Hours
Cost: Free
Pack: Water & Snacks 

Start of Mount Floyen Bergen Hike

The hike from Bergen to the top of Mount Floyen starts in the city center at the Floibanen Funicular. This is also where the tram departs from so don’t be surprised when you see large lines waiting for it.

Just go on the sidewalk and walk around them to begin your Bergen Norway hiking adventure. Head to the stairs directly on the right of the building and start the zig-zagging climb up the mountainside.

Don’t miss the trees wrapped in yarn. Along the roadway is about a dozen trees that have multi-colored yarn blankets sown onto them.

Floibanen Funicular

Bergen Norway Hike

First View of Hiking Mount Floyen 

Now I say first view lightly as there are constant lookouts whenever you turn toward the city. Yet the church that you’re walking up towards is the first official landmark of the hike, and a good place to admire at the start of your ascent.

Bergen Norway Hiking

Into the Mountains of Mount Floyen Bergen

From the church head to the right up into the woods and past the metal children’s slide.  There isn’t one direct “path” that you are following, but because it is such a common place to enjoy Bergen Norway hiking there are sure to be a few others following along. If you ever question if you’re going the right way just make sure you are still climbing uphill as pretty much all roads lead to the Mount Floyen Lookout.

Hiking Mount Floyen

Official Park Path When Hiking Mount Floyen

Once you have made it through the town portion of the hike you will enter the official park entrance. From here, a well-maintained paved path winds its way up Mount Floyen along the Floibanen Funicular.

Awesome views and benches are found on the entire trip up which you will often have to yourself. We stopped to take photos and water breaks at almost every viewpoint which added to the time of the hike, but was worth it for the amazing views!

Mount Fløyen Trail

Mount Floyen Lookout

Wooohoo! You made it! Getting to the top of any hike is always exciting, but even more so when you see the stunning views of Bergen below. Unfortunately, we didn’t take our own advice of arriving very early (or late) to any touristic attractions, but that didn’t take away from the scenery.

There are small shops at the top and even restaurants if you didn’t bring your own food. Either way, we recommend finding a place to sit and simply taking in the view of Norway below.

Mount Floyen Lookout

Mount Floyen

Hiking Mount Floyen… The Way Back Down!

Once you get your fill and it’s time to head back down, consider going a different route. There are actually two different paths available that we didn’t realize when started the hike.

Instead of leaving the lookout and heading left down the path we came up, we went to the right this time. There is a paved road which winds down the mountain and shows equally stunning, but different views of Bergen.

Hiking in Bergen Norway

Have any questions about hiking Mount Floyen, the Floibanen Funicular, or your own tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hostel  – City Hostel Bergen – There aren’t many low-priced hotels in Bergen so City Hostel will be a solid option if you’re traveling on a budget. There are both male and female dorm rooms, a shared kitchen, and is just a 5 minute walk to the city center. 

For more places to stay in Bergen Norway you can explore the latest prices here!

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Mount Floyen

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