One Month Argentina Itinerary: Patagonia to Iguazu Falls

One Month Argentina Itinerary Nothing Familiar Travel

Planning your Argentina itinerary but don’t know where to start? After over one month of exploring this massive country we can honestly say it blew us away! Even though we’ve only seen a fraction of what Argentina has to offer, the diverse landscapes and energetic cities had us captivated at every turn. While searching for the best places to visit in Argentina we saw crystal clear alpine lakes, snow capped mountains, endless waterfalls, and ate some of the best food we’ve tasted in South America! So whether your backpacking in Argentina or opting for an upscale holiday, our one month itinerary will be the perfect travel guide to start your journey.

One Month Argentina Itinerary

  • Buenos Aires • 4 Nights
  • Puerto Iguazu • 3 Nights
  • Salta • 3 Nights
  • Mendoza • 4 Nights
  • Bariloche • 4 Nights
  • El Bolson • 2 Nights
  • Villa La Angostura • 2 Night
  • San Martin de los Andes • 1 Night
  • El Calafate • 2 Nights
  • El Chalten • 4 Nights
  • Buenos Aires • 1 Night

One Month Argentina Itinerary

5 Things to Know About Our Argentina Travel Guide

1. First you should be aware that almost all of the best places to visit in Argentina are spread out. This means you’ll likely be taking a lot of flights or long buses. Our Argentina travel guide moves at an extremely fast pace, and that’s exactly how you’ll be traveling if you want to see as much as possible! Consider taking out some locations if you wish to travel slower. 

2. Since you’ll have to go long distances between each location it’s best to pre-book flights for the cheapest deals. Specifically you’ll want to do that for the destinations highlighted below. 

  • Buenos Aires
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Salta
  • Mendoza
  • Northern Patagonia and Southern Patagonia

3. In our Argentina travel guide we also recommend a day trip to Uruguay from Buenos Aires as well as to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls. If you plan to include this in your one month Argentina itinerary make sure to have enough room in your passport!

4. As US citizens we were giving a free 90 day tourist visa on arrival. If you don’t get 90 days, consider taking more than the 30 as there is so much to see and do in this amazing country.

5. We’ve included all our individual blogs in this Argentina itinerary for an in depth look at each place we visited.

Nothing Familiar Travel Laugina Torre Hike

Buenos Aires 4 Nights

Why not start your visit to Argentina in the booming city of Buenos Aires? As the countries international hub your travels will most likely start here anyway. It would take years to explore and soak in everything this city has to offer, but in a few days you can at least get a feel for the capital city.

  • Spend time walking through the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Some of our favorites were Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, and La Boca.
  • Shop at the outdoor San Telmo Sunday Market from 11am-6pm.
  • Explore the colorful neighborhood of La Boca and catch a soccer match at the famous La Bombonera stadium.
  • Eat your way through the indoor San Telmo Market which has everything from street food to trinkets and fruit stands.
  • Take in the history of Recoleta Cemetery where some of the most influential Argentineans have been laid to rest.
  • Hop on the ferry and day trip to Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay.  

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Where To Stay in Buenos Aires

Ultra Luxury – Alvear Palace Hotel- Leading Hotels of the World – This 5 Star hotel has large beautiful rooms set in a French style decor. Recoleta is an upscale area to base yourself in, and one of the many popular areas of the city. At the Alvear Palace you’ll also find a large indoor swimming pool with a spa and fitness center.

Fun Vacation – AQ Tailored Suites – AQ Tailored Suites is also set in the gorgeous Recoleta neighborhood! Here they offer large suites with balconies overlooking the Buenos Aires streets from above. In the warmer months make sure to take advantage of the outdoor swimming pool as well.

Budget Travel – Selina Palermo – Selina Palermo is a mix of an upscale hostel with a unique co-working vibe. Rooms have fun decorations and this hotel is the perfect place to get some work done after exploring. Make sure not to miss the beautiful views of the city from the rooftop terrace!

Hostel Life – America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires – This popular hostel is located in the San Telmo district which is a great area to explore Buenos Aires from. The hostel has private and mixed dorms, lots of common spaces, and staff who are super helpful with tips on backpacking in Argentina.

