75 Fun Book Club Questions That Will Jump Start Your Next Discussion

Book Club Questions

My first book club failed miserably. Along with 3 others, we picked a book and went to discuss but had no idea how to begin. “What did you think about the book?” Gosh, what a large and loaded question. While it can be a good place to start, it’s more exciting if you have a few questions for book club discussion prepared. Here are 75 book club questions that are sure to jump-start your next discussion! 


5 Book Club Tips

  1. Rotate who picks the books to keep everyone interested.
  2. Set a date and time to discuss the book before it is started. This way everyone can finish at the same time even if they read at different paces.
  3. Change up the book club questions asked for each book.
  4. Make it fun! Don’t feel like you need to analyze every small thing that has happened. Book club is more about sharing your likes and dislikes with others and just enjoying the shared experience.
  5. Have one or two backup picks in case others have already read the book you suggest. It’s always good to have another option! 

How to Make the Most of Your Book Club Questions! 

Each book club is different and no two should be the same. What works for one group of friends might not for another. Rotate between the group who picks the next book.

If one person in the group isn’t comfortable picking a book just skip them. Also, you can have one person leading the book club questions! Whether that’s the ring leader of your book club or the person who picked the book. 

Scan the questions for book club discussion list below (once you’ve finished the book) and pick the ones you want to discuss. Then write down the book discussion questions that fit your group on small slips of paper and mix them in a bowl. 

Once you are all together (in person or virtual call) pick an order for answering the questions. Then select randomly from the bowl and let each person take a turn answering first. If anyone wants to share their thoughts after, great! 

Book Club Discussion Questions

Don’t Stress About Book Club Discussion Questions

Get off track or can’t make it through all the book discussion questions? Don’t worry! Book club is about having fun and sharing your love of reading with others. Let the conversation go where it takes the group and don’t stress about the small stuff! 

When you finish with your meeting set the next book as well as the discussion date and time. This is important to keep everyone accountable! Also, there are no rules with book club. It can be every 2 weeks or two months. Whatever works for the group!

Generic Questions

1. Does the title hold up to the novel after reading it?

2. If you could change the title to anything what would it be?

3. If you could share one moment of the book with someone who hasn’t read it what would it be?

4. Out of all the characters who was your favorite? Why?

5. At what point in the book did you realize you were hooked? Or…disappointed. 

6. Would you gift this book to anyone and if so for what occasion? (Example: Birthday, Random Surprise, to Motivate, or Day Dream)

7. After reading the book would you have started it knowing how the story ended?

8. What surprised you most about this book?

9. What one moment in the book stands out the most after reading it?

10. If you had to read one chapter/section out loud in Book Club which would it be?

11. What did you learn from this book?

12. How fast did you read the book? In your opinion did it move too fast, slow, or just the right speed? 

13. Did any part of this book have you turning to Google? 

14. Overrated or underrated? Where does this book land on the scale? 

15. Would you ever re-read this book? 

Character Book Questions

16. What character do you feel the most attached to and why?

17. If you could drink a glass of wine with one character who would it be and why?

18. What character did you feel was most like yourself?

19. If you disagreed with (insert character) what would you have done differently?

20. What character did you dislike the most and why?

21. Use one word to describe the main character (Characters).

22. If you could switch places for one day with any character who would you pick and what would you do?

23. Where do you think (pick main or supporting character) is in 10 years?

24. If you could add one character to the book what would they add to the story?

Funny Questions for Book Club Discussion

25. What character do you think is most likely to end up in jail after a wild night out?

26. What character do you think is most likely to max out their credit card?

27. What character would you be friends with in real life?

28. If you had to pick one song to be the anthem for this book what would it be?

29. If you had to cook a meal for (insert character) what would you cook?

30. If the main character had an online dating profile what would the bio say?

31. If the main character won 10 million dollars in the lottery what would they do with the money?

32. If you had to book a weekend trip for the main character where would you send them and why?

33. What character would you invite to a family dinner? 

34. What character would you want to make you breakfast?

35. If you could redesign the book cover what would it look like?  

36. If this book was made into a movie who would you want to play the main characters? 

37. Explain this book to someone who hasn’t read it in 5 words. 

Fun Book Club Discussion Questions

Series Based Book Club Questions

38. How did this book hold up against the last?

39. Did your feelings towards any of the characters change?

40. If you wrote the next book in this series what would happen?

41. (End of Series) Would you have started this series knowing how it ended?

42. (End of Series) If you could only read one book for this series what one would it have been?

Destination Based Questions

43. Did this book make you want to travel to (fill in book destination)?

44. What is something new about (fill in book destination) that you learned?

45. If this book was placed anywhere else in the world where would you choose?

46. If you could eat one meal described in the book what would it be?

47. If you could transport yourself to one moment or location in the book where would it be?

Author Based Book Club Discussion Questions

48. Is this your first time reading a book by this author?

49. Would you recommend the author’s other work to book club?

50. If you could ask the author one question (personal or book-related) what would it be?

51. Make one assumption about the author.

52. If you imagine the author writing this book where are they and what is their daily route. 

53. Would you read another book by this author? 

Book Discussion Questions

Genre Related Book Club Questions

Romance Book Questions

54. Did you believe in their love story? 

55. Do you think this couple will last?

56. If the protagonists got married (if they aren’t already) what would you pick for their wedding song? 

57. Where do you see them in 10 years? 

58. If you had to set the protagonist up with someone in the book club who would you and why? (Fun for close friends)

Mystery Book Questions

59. Were all your questions answered in the end?

60. What was the largest twist in the story?

61. Did any part of the book scare you?

62. Was there enough suspense to keep you interested? 

Fantasy Book Questions

63. How did you feel about the world that the author created? 

64. Was there enough detail to get a full picture of the world? 

65. What was one thing in this world that you wish was in the real world? 

66. Did this book stretch your imagination?

Book Club Questions for Endings

67. If you could pick one character to get a happy ending who would it be?

68. Did you see the ending coming or was it a surprise? 

69. At any point did you consider not finishing the book?

70. What character changed the most by the end of the book?

71. If you could change the ending would you? 

72. How would your ending differ from what was written in the book? (If yes) 

73. Were all your questions answered by the end of the book?

74. How long did it take you to read the whole book? 

75. Do you think this book should have been shorter or longer? 

Do you have a favorite book club discussion questions or some that you think should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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