The Takeover: The Miles High Club #2 by TL Swan

The Takeover T L Swan

As the second installment of The Miles High Club book series, The Takeover by TL Swan doesn’t disappoint! I actually think it takes a good first book (The Stopover) and swings it into a fun series that you won’t be able to stop reading. The book covers loss, love, second chances, and brings lots of laughs. Read my book review and find out if The Takeover by TL Swan should be your next read!

The Takeover Book Review 

Title: The Takeover: The Miles High Club #2
Author: TL Swan
Release Date: August 2020
Genre: Romance

Where in the world am I Reading?

My name is Brigitte. Full-time adventure lover and part-time book addict. I’m currently in Phuket Thailand! After finishing The Stopover which is the first book in the series I was immediately ready for the second.

Now I love to read and could easily finish a book or two a day if I could stop working and spend my whole life at the beach. We have a month-long rental and I have been enjoying exploring the island by scooter, eating Thai food, and slamming The Miles High Club Series. 

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The Takeover TL Swan Brigitte's Book Corner

The Takeover by TL Swan Book Review

The book starts out with Claire Anderson expressing her disdain for Tristan Miles and his reputation in the industry. While how she describes him would typically make me hate the character from the start I couldn’t!

I read The Stopover which is the first book in the Miles High Club Series and Tristan was one of my favorite characters. He was warm and kind and well honestly made me excited for the series to continue. 

While Claire Anderson didn’t know it yet, I sure did. There really wouldn’t be a book if she didn’t figure at one point that he wasn’t as horrible as she thought he was. I was so excited to see how the story unfolded. 

The point is if you haven’t read The Stopover yet I highly recommend doing that first! Check out my review below if you haven’t yet.

→ The Stopover: The Miles High Club #1 by TL Swan

Rooting for Claire Anderson

There is no way anyone with a heart can’t love Claire. As she puts it, Claire “has been to hell and back” and gosh from the start of the book I wanted nothing but happiness for her. 

Honestly, I was choked up within the first few pages and knew then I was screwed. Time to cancel my plans, order Grab which is basically the Uber of Southeast Asia, and race through the book. Her entire life revolves around raising her three kids and keeping her late husband’s company Anderson Media from going out of business. 

Enter The Takeover King Tristan Miles!

100% Tristan is The Takeover King. I enjoyed reading his character navigate a world that was completely foreign to him. He’s smart and you can see how he uses his knowledge in the business world to deal with everyday situations. 

The majority of The Takeover book is based in New York. However, the event that kicks off Tristan and Claire’s heated love story is at a conference in France. I’ll leave the exact juicy details up to you to find out, but I loved the international start to their story. 

As the drama continues, Tristan has to win over not only Claire who has all her guards up but also her three sons. Each of her sons brings a different dynamic to the story and how Tristan connects with them is gold. Even when there are more than a few bumps along the way!

The Takeover TL Swan Book Review

Should You Read The Takeover by TL Swan?

While I enjoyed the first book in the Miles High Club Series I LOVED reading this one. The Takeover is hilarious, like laughing so hard I can’t even see the words funny!

Let’s just say… There is an underwear scene halfway through chapter 9 that is WOW. Get your mind out of the trash because it has nothing to do with the bedroom. Not that there isn’t plenty of that as well which TL Swan is known for. 

From that moment I was crying laughing. It wasn’t just one spot or moment, it was page after page of loud deep laughing. The humor and unique scenes were such a welcome surprise that kept me hooked. Claire is funny, witty, charming, and overall a fun character, but Tristan and her boys were my favorite. 

This book had me laugh, cry, cringe, and feel all the feelings. Which is exactly the sign of a good book. If you want a book that will suck you in and you won’t be able to stop flipping the pages this is it!

Buy The Takeover On Amazon: Paperback, Kindle, & Audiobook Available   

Read The Takeover if you….

  • You are looking for a book to make you cry and laugh (sometimes at the same time!)
  • If you want a novel starring a strong single mother.
  • You’ve already finished “The Stopover” which is the first installment of the Miles High Club Book Series. 

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The Takeover TL Swan Book Review

Thanks for reading my book review of The Takeover: Miles High Club #2 by TL Swan! As always, if you’ve recently read a book that you loved (no matter the genre) let me and my fellow book lovers know in the comments below.

Happy Reading,

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