For more places to stay in Buenos Aires Argentina you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: Puerto Iguazu
How To Get There: 2.5 Hour Flight or 19 Hour Bus

Argentina Travel Guide Buenos Aires

Puerto Iguazu 3 Nights

Our trip to Iguazu falls was one of the most beautiful surprises of our time backpacking in Argentina! Of course we knew it would be epic, but until you’re in the park you won’t truly understand the size and power of these waterfalls.

We loved getting a chance to see Iguazu from the Argentinian and Brazilian sides as they both have their own special viewpoints. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, you can even take a boat ride down the river for the ultimate waterfall experience!

  • Tour the Argentina side with its sprawling boardwalks and get up close and personal with the falls.
  • Cross the border for a day trip to the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls to enjoy its many panoramic viewpoints.
  • Take a helicopter ride and see the massive Iguazu falls from above!
  • Hop on the Iguazu jungle boat tour where you will come face to face with the falls, and even get showered underneath them!
  • Splurge on a luxury hotel and stay inside the park to experience Iguazu Falls like very few others do.

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Where To Stay in Iguazu

Ultra Luxury – Gran Meliá Iguazú – As the only hotel set inside Iguaza Falls National Park, this 5 star property is the perfect place to stay to experience luxury. It’s complete with a swimming pool overlooking the falls and everything else you need to enjoy one of the best places to visit in Argentina.

Fun Vacation – O2 Hotel Iguazu – This brand new hotel in the heart of the Puerto Iguazu is one of the nicest places to stay in town. In addition to large spacious rooms and a rooftop pool, you’ll be within walking distance to all the best bars and restaurants!

Budget Travel– Marín Apartments – Nice apartments in the center of town with kitchens and balconies overlooking the street. The owner is very helpful and will even provide a map of Puerto Iguazu and the falls for you.

For more places to stay in Puerto Iguazu you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: Salta
How To Get There: 2 Hour Flight or 24 Hour Bus

Best Places to Visit in Argentina Iguazu Falls

Salta • 3 Nights

We missed out on Salta so unfortunately, we can’t share much advice. However, if we went back we would have totally added three days here to our one month Argentina itinerary. This is honestly the place we are most upset about missing while backpacking Argentina. If you have any tips for Salta please share them in the comments below!

Next Stop: Mendoza
How To Get There: 2 Hour Flight or 19 Hour Bus

Mendoza • 4 Nights

The city of Mendoza is set in the heart of Argentina’s wine country and is filled with beautiful plazas and bustling streets. If you arrive late at night like us it might be hard to believe that the large city is surrounded by hundreds of vineyards! Mendoza is internationally known for producing some of the most delicious Malbec in the world, and there’s no better way to spend your time here than sampling it for yourself.

  • Wine tasting! Hands down the best thing to do in Mendoza is to taste it directly from the source. You can drive yourself or hop on a full day wine tour of the area! 
  • Explore the center of Mendoza which is filled with shops, plazas, and many great restaurants.
  • Day trip to the highest mountain outside of Asia. Located a little over 100 miles from Mendoza, Mount Aconcagua is well worth adding to your Argentina itinerary.
  • Spend the night out on Aristides street for many exciting bars, clubs, and other nightlife.

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Where to Stay in Mendoza

Ultra Luxury – Park Hyatt Mendoza – Park Hyatt is the definition of luxury as one of the only 5 star hotels in the city. Relax by the pool, and enjoy all the amenities you’d expect at this world renowned hotel chain.

Fun Vacation – Diplomatic Hotel – The unique french decor inside the Diplomatic Hotel will make you feel right at home in the center of Mendoza. Surrounded by the best restaurants in the city and featuring an outdoor swimming pool, this is an awesome place to stay near the wine region.

Hostel Life  – Windmill Hostel – The Windmill Hostel is the perfect spot to base yourself on a budget! It has dorms and private rooms for those who want to live the hostel life while backpacking in Argentina.

