Is Beniconnect the Best Alicante Airport Transfer? (Our Experience)


Have you heard about the Beniconnect transfer bus? If you’re planning your trip to Costa Blanca Spain then you’ll need to figure out how you’re getting from the airport. Many travelers fly into Alicante or Valencia before heading straight to their seaside accommodations. After a few trips, we’ve found Beniconnect shuttle to be an easy way to go to and from the airport. Yet, there are a few things we wish we knew first about Alicante Airport transfers. Here’s some easy tips for using Beniconnect and all about our experience!

Our Travels Using Beniconnect 

We first used Beniconnect in late 2023 when planning our big move to Spain. After booking our flight to Alicante, we were looking into all options for how to get to the beautiful town of Calpe. 

At this point, we weren’t ready to commit to a rental car for such a long time. We assumed we would need to take some sort of bus as a private taxi would cost upwards of 100 euros for the 50-minute drive.

This is when we found the Beniconnect shuttle! The Alicante Airport transfer service cost us around 25 Euros each and would drop us off a couple of minutes away from our Airbnb. Once we’d looked around at all possible ways to get there, this was far and away the most affordable and direct way to get to Calpe. 

We ended up using Beniconnect again a few times this year when we returned to Costa Blanca. It’s now become our go-to company for an airport transfer from Alicante. As you’ll see in this article, we’ve also used it to get back to the airport when it was time to fly out. 

Calpe Spain Harbor

Where Does Beniconnect Stop?

Beniconnect offers an airport shuttle service from the major airports and train stations in Valencia, Alicante, and Murcia. From there, they make multiple stops in the most popular towns in the region. 

Unlike other bus companies, Beniconnect has multiple drop off locations to choose from in each town. This way you can pick the one that’s closest to your hotel or apartment and walk from there. 

Obviously, this works the other way when we need to be picked up from a specific town and head to the airport. We’ve jumped on the Beniconnect bus as early as 5am to get to Alicante Airport for a morning flight!

The routes are made up of different flight arrival times and passenger drop-off points. The one downside of this is that the actual travel time will be much longer if you choose the shared van option. 

Beniconnect Shuttle Spain

Booking Your Beniconnect Transfer

Beniconnect runs year-round and has different travel options to choose from. The first step in booking your seat is to add in your flight details. Know that this is a shuttle service that goes to and from the airport or train stations. So unfortunately, you can’t use it for day trips to other attractions and places. 

Once you’ve added in your flight details you will have the choice of adding a return journey. We typically only pay for one way unless we’re just making a short trip from Spain to somewhere else in Europe and back. 

The next screen on the Beniconnect website will allow you to add things like bicycles, pets, wheelchairs, golf clubs, a baby seat, and other items for an extra cost. From there, you can choose the type of Beniconnect transfer you want. 

Beniconnect Airport Transfer

Beniconnect Transfer Options

The cheapest option is the Costa Connect shuttle which is the standard large bus you may be used to when making Alicante airport transfers. However, know that this is not always what you’ll get! 

The size of the bus or van usually depends on the number of passengers that have booked your time slot. More often than not, we’ve had a smaller van show up to take us to the airport. While they can sometimes packed with people, the shuttle vans are very nice with comfortable leather seats.  

You can also book a private car, van, or even an entire bus using Beniconnect. The private services will definitely be more expensive than the shared low cost Alicante airport shuttle, but can be a solid option if you have a large group of people. 

They offer 6-8 seat private minibuses or larger buses for anywhere from 12 to 36 people. Be sure to check the official website for quotes which can change depending on the location and date. 

Beniconnect Transfer Options

Tips For the Beniconnect Airport Shuttle

After you choose the type of transfer you want, it’s time to put in your details. Beniconnect will need a working email to send you a confirmation. If you’re meeting them at the airport the pick up time will be locked in with your flight arrival time.

Yet, if you’re coming from one of the towns in Costa Blanca they will send you a pick up time based on your departure. This is to ensure you make your flight so it may be quite earlier than expected. Also, know that you might not actually get the exact time until the day before. 

Within 24 hours you’ll get a confirmation that your Beniconnect airport shuttle has been accepted! Be sure to book as far in advance as possible. There is a cut off window as it has to be at least a few days before traveling.  

Beniconnect will also need your name and phone number so the driver can contact you on the day of your shuttle. Once you’ve put in your details ,you’ll need to give them your flight or train number. This is used so they can track your travel and be informed in case of any delays. 

