18 Best Food & Drinks to Try on Your First Visit to Argentina

The Best Argentinian street Food Choripan

First, you should know that there is no possible way we could eat everything that Argentina has to offer in one month! Yet, that wasn’t going to stop us from sampling as much of the best food in Argentina as possible. We loved Argentina, and the hearty meals and delicious street food played a major part in that. If we learned anything it’s that meat is king, Malbec wine is queen, and there are more tasty pastries in one bakery than anyone could eat in a year. So come check out our Argentina food guide list as we stuff our faces with empanadas, talk about Jake’s new love for Yerba Mate tea, and the one typical food we don’t know if we’ll ever eat again anywhere else!

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Best Food in Argentina Guide

1. Choripan

If you’ve never had a Choripan in Argentina you should probably grab one at the closest corner stand. This was our favorite Argentinian street food snack, and we always got excited when we saw massive grills piled high with this unique sausage. Quick Tip: When you’re handed the charred sausage make sure to add your toppings!

There should be two small containers with Chimichurri sauce and a vinegar, tomato, and onion salsa. Don’t hold back on these! You may be surprised to know one of the most typical foods in Argentina is a sausage, but after your first taste you’ll see why it’s so popular.

The Best Argentinian street Food Choripan

2. Yerba Mate

Honestly, Yerba Mate had stayed off our radar until our visit to Argentina. We’re calling it now though… It’s only a matter of time before this is the next huge health food crazy around the world.

I guess the rest of us have to catch up to what Argentina has perfected! After arriving in Argentina and seeing both kids and adults with their cups and hot water Jake was all in.

We picked up a local made gourd and straw at a farmers market and Jake quickly swore off his morning coffee. So what did we pick up on our first shopping trip after leaving Argentina? A massive bag of Yerba Mate tea so we can keep sipping on this incredible superfood tea!

Yerba Mate Argentina

3. Empanadas

Ok onto the good stuff! Beef, spicy beef, four cheese, roquefort, ham and cheese, ham and ricotta, chicken, mixed vegetable, chorizo, and egg are just some of the different types of empanadas you’ll find as typical food in Argentina. From the first empanada we ate it was easy to tell that they were different from all the others that we’d tried in South America!

After being stuffed with meat or vegetables they are baked and served piping hot out of the oven to enjoy. Besides the obvious health benefit of baking the empanadas vs frying them, we thought this Argentinian street food blew all other competitors away!

Empanadas A Typical Food in Argentina

4. Malbec Wine

If you’re not a big red wine drinker or more specifically Malbec, that will change when traveling to Argentina. Internationally, Argentina is known for producing some of the best wines in the world and 90% of the countries production comes from Mendoza.

While the bold and red Malbec runs the show, you’ll also find everything from whites to rosé and even sparkling wine!

You may be wondering why we included so many drinks on our Argentina food list… Well, from the first dinner out we couldn’t believe it when a bottle of wine with ranged from only $3-8. At home that’s what we would pay for a glass!

Mendoza Argentina Wine Tour: Cycling and Sipping Malbec

Malbec Wine

5. Alfajores

Found everywhere from Peru to Ecuador and Spain to the Philippines, these worldly cookies run the bakery game in Argentina. The outside cookie is soft and crumbles in your mouth while the gooey dulce de leche inside sinks into your teeth! There isn’t a better way to start your day than with a hot coffee con leche and sweet alfajor after reading our Argentina food guide.

Dulce de Leche: It would truly be a crime if we didn’t mention dulce de leche for an extra moment. In Argentina it can be seen on pastries, topping ice cream, and even morning waffles. On your Argentinian street food hunt you’re sure to see entire stores dedicated to this sweet treat!

Alfajores the Best Food in Argentina

6. Chocolate

Did you know there is a town in Argentina that is known as Little Switzerland? That’s right! Set in Northern Patagonia’s lake district you can find all the Swiss specialties form chocolate to fondu in the small city of Bariloche. Walking down the main street in town you’ll smell the chocolate in the air before seeing shop after shop of this yummy treat.

Chocolate in Argentina is obviously amazing, but want to know the best part? Unlike the high end chocolate shops in Europe these stores won’t break the bank. We picked out about 10 different bon bon’s to try and it cost less than $3 USD.

→ Cruising the Magical Seven Lakes Drive on Argentina’s Route 40

Argentina Food List from Chocolate to Steak

7. Locro

This is a great example of “better late than never” in our Argentina food guide! After traveling through Argentina for over a month we finally had Locro on our last night in Buenos Aires. It was hearty, delicious, and perfect for a chilly spring night at San Telmo Market.

This thick soup is popular around the Andes Mountain range and is made in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia. It was actually bitter sweet to try this typical food in Argentina on our last evening because it was sooo good!

A Food Lovers Day in Buenos Aires: Best Restaurants in San Telmo

Locro Argentinian street food

8. Super Pancho

In Argentina they take hot dogs to a whole different level! Not only is this Argentinian street food topped with ketchup and mustard, but it also has mayonnaise, hot sauce, and crispy potato sticks on top.