For more places to stay in Mendoza Argentina you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: Bariloche
How To Get There: 2 Hour Flight or 15 Hour Bus

Argentina Itinerary and Travel Guide

San Carlos de Bariloche • 4 Nights

Right in the heart of Argentina’s lake district there’s a small city dubbed “Little Switzerland.” While you could easily spend hours strolling your way through the town and tasting all the delicious chocolates, the real prize is getting out into nature.

From Bariloche you can spend your days kayaking or simply laying and relaxing by the water. If you’re up for an adventure you can also rent bikes and circle the Circuito Chico loop which is one of the most popular things to do in the area.

  • Shop the local craft markets that are found in enclosed tents and small buildings around town. Here they sell everything from jewelry to Yerba Mate gourds.
  • Take a ride up the Cerro Campanario chairlift for amazing views of the lakes.
  • Hop on bikes and circle to Circuito Chico Loop, or if you’re not up for it you can always drive!
  • Stop into the Patagonia Brewery for a beer and lamb burger overlooking of one of the most beautiful lakes in Argentina.
  • Rent a kayak or stand up paddle board and get out onto the water.
  • From Puerto Panuelo you can also head out on a boat tour to visit the different islands of the lake district.

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Where To Stay in Bariloche

Ultra Luxury – Llao Llao Resort – One of the most famous luxury hotels in all of Patagonia! This exclusive resort features a full spa, golf course, and one of a kind mountain and lake views. If you spend extra money to stay anywhere on our one month Argentina itinerary this should be it!

Fun Vacation – Cacique Inacayal Lake Hotel & Spa – This amazing hotel is just 5 minutes from the main walking street and set right on the lake. After a long day of mountain biking in Bariloche the heated pool and lake view rooms are the perfect place to relax.

Budget Travel – Peninsula Petit – Located just outside of Bariloche near the beginning of the Circuito Chico. Nice rooms with lake views, a great breakfast, and beautiful beach to relax at for sunset.

Hostel Life – Selina Hotel – We’ve stayed at Selina’s all over South America and Bariloche is no different! These hostels offer private rooms, dorms, a swanky bar, and awesome co-working lounge space for you to enjoy. Whether you’re backpacking in Argentina or on a business trip, Selena is a great choice!

For more places to stay in San Carlos de Bariloche you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: El Bolson
Driving Distance: 2 Hours

Bariloche Road Trip in Argentina

El Bolson • 2 Nights

What was once known as a laid back hippy town turned out to be quite different than what we expected. New age breweries and restaurants now overtake the main street, yet El Bolson is still surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. Endless hiking trails snake their way through the massive cliffs surrounding the town where you can go on a short day trip or even trek all the way to Chile!

  • Shop at the El Bolson craft market which sets up in town every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The weekend markets are much larger if you’re planning your visit around them.
  • Hit the Cerro Amigo hiking trails for the best views of town. The short paths will only take 10-30 minutes each, but are well worth the quick walk!
  • Our favorite hike was actually in Warton just outside of town. Here we strolled along the bright blue Rio Azul and had lunch on the river.
  • Make sure to stop into the information center and register to hike at the national park. There you can learn about the dozens of trails and which ones best fit the time you have on your one month Argentina itinerary.

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Where To Sleep in El Bolson

Ultra Luxury – Morada del Sol – Set just outside of town in the mountains of El Bolson, Morada has everything you need for a relaxing stay! All rooms come with incredible views and you can enjoy the swimming pool as well.

Fun Vacation– Cabañas Willy – The unique cabin designs here are an awesome stay and close by to all the best restaurants in town. If you’re not feeling up for going out, most units include a kitchen as well.

Hostel Life – Earthship Patagonia – Looking for something a little different on your trip to Patagonia? These Mongolian style yurts near the Rio Azul El Bolson will be the perfect switch up! Featuring both bunks and private yurts, Earthship is an eco-friendly option just a few minutes walking distance from town.

