12 Best Tips To Know Before Exploring the Norway Fjords

Norway Fjords

A road trip through the fjords of Norway is one of the main reasons so many travelers visit Scandinavia. From high mountain passes to epic boat tours, the unmatched beauty of Norway is sure to take your breath away! Join us as we share our best tips for exploring the Norway fjords as well as some interesting experiences we had along the way.

12 Tips for the Norway Fjords

1. Embrace the Weather

The weather when visiting the fjords in Norway can be quite dramatic. One day you’ll have warm sun and a bright blue sky while the next it’s raining and cloudy. Sometimes the weather can swing wildly throughout the same day.

Understand that this is all part of visiting fjords in Norway. We actually learned to appreciate the different features of the landscape and misty skies. As long as you pack the right clothing and don’t mind a little rain, you’ll be fine!

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Best Norway Fjords

2. Electric Boats & Norway Fjord Ferries

It won’t be long until you are hopping on a ferry boat while driving through the fjords in Norway. Due to how the roads are designed, there are many 10-15 minute car ferries to shuttle you across the waterways.

One thing that is very unique is that many of these ferries are actually electric. Norway is known as being a leader in EV and that is seen all over the fjords. There are also electric passenger ferries that connect the roads and surrounding areas.

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Norway Fjord Ferries

3. Endless Tunnels 

While there are plenty of scenic roads in Norway, one thing to be prepared for is the long tunnels. We had read there are a lot of them before our Norway road trip but didn’t realize the amount of time we’d be spending in them.

Just a friendly FYI… There are over 1,000 tunnels with a large majority of them connecting the fjords! Norway even has the longest car tunnel in the world stretching for over 24.5 kilometers.

At first, we were a bit sketched out being in tunnels going directly under the mountains for long periods. However, it was something we got used to quickly! If you’re claustrophobic or don’t like tight spaces at all you may want to reconsider how you’re seeing the fjords in Norway.

Fjords in Norway Tunnels

4. Bakeries Galore

There wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t stop at one of the delicious Norwegian bakeries. Almost every town (even the small ones) had one and it was often the highest-rated place to eat in the area.

In the morning we would grab a coffee and sweet pastry, and for lunch often went for sandwiches on delicious whole grain bread. This is such a fun way to both save money and have food on the go when exploring Norway fjords.

Fjords in Norway Tips

5. Drive the Scenic Norway Fjord Routes

There are a few dozens roads spread out across the country that have been promoted for Norway tourism. They are the official scenic routes and should 100% be included in your Norway road trip!

During our one-week Norway Fjord tour drove several scenic routes and they were all insanely beautiful. When setting up your itinerary, be sure to plan around these special roadways.

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Norway Fjords Scenic Routes

6. Beware of Road Closures

If you are visiting the fjords of Norway in swing or off-season make sure to take some extra time to research your route. This means specifically looking if the roads you’re heading towards are accessible year-round.

Part of the wild weather of Scandinavia affects many of the most popular roads, and even some of the scenic routes we just mentioned are closed during the winter months.

While you can’t always plan for bad weather, road conditions are one of the reasons to visit during the summer months.

Road Trip Norway Fjords

7. Pre-Book Norway Fjord Attractions

Although we do recommend seeing the Norway fjords during the summer, know that it will be very busy! Obviously, the secret is out about this amazing country. Prepare for potential traffic, higher prices for accommodations, and tours being sold out.

The best thing you can do to ensure an incredible visit to the fjords in Norway is to reserve things early! As soon as you know your dates, we recommend booking your rental car, popular activities, and anything else in advance.

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Train to Norway Fjords

8. Consider Camping 

One thing that surprised us about the fjords in Norway was how many campervans we saw on the road. With limited hotels in many areas, these adventure vehicles tend to book out quickly.

Hiring a camper will give you the freedom that you won’t have with a normal car. There are fun places to park overnight right on the Norway fjords. You will also find the freedom camping rules are relaxed around the country similar to how it is in New Zealand. 

Norway Fjord Camping: If you have any tips for camping in Norway let us know in the comments! We plan to use this style of travel on our next visit.

Fjords Norway

9. Hiking & Biking the Norway Fjords

Norway is known for its unreal scenery, and there isn’t a better way to experience it than by hiking or biking! There are awesome hikes in almost every Norway Fjord town with some of the most famous trails overlooking the Fjords.

Avid hikers should check out Kjeragbolten, Pulpit Rock, and Trolltunga to start. While bike lovers can cruise from Myrdal to Flam or take on the Geiranger Summit to Sea ride.

Norway Packing List

10. You Can’t See it ALL in One Visit

Norway is a massive country and there are over 1,700 named Fjords. When planning your Norway road trip it can be tempting to overpack your itinerary. Yet, you’re actually better off not doing that!

Driving between the fjords of Norway is time-consuming with long days in the car. You’ll also want to leave extra time for the unreal viewpoints and spontaneous stops that make vacation so fun.

Trust us when we say we’ve been guilty of trying to fit too much into a schedule. Just remember, it’s perfectly okay to leave something for next time.

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Fjords in Norway Tips

11. Long Sunlight Hours

If you’re planning a Norway fjord summer tour then know that you’ll have plenty of daylight to work with. In fact, during the longest days in June, you can expect up to 19 hours of sun!

This is yet another reason to visit the country between May and August. It gives you even more time to explore the great fjords of Norway.

Norway Fjords Guide

12. Cruising Through the Fjords of Norway

We have talked extensively and shared tips about renting a car in Norway or campervan. Still, there is another exciting way to visit the Norway Fjords. The multi-day cruises are something to look into for a more leisurely way of traveling.

Not only are all your meals provided, but you’ll get to float right through the fjords of Norway. If you’re not much of a cruiser don’t worry. There are so many awesome boat tours to jump on to see the Norway fjords from the water.

Norway Fjords Road Trip

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own fun tips for the fjords in Norway? Leave us a comment below!

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Norway Fjords

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