What’s it Really Like Living & Coworking in Bansko Bulgaria?

Bansko Coworking

Are you a digital nomad considering living and coworking in Bansko Bulgaria? We spent two fantastic months working remote from this incredible mountain town. Here’s all about our experience at Altspace Bansko and what you need to know before planning your own trip.

Why is Bansko Coworking So Popular?

For years, Bansko has been popular ski resort destination in the Balkans. However, more recently, it’s become a haven for digital nomads and coworkers alike. The combination of great outdoor activities, cheap accommodations, and Bansko coworking spaces makes it the perfect place to spend a few months.

We made two separate trips here in both the winter and summer seasons. You can check out the best things to do during Summer in Bansko here! For the purpose of this article though, we’re going to focus more on the awesome coworking aspect of town.

One of the things that draws digital nomads in is the annual Bansko Nomad Fest. The week-long event started in 2020, and brings in travelers from far and wide to Bulgaria every June. 

We first heard about it from other bloggers at the TBEX Travel Conference. One thing we love about Bansko is that it’s rather large, but still very walkable. Every morning, we would take a 15 minute stroll from our apartment to one of three Altspace coworking offices. 

Bansko is also very affordable to live in with one bedroom apartments costing as little as $300 USD per month. This is honestly the cheapest rent we’ve ever had, and we usually spend our winters in Southeast Asia!

Bansko Coworking Guide

Why We Went to Bansko Bulgaria 

Like many choices we’ve made while working abroad, Bansko was a decision which ultimately came down to visas! When Jake ran out of days in the Schengen Area of Europe, we had to find an option that wasn’t going to break the bank.

Bansko Bulgaria had everything we were looking for. It was very inexpensive, had so many fun things to do outdoors, and virtually no tourists in the summertime.

We are typically very spontaneous with our travels. Yet, when it’s time to buckle down and work we certainly do. That’s why we try to find longterm stays that also have nature to explore for when we’re not behind our computers.

After five years of living the digital nomad life, we’ve come to find that we need a balance. We love to travel fast and make content, but we’re always looking for places to return to that feel like a home away from home. 

On our first trip to Bansko we had a two bedroom at Apart Hotel Dream. This was fine for what we needed at the time. However, we would discover there are much better options which we’ll share more about below.

Visa Update: It looks like Bulgaria is joining the Schengen! Keep an eye on the news if you’re planning your visit to Bansko around this. 

Living in Bansko Bulgaria 

How to Find a Longterm Accommodation 

One thing to be aware of is that wintertime is the busy season in Bansko. This is opposite of much of Europe where July and August make up the peak travel times. 

From the holidays in late December through March, you can expect the prices to jump up. This is especially true the closer you look near the Gondola and ski resort area. 

The first place you might search is Airbnb for a longterm rental. This can give you an idea of what is available, but it’s really not the best way to go in Bansko. 

The prices on this popular site are double or even triple compared to what you can find booking directly in town. Here’s a few of our favorite places to stay to help you start your coworking Bansko journey.

Fun Places to Stay For a Bansko Digital Nomad

Bansko Nomad Apartments: This is a very helpful website for travelers who are looking be there for a month or more. The platform links hosts with Bansko digital nomads to find cheap accommodations. You can filter for what you need and your dates as you would on Airbnb. 

Avalon Coliving: Are you a solo traveler or couple who wants to stay in a more social setting? Then Avalon could be the place for you!

We met so many people from Avalon and heard nothing but good things about it. They even host a curry night once a week for dinner which books up fast.

Nomadico: We looked here when we first arrived and they were completely sold out. This is a good option if you only need a room instead of a full apartment.

Four Leaf Clover: We stayed here on our second visit for one month! It’s super popular with coworkers and we met some people that had year long leases.

Just like with many of the coworking Bansko companies, the residents plan fun parties and excursions together. There is a sense of community we had here which we didn’t get at our previous accommodation during the summer.

The apartments and furniture are a bit outdated, but we absolutely loved our view over town. For the price at Four Leaf Clover you really can’t beat it!  

Living in Bansko Coworking

Why Altspace is The Best Bansko Coworking 

There are a few different coworking Bansko options to check out. For us, Altspace is the best by a mile! We used it to work from on both our trips to Bansko with their unlimited monthly pass. 

First off, the spaces are beautiful and modern. It does feel like an office, but with a fun and inviting feel to it. With our membership we could also work from all three of their locations.

This was actually our favorite part about Bansko coworking! Each of the Altspace spots have a different vibe to them and are located strategically in different parts of town. Sometimes, we would work from the summit near the Gondola, grab lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant, and then head downtown to change things up. 

Aside from the actual spaces, Altspace has the best Bansko digital nomad community. At the start of each week they post their events, and they seem to have something going on almost every day. These included wine and water color nights to Jeep waterfall tours, and our personal favorite Friday Beers!

Altspace Bansko has private meeting rooms you can reserve with everything from stand up desks to bean bags to get comfortable. We also enjoyed working on the weekend when it felt like we’d have the entire spaces to ourselves. 

Altspace bansko

A Typical Day Coworking in Bansko 

Each day living in Bansko was a little different depending on the time of year and what was going on. Hopefully, this sample of our average Friday can give you an idea of what life looks like.