For more places to stay in El Bolson you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: Villa La Angostura
Driving Distance: 3 Hours

El Bolson Argentina

Villa La Angostura • 2 Nights

The small town of Villa La Angostura is a great jump off for hiking, skiing, and sailing adventures. It also happens to be the start of the famous seven lake drive that connects Villa La Angostura with San Martín de Los Andes. Spend a night or two taking in all the outdoor adventures that this small town has to offer.

  • Hike Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes which has trails ranging from one to multiple hours.
  • Jump on a boat tour and sail out onto Lake Nahuel Huapi.
  • Hit the ski trails in the winter at Cerro Bayo.
  • Go to El Mercado which is in the center of town and filled with restaurants, shops, and much more.
  • Take the entire afternoon to cruise the seven lakes drive from Villa La Angostura to San Martin de Los Andes.

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Where To Sleep:

Ultra Luxury – Luma Casa De Montaña – This ultra exclusive villa has eight suites and incredible views of the mountains. The hotel features Italian style decor, a heated pool, and is located just steps from the water.

Fun Vacation  – Arcanos Casa de Montaña – Large rooms with lots of light and unique design. Located in the forest close to the city, this hotel is a nice option to relax after hiking or biking in nature.

Longterm Travel Como en Casa – Welcoming host and accommodations that will make you feel right at home. Basic but comfortable rooms with breakfast included. All rooms have shared bathrooms.

Check out the latest prices for where to stay in Villa La Angostura here!

Next Stop: San Martin de los Andes
Driving Distance: 2 Hour Drive

Argentina's Lake District Nothing Familiar Travel

San Martin de los Andes 1 Night

The small town of San Martin de Los Andes is hidden deep between the mountains and lakes of northern Patagonia. However, it would be a crime not to include this beautiful town in our Argentina travel guide! It may not be as large as some of the other towns in Patagonia’s lake district, but we found it to be one of the most charming.

  • Relax on the town beach and jump in the chilly alpine water… If you dare!
  • Climb to the Mirador Bandurrias viewpoint for a stunning look at the giant Lago Lacar.
  • Explore Lanin National Park which is filled with many great hiking trails and diverse wildlife.

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Where To Stay in San Martin

Ultra Luxury Paraíso Casa de Montaña – Set in the mountains above the city, this upscale hotel offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Take some time to relax at the indoor/outdoor pool and onsite spa and wellness center.

Fun Vacation – Nuestro Lugar – Cute family run cabins close to the main street. The cottages feature a small kitchen and seating area, and are great for couples or those traveling with kids.

Budget Travel – Bike Hostel – Fun atmosphere and great spot to meet other travelers. Cool decor centered around bicycles and outdoor activities, and also has a large kitchen to make your own meals. Bike Hostel even has a hot tub to warm up in for the cooler months!

Check out the latest prices for where to stay in San Martin de Los Andes here!

Next Stop: El Calafate
How To Get There: 2 Hour Flight from Bariloche or 18 Hour Bus

San Martín de los Andes Argentina

El Calafate 2 Nights

Now that you’ve seen a few of the gorgeous smaller towns its time to experience some of the most epic parts of Patagonia! El Calafate is known as the jump off point to the Perito Moreno Glacier and the Chilean side of Patagonia. It’s both a fun town to start your vacation if only have a few days in this part of Argentina, or perfect for a 2 night stay in the middle of a longer trip.

  • Hop around the many craft breweries in the downtown area. Our absolute favorite was La Zorra Taproom.
  • Sign up for a full or half day tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier. Ours included a boat ride that cruised right in front of the glacier and free time to explore the catwalks above.
  • For those looking for a more extreme adventure, a couple tour companies even offer the chance to take a tour and hike directly on the glacier!
  • Take the bus or rent a car and cross into Chile to see the glorious Torres del Paine National Park.

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Where To Stay in El Calafate

Ultra Luxury – Xelena Hotel & Suites – Just outside of town, the Xelena Hotel & Suites is where you’ll want to go if you’re looking for a little luxury! This wonderful accommodation is complete with a swimming pool, gorgeous lake views, and a shuttle service into town.

