3 Best Ways to Get to Monkey Beach Thailand From Phi Phi Island

Monkey Beach Thailand

On the island of Koh Phi Phi there is a beach where the monkeys run the sand… Yes, you read that right!! Monkeys are found here in such numbers that the entire beach has been named after them. The only thing about Monkey Beach in Thailand is you can’t walk or hike in. Not to worry though, we have the best 3 ways to get there and experience this popular beach full of wildlife!

Why is Monkey Beach Thailand So Popular?

First off, Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island itself is beautiful. The sand is soft and white and the water is crystal clear. It looks straight out of a postcard and you’ve probably seen photos of it when you were planning your trip to Thailand. 

Monkey Beach in Thailand is also unique because the animals run the show! While monkeys live all over the Phi Phi Islands, this is one spot where a lot of them call home. Sometimes you might see a few roaming the beach while at other times dozens and dozens will appear at once! 

As one of the most popular things to do when visiting Koh Phi Phi, we share tips for how to get to Monkey Beach Phi Phi and what you should know before you visit. 

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Monkey Beach in Thailand

3 Best Ways to Get to Monkey Beach Phi Phi

1. Group Island Tour With Monkey Beach Stop 

All around Phi Phi you’ll see tours advertised for exploring the islands. These larger boats run from luxury speed boats to cheap ferries that often attract the backpacker crowd who are looking to party. If you are in Thailand on a tight budget you’ll probably find yourself on one of the inexpensive boats. 

You can book these trips through your hostel or in town at one of the many tour centers. There is also a full day 10 hour tour that goes to Maya Bay, Bamboo Island, and other popular spots. This is a decent option if you are short on time and want to see everything! 

Book a Scenic Spots Island Hopping and Snorkeling Tour from Koh Phi Phi

Most of the boats stop at Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island and other locations around it. However, make sure to double-check the itinerary if you’re not looking to miss out. Our one warning about this option is that the larger boats tend to visit Monkey Beach in Thailand at the same time in the afternoon so it can get crowded.

Monkey Beach Koh Phi Phi

2. Rent a Kayak From Loh Dalum Beach 

While you can’t walk or hike to Monkey Beach Phi Phi you can rent a kayak and cruise just around the bend to get there. If you’ve done sea kayaking before this might be a good option for you.

An important thing to know about kayaking here is that you have to have the right tide. Loh Dalum Beach is a super shallow bay and it’s impossible to kayak at low tide with the water completely disappearing. 

If you are interested in kayaking talk to the guys on the beach who rent the kayaks as soon as you get to the island. Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular beaches so you’re bound to find yourself here at some point anyway. 

Ask them about the tides for the next few days and what time they recommend going. If the tide is in your favor you’ll be able to kayak to Monkey Beach first thing in the morning before it gets crowded with boats and when the sun’s not as strong!

Soon we’ll talk more about the Monkeys but make sure not to leave your Kayak’s unattended. They will search for any food and go right through your belongings!

Kayak to Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach Kayak

3. Private Longtail Boat to Monkey Beach Thailand

This is how we visited Monkey Beach Thailand and is what we recommend most! All over the island, you will find drivers selling different boat trips including ones to nearby Maya Bay and Bamboo Island. 

We did two boat trips when we visited Phi Phi Island. First was a 4 hour tour from Phi Phi Don to Maya Bay with a stop at the beautiful Long Beach at the end. Then the next morning we did another 4 hour tour that just circled the entirety of Phi Phi Don

It was on this second tour that we stopped at Monkey Beach! From Loh Dalum Beach there are also traditional Thai longtail boats that you can hire for an hour to take you to Monkey Beach and back. Just negotiate your rate beforehand and plan for the tides. 

Our Monkey Beach Phi Phi Island Experience

Arriving around 9:30am we were one of three longtail boats on the beach! This was insane to us after seeing it originally 4 years ago. Maybe it was the fact that we went in the middle of the afternoon or it was pre-Covid 19 pandemic, but it was a night and day difference!

