Geiranger Fjord Norway: 10 Helpful Things to Know Before You Go

Geiranger Fjord Norway

The Geiranger Fjord is one of the most famous in all of Norway and a must-see for any nature lover! Yet, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you go. Here’s how to get to Geirangerfjord, where to stay in the area, and more fun facts about this beautiful destination in Norway.

10 Things to Know About the Geiranger Fjord in Norway

1. Driving to the Geiranger Fjord

The first thing that every traveler should know is that it’s not so easy to get to Geiranger Norway! It is located in the southern part of the country and the drive takes quite a long time from most major cities. We got a great week-long rental car deal from Oslo and visited Geiranger as part of a longer Norway road trip. 

The road down can also be quite treacherous since you’ll be sharing the road with large buses and camper vans. Take your time on the switchbacks and winding curves into town to avoid an accident. This is part of the Geiranger–Trollstigen scenic route which is one of the most popular in the country. 

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Road to Geirangerfjord

2. Town of Geiranger Norway

Geiranger Norway is a tiny town located at the base of the Geirangerfjord. For this reason, many people only come here for a boat cruise and don’t spend the night. Still, there are a few hotels in town if you do want to stay overnight! This is a great way to see the area without the day trippers and enjoy the scenery.

If you choose to stay in Geiranger know that there are limited options for food and accommodations. It’s not a place you’ll be multiple days, but it’s a must to include in your Norway itinerary as we did!

Geiranger Norway Town

3. Tourism at the Geiranger Fjord

We mentioned that Geiranger is very popular and you will see that right away in the busy summer months. If you can believe it, there are actually cruise ships that dock next to the small town inside the fjord!

On our first visit, we were shocked that multiple cruise boats could fit into the small section of the fjord near Geiranger. Be prepared for crowds in the afternoon hours and book any boat trips and activities in advance. 

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Geiranger Fjord Cruise

4. Where to Stay in Geiranger Norway

With all that said, we stayed in Geiranger overnight and it was so worth it! One thing to remember about the cruise ships is they park here during the day but travel at night. So once they leave it will feel like you have the town entirely to yourself!

The morning is also very peaceful before other tourists arrive. This makes Geiranger the perfect place to add to your Norway route for one night. Below are our favorite places to stay in town that will fit the budget of every traveler. From high-end luxury hotels to cabins, and even camping! 

Ultra LuxuryGrande Fjord Hotel – High-end accommodation that’s often considered one of the best Fjord hotels in Norway. Beautiful rooms overlooking Geiranger Fjord just outside of town with a luxury breakfast. 

Holiday Park Grande Hytteutleige og Camping – Positioned right on the Geirangerfjord in Norway just a few minutes from the town center. Rooms range from basic to modern, or deluxe cabins. This also doubles as a popular campground if you are exploring Norway in this fashion. The cabins overlook the water and have small kitchens so you can cook your own meals.  

Farm StayWesterås Gard – Unique experience of staying on a farm with a beautiful valley view. Here you can choose from small studios or a large two-bedroom cottage. There is a restaurant on property set in a 17th-century barn, and many hiking paths in the area. 

Geiranger Fjord Hotel

5. Geirangerfjord Norway Boat Cruise

The #1 must-do activity in Geiranger is to take a boat cruise. This should come as no surprise, as the fjords are the reason why so many people come to Norway in the first place!

You can drive around them and see every viewpoint you want. However, nothing compares to actually cruising right through the fjord itself.

The Geirangerfjord boat tours leave right from the main port in town. You’ll want to book your cruise at least a few days before as the time slots can sell out fast. Once on the boat, you may be rushing to get the first seat.

Not so fast though! We found that it was better to have a standing position as most people crowd the railings and will block the view of those sitting down.

Geirangerfjord Boat Cruise

6. Seven Sisters Waterfall

You will see many amazing waterfalls on the Geirangerfjord boat tour, but one sticks about above the rest! The Seven Sisters Waterfall sits majestically 1,350 feet (410 meters) above the ocean. 

It gets its name from the seven different streams that form the epic waterfall. To see it clearly you’ll want to be on the right side of the boat on the way out to the fjord. 

Geiranger Fjord

7. Other Ways to See the Geiranger Fjord

The normal boat tour is a very nice option. Still, for the more adventurous travelers, you may want to experience Geiranger Norway in a different way!

One of the most popular water activities is renting a kayak. This is a super fun way to both experience the fjord and get exercise. Just remember that the waterfalls are pretty far out into the Geiranger Ford.

If you’re short on time or want to go a bit faster, there is also a high-powered speed boat. We saw these flying by our slow cruise and straight into the Geirangerfjord! Due to their size and speed, they can go further into the fjord and super close to the waterfalls. 

To see the Geiranger Norway from above you can also take a downhill self-guided bike ride

Geiranger Fjord Norway Boat Trip

8. Geirangerfjord Viewpoint Hike 

Another popular activity in Geiranger Norway is to go hiking. In fact, the best trail actually starts with the slow boat cruise we mentioned above! On the way back, they will stop and let people off for the hike to the Skageflå mountain farm

The first option is just to hike up one hour to the farm which is also the iconic Geiranger Ford viewpoint. From there, you come back down and jump back on the next boat back to town.

The other way is to actually hike all the way back to Geiranger! Just keep in mind this is a long and advanced trail via Homlongsætra and Homlong. Plan for at least 5 hours to get back to town and be sure to pack all the hiking essentials.

Geirangerfjord Viewpoint Hike

9. Geiranger Norway Food Options

Remember that Geiranger Norway is a small town which means there are limited food options. Nonetheless, there are a few nice cafes on the water and even a great bakery for sandwiches. 

Check out Brasserie Posten if you’re looking for a burger or great fish sandwiches. Also, check out Cafè Olè and the Geiranger Bakeri for coffee, pastries, and classic Norwegian specials. 

If you’re staying overnight and want to experience the ultimate Norwegian dinner, head to Restaurant Hyskje at the Grande Fjord Hotel. Here you can pay 650 Kron for an unlimited buffet filled with fresh seafood, salmon, lamb, and more amazing dishes. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the hotel which gives you a fantastic view of the fjord.

Geiranger Cafe

10. Geiranger Fjord Skywalk 

While you’re visiting Geiranger Norway there’s one last thing you must see! On your way into town or while leaving, make sure to stop at the Geiranger Ford Skywalk. This is Europe’s highest fjord viewpoint which will give you a one-of-a-kind look at the natural landscape.

The price is per car so you won’t need a ticket for each person in your party. The best thing to do is book it in advance so you’ll get a QR code and you can skip the line of cars. Make sure to do this at least a day in advance to reserve a time slot. 

Take the drive slow and dress warm! It gets quite windy at the top but there is a small indoor restaurant if you need somewhere to warm up. The views are insane from 5,000 feet high and it’s totally worth the extra effort. After the Geiranger Ford Skywalk, boat tour, and exploring the town, you can truly say you’ve seen it from every angle!

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Geiranger Skywalk

Have any questions about the Geirangerfjord Norway or want to share tips from your own visit? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Geiranger Fjord Norway

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