Fun Vacation – Patagonia Queen Hotel Boutique – In terms of quality, you won’t find a better place to stay in El Calafate than Patagonia Queen. The fun atmosphere includes a full bar, pool table, and other fun activities to take part in before you head out to one of the best places to visit in Argentina.

Hostel Life – Calafate Hostel – Featuring both private rooms and dorms, this popular hostel is a great spot to plan your adventures backpacking in Argentina. We loved the upstairs common room area as well as the restaurant connected to the property.

For more places to stay in El Calafate you can explore the latest prices here!

Next Stop: El Chalten
How To Get There: 3.5 Hour Drive

Perito Moreno Glacier El Calafate

El Chalten • 4 Nights

So you’ve made it to the end of our Argentina travel guide, and I think we saved the best for last! El Chalten has long been a dream destination for both hikers and travelers alike. This cute little town is surrounded by amazing mountains, lagoons, and some of the best hiking in Argentina. It also features great local bars and restaurants to enjoy when you’re done with a long day in the mountains.

  • When you first arrive drop your bags and hike to the best view overlooking El Chalten. The Los Condores and Las Aguilas trails will only take about and hour and a half from town.
  • Rise and shine… It’s time to hike world famous Mount Fitz! Depending on what type of hiker you are it will take between 7 to 10 hours. Make sure to leave early enough in the morning so that you have time to climb to the Fitz Lagoon at the top of the mountain.
  • The second day of hiking on the Laguna Torre trail is a little bit less strenuous, but features just as remarkable scenery! It should take you 6 to 8 hours roundtrip to the beautiful Lagoon and back.
  • Bring plenty of food and water on these hikes as there’s nowhere to stop along the trails. Most of the restaurants and cafes in town offer to-go lunch boxes for hikers.
  • If you’re looking to do more than just day hikes there are also plenty of trekking routes from El Chalten. You can rent anything you’ll need in town for gear, and there are plenty of camping spots to spend the night along these trails.

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Where To Stay in El Chalten

Ultra Luxury – Destino Sur Hotel & Spa de Montaña – This amazing hotel is set in the heart of El Chalten and offers a spa, bike rentals, and even guided tours. Enjoy a large breakfast to start off your day and views of the mountains in the distance from every room.

Fun Vacation – Infinito Sur – This accommodation feels rustic, yet comfortable. Infinito Sur is close to the center which makes it easy walking distance to all the best restaurants and bars. Have an Argentinean buffet breakfast before starting your adventures hiking in Patagonia Argentina.

Hostel Life – Rancho Grande – Rancho Grande is the most popular hostel in town, and we really enjoyed our stay there! It’s filled with a great atmosphere for those backpacking in Argentina and has a full restaurant and bar. It also features inexpensive dorms and private rooms as well as a kitchen if you want to prep your own meals.

For more places to stay in El Chalten you can explore the latest prices here!

Last Stop: 2 Nights in Buenos Aires and Fly Out

Mirador View Point Mount Fitz Roy Hike

After one month of travel there are still so many places we want to experience and didn’t fit in to our Argentina itinerary. Do you have any recommendations for more of the best places to visit in Argentina? How about any questions about our Argentina travel guide? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte and Jake

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One Month Argentina Itinerary and Travel Guide

Argentina Travel Tips 

 Flights: We always find the best flights using Skyscanner. Remember that a lot of the time it’s cheaper to fly between cities in Argentina than driving or taking the bus! 

 Accommodation: Compare multiple sites such as and Agoda. Also,  Hostelworld should be your go-to source if you’re traveling on a budget. 

Rental Car: We use Discover Cars to explore when traveling in Argentina. It is especially fun to have a car in scenic regions like Patagonia.

 Tours: Check out Get Your Guide for activities all over Argentina. Attend a tango show in Buenos Aires, visit Iguazu Falls with an epic boat tour, or go glacier trekking in El Calafate

 Travel Insurance: Never travel abroad without being covered. We’ve been using SafetyWing for the last few years on the road and they are there when we need them.

 Packing Lists: Here’s all the inspiration you need with our Amazon packing lists. Including electronics and camera gear, must-have medical items, and long flight essentials

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