Best Tenerife Boat Tour: Dolphins & Whales From Costa Adeje

Nothing Familiar Tenerife Boat Tour

In our opinion, a visit to any tropical island is never complete without jumping on a boat and getting out on the water. So when planning out our days and looking for what to do in Tenerife we of course had to take a snorkeling boat tour! Tenerife is not only the largest of the Canary Islands, but also is home to an abundance of marine wildlife on the southern end of the island. Just off the shores of Costa Adeje you can get a view of the highest mountain Spain, and La Gomera island in the distance. Sail with us as we navigate the waters of Southern Tenerife, whale watch, and so much more!

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Embarking From Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje

One of the best ways to experience Tenerife is to head out and sail the ocean. From Puerto Colon there are dozens of companies to choose from, and they range from larger party tours to more intimate sightseeing and sailing adventures.

Wanting a more relaxed afternoon we were excited to cruise on a beautiful small sailboat with Tenerife Fun. Our boat fit around a dozen people so it felt like our own private tour!

We left from the docks of Puerto Colon in the southern part of the island which is filled with hotels, beaches, and restaurants. After being on the Canary Islands for a week, we were so excited to leave flat land behind and finally get out on the water!

Nothing Familiar Travel Tenerife

Tenerife Boat Tour Sailing Adventure

First off, you should know that on any small boat trip the captain makes or breaks the experience. Our driver Marco hailed proudly from Rome, but said he has lived on Tenerife for the majority of his life.

We were impressed with how knowledgable he was about Costa Adeje, Tenerife island, and the ocean life around the Canaries! On our way out to go whale watching in Tenerife we learned some awesome facts about the area.

There are over five different kinds of dolphins that pass through the Canary Islands, but the most common around Tenerife are bottlenose dolphins.

Several whale species also roam around this part of the Atlantic Ocean. Killer Whales can even be spotted certain times of the year around nearby La Gomera island!

We saw plenty of short finned Pilot Whales on our Tenerife boat tour. You might actually think they’re dolphins at first because they look very similar.

The humongous Teide Volcano can be seen from all over the island, and doubles as Spain’s tallest mountain. It’s an active volcano, but fortunately it hasn’t erupted since 1909.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria have a serious rivalry centered around Carnival festival. This yearly event takes place every February and draws crowds from all over the world. Sailing Adventure

Tenerife Fun Sailing Adventure

Tenerife Boat Tour Dolphins & Whale Watching 

Right off the bat from the docks of Costa Adeje we were searching for whales and dolphins! Then immediately, within 30 minutes of taking off we saw a group of pilot whales off the coast. We sat there amazed for quite awhile as a mother and baby whale swam circles around our boat.

After that we cruised around the area spotting several other whales playing in the ocean. Even though it’s known as one of the best activities for what to do in Tenerife, you’re not always promised to see as much wildlife as we did. We definitely felt like it was our lucky day!

Tenerife Boat Tour Island Snacks

Heading over from our whale watching spot we were ready to eat and have fun snorkeling in Tenerife. Then it happened… Dolphins! Just off in the distance under the cliffs we could see bottlenose dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Once we cooled down from another animal sighting it was time for lunch.

Our captain anchored the boat near the beach and brought out a platter of jamon, queso, and chicken sandwiches, plus a giant bowl of fresh shrimp! Beer, wine, and sangria were also included in our Tenerife boat tour, and the driver made sure our glasses were always full.

Snorkeling in Tenerife & Jumping Off The Boat 

When the anchor drops its time to slip into your swimsuit and jump in. The water throughout the Canary Islands are known for being extremely clear and filled with fish.

Our boat docked close to shore in water that was around 20 feet deep. At first we didn’t see any sea creatures, but on our second attempt we found a massive school of small silver fish.

There had to be almost 300 of them swimming in a group all around us! After an hour of eating, drinking, and snorkeling in Tenerife, we made the final cruise back to Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje. Keep your eyes opened… On a clear afternoon you can see the famous Teide volcano peak from the water!

Tenerife Boat Tour

In full disclosure we partnered with for this tour, but as always we would only recommend activities that we loved! 

Have any questions about our Tenerife boat tour, snorkeling in Tenerife, or visiting the Canary islands? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Where To Stay In Southern Tenerife

Ultra Luxury (High End) – Royal Hideaway Corales Beach – This ultra high end hotel is an adults only escape with massive open concept rooms, onsite restaurant, spa, and an infinity pool you’ll never want to leave.

Fun Vacation (Mid Range) – H10 Atlantic Sunset – This new modern hotel and property is perfect for a fun vacation. Rooms are beautiful with large balconies and upscale amenities, with onsite pools, restaurants, spa, and gym.

Hostel Life (Budget) – Hostel chillax costa Adeje – Set in the hills of Costa Adeje, this is one of the few hostels located on Tenerife island. Beautiful views, large balcony, shared kitchen, and washing machine are includec. Both private twin rooms and dormitory beds are available.

For more places to stay while not on your Tenerife boat tour you can explore the latest prices here!

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Tenerife Canary Islands Sailing and Whale Watching Tour

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  1. Brigitte & Jake
    August 30, 2020 / 7:40 pm

    Hi Dominika!

    It was only motor on our tour, but we still had an amazing time. Definitely recommend doing this if you’re back in Tenerife (:

  2. August 30, 2020 / 2:11 am

    Hi Brigitte, that must be a great adventure! I’ve been to Tenerife in 2018 but unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take a boat trip. But I definitely must do the next time! Can you tell me, please, were you mostly sailing by using sails or only a motor? Thanks in advance!

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