What to Wear in Norway: Best Clothes & What to Pack on Holiday

Clothes for Norway

Wondering what to wear in Norway and pack for your big trip? The final step before jetting off on your travels is figuring out the necessities to bring with you. We recently spent one week on an epic road trip through the fjords. Below we share the best clothes for Norway, fun tips, and our ultimate packing list!

Our Ultimate Norway Packing List

Luggage For Your Norway Adventure 

Picking the right luggage is the first key to having a great vacation. Personally, we travel with carry-on luggage only and found that to be the best choice for Norway. For years, we’ve been using travel backpacks which have lasted us an incredibly long time.

The best companies for high-quality travel bags are Osprey, Thule, & The North Face! We even wrote a review of the new Osprey Daylite Duffel 45 you can check out.

The benefit of having carry-on only luggage is that it will somewhat force you to pack light and only bring the essentials. Also, our itinerary had us moving around every day. This was another reason it was so important to be able to transport our bags easily.

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Norway Packing List

Best Clothes for Norway

When leaving to travel around Europe for the summer we didn’t actually plan to visit Norway! After island hopping in Greece and drinking wine in Tuscany, we were looking for the best flight deal back home to visit family in the United States. That’s when we found a new route by Norse Airlines

The flight was almost 1/3rd of the cost from other European destinations to the U.S. at this time! It was because of this deal that we changed our travel plans and ended up spending the last week of our trip in Norway.

Honestly, we didn’t have the proper clothes for Norway but were able to pick up some stuff before leaving for Scandinavia. We traveled to Norway in early August which is still considered summer and a popular time to visit the country.

While the weather was warm and sunny in Oslo, it was quite chilly as we traveled through the fjords. We were also super surprised by how much snow we saw at high altitudes! Hopefully, our experience gives you an idea of what to pack for Norway, what to skip, and some extra tips for exploring fjord country.

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What to Pack for Norway

What to Wear in Norway

Rain Jacket

No matter how much you can hope for good weather you don’t want to be unprepared. As we mentioned, even Norway in late summer can be rainy, windy, and cold. Specifically, if you are visiting the fjords rain will be inevitable.

Now don’t let that deter you from having an amazing visit! The rain and clouds made the scenery completely unique and beautiful. Also, it was fast moving along our drive so we had plenty of clear and sunny points between showers. 

Regardless, a rain jacket is a must for your Norway packing list. We always travel with a high-end raincoat with our favorite brands being The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia.

Best Clothes for Norway List

Sneakers or Hiking Shoes

When looking for what to wear in Norway, having a sturdy pair of shoes is so key. If you plan to do any hiking in the country you’ll want to bring the appropriate footwear. At the bare minimum you should add sneakers to your Norway packing list!

We didn’t find the need for flip flips except for when we were walking down to our hotel sauna. You do not specifically need waterproof boots for this journey. However, if you already love outdoor adventures you may want to purchase some for Norway.

We took the famous Flam train and bike ride which ended up being one of the highlights of our trip. Yet, our sneakers were SOAKED completely through and we needed to use a hair dryer to fix them in the morning.

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Pack for Norway

More of What to Wear in Norway

Warm Layer

There is a reason winter coats are sold at the rest stops in Norway year-round! If you are visiting fjord country or plan to go hiking, make sure to have a warm layer under your raincoat. Even in the first week of August, we had fleeces under our jackets and it was just barely warm enough. 

We almost didn’t pack this because we assumed visiting in the summertime would be fine. Yet, if we didn’t then we definitely would have joined in with the tourists and been purchasing more Norway clothes for layers!

Shirts & Longsleeves

Obviously, having some layers to put on and take off is important. We have already talked extensively about all best warm clothes for Norway. And hopefully, your trip will be warm and sunny.

That means plenty of lightweight Norway clothes are perfect. One thing that we always travel with and love is a long sleeve SPF shirt that we can throw on quickly and protect ourselves from the hot sun. 

Cloths For Norway List

Pants & Shorts

We almost made the mistake of not having pants for Norway coming from the sunshine of Italy. We suggest you don’t do the same! Many of the areas we visited still had snow and it was very cold.

Having pants or at least leggings will come in handy if you plan to drive any of the routes through the mountains.

Hat & Gloves  

We didn’t have hats and gloves but wish we did! They take up almost no room and will come in handy when jumping in and out of the car on a cold day. Definitely include these when deciding what to pack for Norway.

Full Norway Packing List

Norway Packing List Essentials

Black Out Eye Mask

This is huge! If you didn’t know Norway has an unreal amount of daylight hours in the summer months. There are some times when it even stays light for all 24 hours. We always travel with a blackout mask for sleeping so it was a no-brainer to bring it to Norway.

You can buy an eye mask three-pack which is inexpensive and can make all the difference. They are also great for sleeping on a flight when you eventually head home. While many hotels have blackout shades, it’s always best to come prepared when considering what to wear in Norway! 

Norway Packing List Essentials

Reusable Water bottles 

Having a water bottle is a must while visiting Norway. You can refill them with clean drinking water at almost every rest area. Over the years, we have always used Nalgene. Just recently we switched to a collapse water bottle to save space. 

Norway is also known for having some of the cleanest rivers and lakes in the world. If you are going on any remote hikes you should plan to bring a filtering water bottle just to be safe. Make sure not to use the water from the fjords as it’s actually a mix of fresh and ocean that can make you very sick.

Bathing Suit 

Yes, that’s right! Even in the winter you should bring a suit when packing what to wear in Norway. You can swim in the ocean, jump into a sauna, or enjoy a hot tub from your hotel overlooking the fjord.

We’re not going to lie… The water in Oslo and the Fjords was pretty chilly. However, that did stop some people from jumping in. There is even a beach right in Oslo where you can swim if you want.

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Full What to Pack for Norway

Folding Backpack

We never travel anywhere without our folding backpack. It allows us to keep everything we need for the day in one easy-to-reach spot as we jump in and out of the car. In a place like Norway, it came in handy when we would go on a bike ride or hike.

Norway Packing List

Sunscreen & Lip Balm

When the sun is out and strong the air is actually quite dry in Norway. Even on cloudy days make sure to cover yourself in strong SPF and have some lip balm with you.

International Adaptor

When abroad we always use one international adaptor box. This has plugs that fit all over the world in one box. It’s great because we don’t need to carry multiple pieces around or buy new chargers when we arrive. 

Norway Packing List

Have any questions about what to wear in Norway or want to share your own favorite clothes for Norway you packed? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
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Norway Packing List

More Norway Tips

Norway Travel Planning 

 Flights: We always find deals using Skyscanner and Kayak. That’s how we got flights from Italy to Prague for under $40 USD!

Rental Car: We use Discover Cars when abroad. It is especially popular to rent a car and spend one week cruising between the Fjords. 

 Accommodation: Compare competitive sites for hotels such as Booking.com and Agoda.  Also, Hostelworld should be your go-to source if you’re traveling on a budget. 

Tours: Check out Get Your Guide for activities all over Norway. You can book everything from an Oslo pass for museums and transportation to a Bergen Fjord tour and even take a famous Tromsø Aurora Borealis Tour

 Travel Insurance: Never travel abroad without being covered. We’ve been using SafetyWing for the last few years on the road and they are there when we need them.

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Norway Travel

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