In this section, you’ll see that the food was one of our favorite parts about Bulgaria. Be sure to check out the best 27 restaurants in Bansko before your visit.

Quick Breakfast & Coffee at Home

On both trips to Bansko, we chose an apartment with a kitchen so we didn’t have to eat out every meal. Although with the cheap prices for local food, you totally could if you wanted to!

For breakfast, we would always have something quick so we could head out and start our day. This would usually include a coffee, some bread from the local bakery (go to the French Guy), and a piece of fruit.

Coworking Bansko Day

Fitbox Morning Workout 

It honestly felt like every Bansko digital nomad goes to Fitbox! In fact, many of the friends we made from Altspace had memberships here as well.

The gym is super modern with new equipment, and the view is amazing overlooking town. You can get a day pass, or opt for a monthly membership which is a much better deal. 

I worked with a physical therapist named Nikifor which was super helpful. If you’re looking for a personal trainer then I highly recommend asking for Misho, too.

I was lost with where to start in the gym. Yet, after a few sessions at Fitbox I got right back on track and into a routine. 

Fitbox Bansko

Work at Altspace Downtown 

After the gym it was time to head to work for the day. During the summer we would often go to the summit location as it was closer to where we were staying.

However, in the winter, we were a bit more towards Altspace downtown and central. This would be our Bansko coworking headquarters until we got hungry!

Altspace Coworking Downtown 

Lunch Break at Chalet Yanitza

Around 1pm we head out for lunch. There is so many options to eat around Bansko so it was always something different. 

Our favorite pick for a lunch spot has to be Chalet Yanitza. The owner is extremely nice, plus the food is delicious and affordable.

If we were busy we would grab takeaway from Tasty 75 or the Station and bring it back to our Bansko coworking spot. 

Living in Bansko Bulgaria

Quick Coffee in Town

We should tell you that our Altspace Bansko membership came with unlimited coffee and tea. Still, every now and then, we would stop for a little afternoon pick me up. Vintage Coffee shop was our favorite spot and conveniently located in the center of Pirin St.

Coworking Bansko Bulgaria

Afternoon Work at Altspace Summit

If we were downtown earlier in the day then we would head up to the summit for the afternoon. We loved this Bansko coworking space, especially in the summertime when you can work outside. 

Bansko Altspace CoWorking

Friday Beers at 5pm! 

One reason why we worked at summit on Friday is because that’s where the Friday Beers is held! This event is open to all members and is a fun way to unwind after a long week.

The owners provide a couple packs of beer and people bring their own drinks as well. We met so many new friends at this weekly event and it was always a blast.

This is where we would also find out about new restaurants, fun hikes, and other activities we didn’t know about yet. We even took someones recommendation and had the ultimate spa day at Grand Hotel Therme.

Altspace Coworking Friday Beers

Dinner & Drinks in Town 

On the weekends we usually treated ourselves to a nice meal out. While there are so many amazing restaurants, one that we will never forget is Mehana Chevermeto. 

This is probably the most famous traditional restaurant in Bansko and they roast lamb and pig on a spit right out front. If you’re in the mood for pizza, also be sure to check out Casa di Papi.

Bansko Coworking Guide

What We Got Out of Bansko Coworking 

As full-time travelers, we often find it hard to balance our work with adventure. Bansko really checked all these boxes for us!

Before this we had used coworking spaces sparingly. It was either that we were moving around too much, or we hadn’t found a company that really impressed us.

Really, that all changed when we found Altspace Bansko. It wasn’t just their amazing office spaces, but the sense of community we gained along the way. 

We had a great first experience living in Bansko. Nonetheless, it was the second time around when we fell in love. There’s something about returning to a place and knowing where everything is that is so comforting. 

Slowing down in our travels gives us some much-needed stability between work and fun time. During the winter in Bansko, you can ski all morning and get to coworking in the afternoon!

Lastly, having a social Bansko coworking space is such a nice way to connect with others. It can be hard to meet people (even when traveling) that understand your lifestyle as a digital nomad… And that’s exactly what we found in Bansko.

โ†’ Whether you’re planning a short visit or longer trip to Bansko, never go abroad without travel insurance! Weโ€™ve been using SafetyWing for the last few years, and they are there when we need them.

Bansko Coworking Tips

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own experience from coworking in Bansko? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake



Bulgaria Travel Tips

 Flights: We always find our cheap flight deals using Skyscanner. Thatโ€™s how we flew from Alicante to Sofia for under $50 USD, and Vienna to Sofia for less than $80! 

  Rental Car: We use Discover Cars to explore when traveling. A quick travel tip is to ask for a weekly rate than just booking 2-3 days. If you plan to do a private transfer from Sofia to Bansko it may be cheaper just to rent a car for the duration of your stay.

 Tours: Check out Get Your Guide to find thousands of activities around the world. In Bansko you can go horseback riding, take an ATV adventure, or even a day trip to the thermal pools! 

  E-Sim: We use Airalo for an e-sim while abroad to get connected as soon as our flight lands. You can find all the different plans and prices for Bulgaria here.

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