There are also some places that will add a salsa, guacamole, or a dozen other creamy toppings to this massive treat. While we saw them all over Argentina, we couldn’t believe how many were in Mendoza. Eventually we had to get our hands on one!

Super Pancho Argentinian Street Food

9. Milanesa

This fried meat filet is just another one of Argentina’s take on their beloved Italian food. Typically it involves a fried pork or steak and is topped with all kinds of goodies.

The most popular take we saw was the Neapolitan style which involves cheese, ham, and a red sauce on top. You will see these on almost every menu in Argentinian cities, and they have taken on many different variations over the years.


10. Sorrentinos

The first time we ordered Sorrentinos was from a small restaurant in Puerto Iguazu where we walked in and saw them making hundreds of these doughy pasta creations! There was only three tables in the shop so otherwise it was just a takeout counter. We ordered them without knowing exactly what they were.

However, one thing we know from our travels is that if something’s flying off the shelves you should definitely taste it! If we had to explain what this typical food in Argentina was we’d say it’s their take on ravioli. Yet, this wouldn’t be the first or last time we had a good Italian meal in this country.

Sorrentinos Argentina

11. Craft Beer

In a place with so much great wine you’d be surprised to know that craft beer is taking over a large slice of Argentina’s drink market. Even in the city of Mendoza where the wine is literally grown and produced we were shocked to see all the bars and how many people were drinking craft beer.

Some of the most popular brands you’ll see while enjoying the best food in Argentina are Patagonia and Andes beer. There was nothing better then completing an 8 hour hike in El Chalten, and arriving back in town to a deliciously cold beverage!

Patagonia Brewing Company

12. Root Vegetables

While many of the most popular items on our Argentina food list are meat related there are also many yummy veggies dishes that we had. There isn’t one name in particular, but we want to reassure veggie lovers that you will have options!

In Patagonia there are tons of root vegetables that we ate grilled, in soup, and stuffed with all kinds of fixings. Most of the dishes come topped with cheese though, so if you’re looking for something vegan make sure to ask for no queso!

Argentina Food List

13. Flan

We have always loved eating flan in Europe, and didn’t realize that it would be one of the most common desserts in our Argentina food guide! Yet here this creamy custard has a special twist.

In Argentina it was always served with a heaping mass of the famous dulce de leche. For this reason, it was almost impossible to leave it off our Argentina food list… And even more impossible to not buy whenever we saw it out!

What to Eat in Argentina - Flan

14. Trout

Trout is a popular fish in most countries in South America, and it deserves to be mentioned as the #1 seafood we ate in Argentina! Typically served with salad and potatoes, this seafood treat was one of our favorite dishes we ate regularly during our travels.

We found it especially good near the rivers and lakes in Patagonia, and it always hit the spot after a long day of hiking. If you’re feeling daring you can even doctor it up with cheese like the Milanesa has, too!

Argentina Trout

15. Carbonada Criolla

This hearty soup originally comes from Belgium, but has been restyled in typical Argentinian fashion. The beef stew features meat, potatoes, squash, and an assortment of other vegetables. It’s the perfect meal for when the weather gets cold, or when you’re just in the mood for something tasty and filling.

The Best Food in Argentina

16. Cordero Patagónico

When arriving in Patagonia we looked at the menu and noticed one VERY big difference from the other areas that we had visited. Everything was lamb! There was lamb empanadas, lamb burgers, lamb stew, and so much more. We love lamb, but rarely have the chance to eat it in our travels.

So when we realized that the massive lamb stew with vegetables was about $5 USD how could we not indulge in some of the best food in Argentina?!? Now that we know Patagonia is specifically known for this tasty meat it will be forever on our minds.

17. Asado

Asado isn’t an exact food, but more a way of life in Argentina. Typically asado is a form of social gathering where beef, chorizo, pork, chicken, and morcilla are cooked on a giant grill.

Feel free to order this typical food in Argentina at a restaurant. However, don’t be surprised when a sizzling hot mini-grill is brought to your table with all the mixed meats stacked high!

18. Steak

We said it once and we’ll say it again… The first time we ate steak in Argentina we felt like we had been lied to our entire lives. After a 20 hour travel day we sat down and bit into our first bite and were completely blown away.

The meat literally felt like it was melting in our mouths! You hear the stories about how good steak is here, but until you try it for yourself you can’t truly know know how good it is.

A couple key differences are that most Argentinian’s prefer their steaks well done, and it also can be ordered with salsa or chimichurri on top. Once we sampled our fair share of steaks around the country we do have to say that Buenos Aires has overall the best food in Argentina!

Bife de Chorizo

One of the things we love most about typical food in Argentina is that there is so much more waiting for us on our next visit. Do you have any recommendations for the best food in Argentina? Share your favorite dish in the comments!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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