The beach was so packed on our previous visit that our boat had to wait for one to leave before we could even pull up. Needless to say, arriving early made the world of difference with experiencing Monkey Beach in Thailand.

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How to Get to Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach Thailand Warning

Despite being such a fun place to go, Monkey Beach needs to come with some words of warning… While they look cute and cuddly remember that these are wild animals and can be extremely dangerous.

The last thing you want to do on vacation is go to the hospital after a monkey bite! For this reason, we looked from afar and swam in the water but didn’t get too close. Here’s what we saw as soon as we arrived:

  • A mother and her son walk right up to a monkey only for it to jump towards them and chase them down the beach and into the ocean.
  • Two travelers left their belongings on their kayaks to go snorkeling only to find a group of 5 monkeys ripping through their belongings and throwing everything around.
  • Another person was going through their bag and a group of monkeys came running up and demanding food. The people ran into the ocean leaving all their things open for the monkeys to mess with. 

Takeaways From Monkey Beach Phi Phi

This all happened in the span of a few minutes and while there were probably less than 10 people on the beach in total. So you can only imagine how crazy it can be in the middle of the afternoon with the beach is more crowded!

We are happy that this didn’t happen to us but can’t blame the monkeys. For years travelers have come to the beach and fed them trying to get closer and take photos/selfies.

To monkeys, people on the beach means food! Please keep a safe distance and be smart around these animals. If you’re going to visit Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island make sure not to get too close or do anything to tempt a monkey to attack.

Monkey Beach Phi Phi Island

Where to Stay on Phi Phi Island  

Before traveling to Phi Phi Island and booking your hotel, make sure to double-check where on the island it’s located. If it is not in the main walking area of Tonsai Village verify they offer transportation! Many have complimentary boat transfers included. Here’s our complete guide to the best hotels on Phi Phi as well as more individual recommendations below.

Long Beach –  Phi Phi The Beach Resort (Luxury) or Paradise Resort Phi Phi (Budget) – This was hands down our favorite beach on the island! The area is away from the party zone but you can still get to all the action with a quick longtail boat ride or hike. 

Tonsai Village Hostel  – Voyagers Hostel – Great option if you want a cheap place to crash while in the party area of the island. Steps from the popular beach bars and island nightlife. 

Tonsai Village Budget – P2 Wood Loft – Set in the center of the main port town, the rooms are clean, modern, and have great wifi if you are working remotely. You can spend time on the rooftop hammocks or co-working desk as well.  

Loh Ba  Beach Luxury – SAii Phi Phi Island Village – Large resort offering high-end accommodations on the beach. This is a quieter side of the island. Yet with multiple restaurants, a pool, and fitness center you really never need to leave!

Laem Tong Bay – Zeavola Resort – Located on the quiet northern tip of the island, this is are far as you can get from the nightlife and craze of Phi Phi. Offers a luxury setting for travelers who are really looking to slow down and disconnect.

Have any questions about visiting Monkey Beach on Phi Phi Island? How about tips from your own visit? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


Monkey Beach Thailand

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  1. Jen
    March 15, 2022 / 9:08 pm

    can you tell me the approximate prices of renting the longtail boat for 4 hours? were you able to choose your destinations? I would like to do a trip from Phi Phi Don to Maya beach and Monkey Island, with possibly a stop at Bamboo Island

    • Brigitte & Jake
      March 16, 2022 / 2:12 am

      Hi Jen! We took almost that exact tour a couple of weeks ago and you can customize it however you like. It was 2,000 baht ($60 USD) total and I don’t think much more to add on Bamboo Island. We actually just published our article on the amazing trip we took to Maya Bay and more if you want to check it out:



      • Jen
        March 16, 2022 / 5:35 am

        Thank you so much for your quick response. I’ll be going with my family. Were there life jackets on the boat for children or would you suggest we bring our own? Thank you again!

        • Brigitte & Jake
          March 16, 2022 / 10:18 pm

          There were life jackets on our boat, but we aren’t sure if they had child size. You might want to bring your own to be safe.

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