Exploring the Massive San Telmo Sunday Market in Buenos Aires

Nothing Familiar San Telmo Market Buenos Aires

Every Sunday, hundreds of vendors set up their stalls for the San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires. Travelers make their way from every neighborhood to experience what is often referred to as the best market in the city. At Feria de San Telmo, you can find everything from wood carvings to jewelry, and one of a kind local items of Argentina. Come explore with us as we stroll the streets and visit the biggest weekend market in Buenos Aires!

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San Telmo Market vs Sunday Market

San Telmo Sunday Market

One thing that might get a little confusing if it’s your first visit to Buenos Aires is that there are two completely different markets in San Telmo. One is the weekly outdoor market that stretches down Defensa Street, and main topic for this blog. You may also see it referred to as Feria de San Telmo or the San Telmo Fair in english.

San Telmo Market

(Bolívar 970, Buenos Aires) Located in the San Telmo neighborhood, this large indoor hall is a must visit while in the area. What was once a rundown market has evolved into a hip indoor street food scene mixed with local goods and fresh produce stalls.

This is the perfect place for lunch or an early dinner! On Sunday’s its especially packed while the outdoor market is in full swing nearby. So if you don’t want to fight for a seat at one of the stalls it’s best to plan ahead.

Food Lovers Day in Buenos Aires: Best Restaurants in San Telmo

Best Markets in Buenos Aires Argentina

San Telmo Market Hours 

Technically the market starts at 10am and runs until 6pm or sundown. However, you should take these hours with a grain of salt. We arrived at Feria de San Telmo around 10:30am, and found less than half of the stalls setup and not many people out yet.

Yet, once we returned around 3pm in the afternoon the San Telmo Market was in full swing! For this reason you should plan to visit in the afternoon if possible. It’s also good to know that the end time is really up to the individual vendors and when they decide they’re done for the day.

Location of the San Telmo Market

Running along Defensa street, the San Telmo Market stretches from Plaza de Mayo to Avenue Independencia. You can jump in at any cross street, but we recommend starting at Plaza de Mayo. This is the most central location and the best spot to start your adventure through the market.

San Telmo Buenos Aires

Exploring the Massive San Telmo Market 

We’ve been to a lot of street fairs and outdoor markets all over the world, and this was definitely one of the biggest we’ve seen. The stalls seem to go on forever as the mass of people stroll slowly enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

There is a large mix of items if you’re looking for something to remember your time in South America. You should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here!

San Telmo Sunday Market Travel Guide

Bargaining at the San Telmo Market

Each market and country in the world has different rules about haggling and what is expected. For example, in Southeast Asia it’s not uncommon to be quoted more than 50% what the product really costs. With stuff like that going on obviously haggling is accepted!

We didn’t find it to be this way at all at the San Telmo Market. Often times the vendors are artists which means they’re selling their own hand made goods. Depending on the piece and how many you plan to buy you can negotiate, but do so with caution to not offend anyone.

Obviously, it also helps to know a little Spanish!

Best Market in Buenos Aries

Staying Safe at Feria de San Telmo

The city as a whole has gained a reputation for petty theft, and the packed markets in Buenos Aires make for a prime location for pick pocketer’s.

This is quite similar to big cities all over the world so it shouldn’t deter your from visiting. Nevertheless, it’s important to travel smart and beware of your belongings!

The best way to stay protected is to actually leave your valuables in a hotel safe. Only carry what cash you need for the afternoon and make sure your bags stay in front of you as you explore San Telmo Market. It’s a safe place as long as you practice some basic street smarts like you would anywhere else.

Is There Food at the San Telmo Sunday Market?

The one small downside to Feria de San Telmo is that there wasn’t a large food section. We searched long and hard, but if we missed this part please let us know in the comments! Despite it not having many food stands, you will see vendors moving swiftly through the crowd carrying coffee, empanadas, arepas, and churros for sale.

If you’d prefer to sit down somewhere to eat stop into the Chimi y Criolla food court where they serve up grilled meats, fresh juices, and desserts. You can also head to the nearby San Telmo Buenos Aires indoor market for lunch.

San Telmo Market Buenos Aires Guide

Have any questions about the San Telmo Market or want to share your own experiences from San Telmo Buenos Aires? Feel free to comment below!

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Travel Guide to the San Telmo Sunday Market in Buenos Aires

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

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Budget Travel – Selina Palermo – Selina Palermo is a mix of an upscale hostel with a unique co-working vibe. Rooms have fun decorations and this hotel is the perfect place to get some work done after exploring. Make sure not to miss the beautiful views of the city from the rooftop terrace! 

Hostel Life – America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires – This popular hostel is located in the San Telmo district which is a great area to explore Buenos Aires from. The hostel has private and mixed dorms, lots of common spaces, and staff who are super helpful with tips on the city. The famous Sunday San Telmo Market is only 3 blocks away from here.

For more places to stay in Buenos Aires Argentina you can explore the latest prices here!


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