What’s it Like Flying With Nok Air? (Read Before You Book!)

Nok Air

Have you ever heard of Nok Air? We actually hadn’t before recently flying from Phuket to Bangkok. Here’s our review of this popular budget airline in Thailand and some easy tips for your Nok Air flight. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect before your own journey!

About Nok Air Thailand 

So what country is Nok Air from? Founded in 2004, Nok Air is a budget Thai airline that is based out of Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport. Nok Airline fly’s domestic routes all over Thailand with just a handful of international cities as well. Here’s our guide to Thailand vs Vietnam if you’re deciding between these two amazing countries!

If you’ve never flown with Nok Air you still may have seen what this plane looks like! They cool paintings on the outside of the aircrafts makes them look like a giant bird. Nok actually means bird in Thai which makes sense for their design and marketing.

Nok Airline

Booking Your Nok Air Flight

We initially found our flight on Nok Air using Skyscanner. This is our go-to website which allows us to compare the different rates and companies. After a quick search, Nok Air definitely came out to be the cheapest!

When buying your ticket you will see that there are two different classes: Economy and Premium. The premium seats on Nok Air are the first few rows on the flight. To be honest, on a budget airline like this one there’s not a huge difference besides the extra leg room.  

Also, when you book your Nok Air flight you’ll be able to pick between three categories. Nok Lite, Nok X-tra, and Nok Max. This choice has to do with your baggage size, if you want a meal, and so on.

Personally, we travel light in Asia! On quick flights in Thailand we don’t need anything to eat or special extras, but everyone has their own travel style.

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Nok Air Flight

Nok Air Fly’n’Ferry 

One unique thing we noticed when booking our Nok Air flight was the Fly’n’Ferry service. This combo ticket will allow you to buy a plane and boat service together to get to the Thai Islands. For example, if you’re traveling from Bangkok to Koh Phangan for the full moon party you might not know that this island doesn’t have an airport!

You will first have to fly into Koh Samui and then take the ferry from there to Koh Phangan. Instead of purchasing your tickets separately, Nok Airline will transfer you from the airport to the boat all together.

We use 12Go when traveling through Southeast Asia to search for different ferry routes through the islands. However, if you already have a Nok Air flight you should check if the Fly’n’Ferry service is available to you.

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Nok Air Flight Review

Our Experience Flying Nok Air Thailand

Phuket to Bangkok Nok Air Flight

Before getting into more of this Nok Air review, you should know we flew with them round trip from Phuket to Bangkok. At the airport it was quick to get checked in and receive our boarding passes. The limit is 7kg for carry-on only but we never actually had our weight checked. 

Check the airlines current baggage restrictions here

Once we got through security we planned to visit the airport club using our Priority Pass membership. This was leaving Phuket in the International Terminal! The lounge was small, but still a nice place to grab a quick coffee. 

When we were in the air we were happy that we had a window seat so we could get an amazing view! This Nok Air flight is only a little over an hour so it was just enough time to watch the clouds and different landscapes as we flew towards Bangkok. 

The seats were leather which was nice compared to the cloth that you sometimes see on budget airlines. Still, they were a bit small with not much room to spread out among other passengers.

If you are traveling to Bangkok in Thailand make sure to read our helpful guides below!

Nok Air in Thailand

Nok Air Review

Nok Air Thailand Review

Bangkok to Phuket Flight

Three days later we were heading back to Phuket with Nok Air Thailand. After a fun time exploring around the capital city, we checked into our flight two hours before leaving. This time we didn’t need to be at the airport that early. Yet, there was no way we were risking it with the heavy Bangkok traffic.

The only downside to our travel day was that our Nok Air flight was extremely delayed due to bad weather. Really that has nothing to do with Nok Airline and we were happy they didn’t take off until it cleared up.

Two hours later, our flight boarded and we were headed back to Phuket. This plane was pretty much the exact same as our first one except a little bit less crowded. 

Be sure to check out our guides below if you’re heading to Thailand’s most famous island!

Nok Air Bangkok

Nok Air Carry On

Nok Airline Thailand

Final Nok Air Review Thoughts

Overall, we had a decent experience with Nok Air. Aside from the delay, everything went smoothly and the service was solid. That doesn’t mean we would go out of our way to book with them in the future, but if the price is right then of course!

You should know that Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways are two of the most popular and highly rated airlines to use in Thailand. As always, we recommend researching the different routes and companies to find the best airline to fit your travel needs.

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Nok Air Thailand

Have any questions about our Nok Air review or want to share your own experience with this company? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Nok Air

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