Mostraumen Fjord: Tips for the Fun Boat Tour From Bergen Norway

Mostraumen Fjord Tour From Bergen Norway

When we first planned our trip to Europe we had never expected to end up in Norway. However, when we found out the tickets were only $135 each from New York we knew this would be a great opportunity to see the famous fjords! With only 3 days in Norway and incoming rainy weather, we had to make a split decision. We ended up deciding to do a short fjord tour from Bergen Norway to the Mostraumen Fjord!

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Planning Our Fjord Tour From Bergen Norway

Choosing the three-hour tour to the Mostraumen Fjord from Bergen was a blessing in disguise, as it saved us money and also gave us the chance to hike Mount Floyen in the morning. Remember, you can always pick a later fjord tour from Bergen as it doesn’t get dark until very late in the summer in Norway!

Our journey started at the Bergen Visitors Center which was very busy, but a great source of information when deciding which trip was right for us. It was also the only place we found to book a fjord tour unless you did it online prior to showing up. Once we finally had our fjord tour from Bergen booked we took a big sigh of relief.

→ Bergen Visitor Center Location

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Boat to the Mostraumen Fjord

After our hiking adventure we arrived at the dock about a half hour early, and a line had already formed to get on the boat. We assumed everyone was in line to get a good view from the top deck, but we actually had no problem squeezing our way up there to the very front!

While the upper boat deck is definitely where you want to be for the best view of Mostraumen Fjord, make sure to keep the weather in mind.

It was 65 degrees and sunny in Bergen, but as soon as the boat got moving out on the water we were freezing! The indoor area on the main deck is a great place to warm up, and also has a snack bar with hot tea and coffee.

Fjord Tour Dress Code: Pants, Warm Coat, Gloves, and a Hat

Fjord Tour from Bergen Norway

Epic Mountains on Bergen Fjord Tour

A fjord is a long narrow inlet of water created by a glacier, which usually features massive cliffs on both sides. It’s crazy to think there are 1190 Fjords in Norway, and we only saw one of them! As you first enter the fjord, the mountains will slowly start to grow and build majestically around you.

We felt a certain feeling of euphoria as the beauty of Norway’s nature continued to surround us. It’s hard to keep your eyes on just one thing.

We found ourselves spinning around in circles while taking in all the sites and sounds of Mostraumen Fjord. At times you almost forget you’re on the ocean, as it also feels like you’re floating through a narrow river.

Don’t Forget Your Camera: The boat will slow down at the more scenic places in the Bergen Norway fjords so you don’t have to worry about getting those amazing pictures! The scenery is incredible, and seeing a beautiful waterfall was the grand finale at the end of the fjord tour.

Fjord Norway Boat Cruise

Bergen Norway Fjord Tour

People Live in the Mostraumen Fjord??

Another thing that was extremely captivating was the peculiar houses you will pass on your way through the fjord. Although we did see a few roads and power lines, most of these homes are very secluded and only accessible by boat. We passed by a tiny town called Modalen on our fjord tour from Bergen, which is home to only 380 people.

This tiny village is absolutely fascinating to see. Passing by the self-sustained community seemed almost out of a fairytale. Even though they seem to be cut off from the rest of society, people clearly find a way to survive in the Mostraumen Fjord which is really cool. We were blown away by these tiny houses… Who the heck is living out here?!?

Fjord tour

Monstraumen Fjord

Should You Do a Fjord Tour From Bergen Norway?

Absolutely! The fjord tours from Bergen Norway will probably be one of the most expensive things you do in Norway, but it’s 100% worth it. A fjord tour is a one of a kind experience that you won’t get anywhere else in the world. Now we just have to make it to all the other ones! Make sure to check out the video of our experience below.

Have you visited the Norwegian Fjords? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you have any questions about our fjord tour we would be happy to help. 
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Where To Stay In Bergen Norway

Ultra LuxuryBergen Børs Hotel – This beautiful hotel is set in the old stock exchange building in the historic center of the city. Everything you’ll need for a luxury stay in Bergen!

Fun VacationScandic Torget Bergen – Just steps from the famous Bergen Warf, Scandic Torget has rooms overlooking Vagen Fjord and Mount Floyen! Perfect location to base yourself from.

Apartment Stay –  Magic Hotel & Apartments Kløverhuset – If you’re a traveler that likes to have a little extra space than a typical hotel room this is a great pick. Different apartments are available ranging from studios to three bedrooms. 

Hostel  – City Hostel Bergen – There aren’t many low-priced hotels in Bergen so City Hostel will be a solid option if you’re traveling on a budget. There are both male and female dorm rooms, a shared kitchen, and is just a 5 minute walk to the city center. 

For more places to stay in Bergen Norway you can explore the latest prices here!

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