The last portion before the payment screen is to add in your desired drop off or pick-up location. This is where you’ll have to use your map skills and find the closest place they offer to where you’re staying.

We’ve always found it easy to find locations within a 5 minutes walk of us. On the final screen, you will need to pay with a credit card or PayPal. 

Beniconnect Airport Transfers

Pros & Cons of the Beniconnect Bus

Now that you know all about the Beniconnect booking process, it’s time to get more into our actual experiences with them. So often, when booking with local transfer companies they can be unpredictable. Here are a few things we’ve noticed using this Alicante Airport transfer company, both good and bad! 

Beniconnect Transfer Pros

On Time: We’ve never shown up for a transfer and not had the Beniconnect bus already waiting for us. They are super efficient and seem to pride themselves on being on time.

Different Options: We love all the types of private transfers and bus services you’re able to book with Beniconnect. We’ve almost exclusively used the shared van, but would totally book a private car with them when traveling with a larger group.

Customer Service: There have been a couple of times when we booked in advance and needed to change something. The representatives at the contact center were always quick to respond and help us via email.

Driving: The drivers from Beniconnect have provided extremely friendly service with any ride we’ve taken. They use the GPS to avoid wrong turns, and handle the winding mountain roads of Spain with ease.

Beniconnect Alicante Pros and Cons

Cons of the Beniconnect Airport Shuttle

While we’ve mostly had fantastic experiences with the Beniconnect airport shuttle, there are a few things to be aware of. Take note that these have more to do with the service they offer and nothing to do with the company.

Pick Ups: When heading to the airport you may not get the exact time you want compared to if you were taking a private transfer. As we’ve said, they base it on your departure time with your airport ticket while taking other passengers into account. 

For example, we had an early flight from Alicante airport which left at 9am. While we would have loved to have left closer to our flight time, they booked us for a 5:30am pick-up as this is all that was available.    

Locations: By now you know that this isn’t exactly a door to door service! If you’re heading to the airport you’ll obviously be dropped off at the proper terminal. However, when getting picked up or dropped off in the town of your choosing, you will have to walk to or from the correct spot. 

Driving Time: Due to the fact that they have multiple passengers in the shared vans, this will make for a longer travel time than normal. For instance, picture you’re heading from Alicante Airport to the popular seaside town of Javea. You will likely make multiple stops in Calpe, Moreira, and other places along the way. 

This can turn a 45 minute journey into over 2 hours with stops! The flip side to this is that you will save money using the Beniconnect bus as it’s a fraction of the cost of a taxi for the same distance.

Last Minute Direct Bookings: Beniconnect is something that you’ll have to plan out at least a few days in advance. This is because they need time for the shared shuttles to plan out routes. 

Alicante Airport Transfer

Our Alicante Airport Transfer With Beniconnect

The route we’ve done most with the Beniconnect bus is after flying into Alicante. Once you land, you will need to proceed to the bottom floor and find the official desk. Don’t worry, they will email you these instructions as well! From there they will direct you to the correct bus stop number which is located just outside.

Some of the most popular Beniconnect destinations from Alicante are Benidorm, Calpe, and Javea. It was so nice to have this all set up when landing at one of Spain’s main airports. We’re always super tired when traveling internationally, and we love just hopping on the bus after getting through customs. 

It’s easily the best price you’ll find for airport shuttles, especially considering the distance from the airport to some of the towns in Spain. There are some other small local companies to check out when researching how to get around. 

For us though, we had a good experience with Beniconnect from the beginning! The longer transfer time has totally been worth the money we’ve saved. If you’ve found better airport transfer operators making these routes be sure to let us know in the comments.

Beniconnect Airport

Renting a Car at Alicante Airport

Prefer to make your own way from the airport? That’s perfectly understandable depending on the style of vacation you want! 

On our most recent trip back to Spain we picked up a car hire from Alicante Airport (read all our tips here for renting a car). The prices were very affordable visiting in off-season and we locked in a great monthly rate. 

Having a car is such a great way to have the freedom to explore the beautiful coast and mountain villages of Costa Blanca. You can also find incredibly low prices at the airport compared to locally once you get to your destination.

Just like with Beniconnect transfers, be sure to use a trustworthy company when renting a car in Spain. We always use this website to find the cheapest deals. 

Alicante Airport Rental Cars

Have any questions on Beniconnect airport shuttle or want to share your own experience using Alicante Airport transfers? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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