Laguna Torre Hike: The Can’t Miss Trail From El Chalten!

Nothing Familiar Travel Laugina Torre Hike

Laguna Torre is known as one of the most beautiful day hikes from El Chalten, and it did not disappoint! After 9 km of walking through Los Glaciares National Park you’ll arrive at Laguna Torre with the incredible Cerro Torre peak in the distance. Paired with the Mount Fitz Roy hike, this is a must do for any traveler coming to El Chalten. Join us as we take you along the Laguna Torre trail and share our experience exploring this part of Patagonia!

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Preparing for the Laguna Torre Hike

Torre Viewpoint: 1:15 Minutes One Way – 3km
Laguna Torre: 3 Hours One Way – 9km
Maestri Viewpoint: 4 Hours One Way – 11km
Total Time: 6-8 Hours

The morning we woke up for our Laguna Torre hike we were tired and sore after completing Mount Fitz Roy the day before. Lucky for us, this was a much easier hike overall with no intense steep incline like the Fitz Roy trail. Nevertheless, you should still get out as early as you can to Cerro Torre!

When we left for the day hike around 11am we stumbled back into town just before sunset and had to skip the Maestri Viewpoint. If possible we recommend taking a rest day between the hikes or making sure you’re up and ready to go by 8am… Even if you’re moving slow!

Laguna Torre Hike Patagonia

Tips For a Day Hike From El Chalten

Water and Food: There are no services available on the trail so bring lunch and as much water as you’ll need for the day. We recommend at least one liter per person. “Box lunches” are popular with the restaurants in town, and a super easy option if you don’t want to make your own. We stopped into Curcuma and grabbed a delicious vegan lunch to go for $500 pesos.

Warm Clothes: The weather can change rapidly in Patagonia so be prepared. At some points during the hike we had shorts and a t-shirt on, while others we were bundled up in full winter gear!

Sunscreen, Hat, and Sunglasses: The sun is deceptively strong on the day hike from El Chalten so make sure to lather up. Hat and sunglasses are a must as well.

Cerro and Laguna Torre: Just for clarification, Laguna Torre is the lagoon and Cerro Torre is the mountain directly behind it!

Torre Viewpoint

A little over an hour into the Laguna Torre hike you’ll get your first amazing glimpse of Cerro Torre. Simply called Torre Viewpoint, this is a great place with benches to relax for awhile and take in the scenery. Even though it seems like you’ve got miles to go, don’t get too overwhelmed by the distance ahead of you.

Like we said before, the remainder of the hike is largely flat. If you don’t have the time to complete the full Laguna Torre trail you can always turn back here. The Torre Viewpoint is a common 2.5 hour hike round trip that is totally worth it in itself!

The Torre Viewpoint

Long Stretch to Laguna Torre

From here you’ll enter the long stretch of trail to the lagoon. You’ll be moving in and out of the forest all while getting glimpses of the mountains in the distance. We were doing this day hike from El Chalten at the beginning of spring so unfortunately very few flowers were in bloom yet.

This gave an eerie feeling to our hike in the wooded areas, but the beautiful streams and birds hovering above more than made up for it. Keep your eyes open wild animals like deer and pumas on the Laguna Torre hike! We saw a number of rare birds on our walk including woodpeckers hard at work.

Laguna Torre Day Hike from El Chalten

Walking on the Moon

Once you see the river to your left you’re almost there! After that, the last section of the Laguna Torre trail looks like you’re on a different planet.

Thousands of gray rocks of all sizes will surround you with a mixture of green and snow colored mountains straight ahead. This is the final push so take your time and enjoy the picturesque ending.

Km 8-9 Laguna Torre Trail

Laguna Torre Trail Km 8-9

Lunch Views of the Lagoon and Cerro Torre

When we finally came up over the ridge we couldn’t believe our eyes! The day before the lagoon at Mount Fitz had been covered in snow. For this reason, it was so refreshing to see the blue Laguna Torre sparkling before us!

The Cerro Torre mountains behind it made for the perfect back drop as we sat and enjoyed our food. What a great spot for lunch!

Nothing Familiar Cerro Torre

Maestri Viewpoint 

When you reach Laguna Torre you can walk up to the top of the rocky ledge that circles the lake and continue on to the Maestri Viewpoint. Unfortunately, we got a late start to the day and didn’t have enough sunlight hours to make the walk. If you do plan to do this leave an extra two hours on the Laguna Torre trail.

Laguna Torre Argentina

Laguna Torre Hike Back to El Chalten 

If you’ve done the Mount Fitz Roy hike the day before like us then you’ll be exhausted at this point, Just remember, you’re only 3 hours from home sweet home! Even though we missed out on the Maestri Viewpoint we did get a pleasant surprise on our return.

As we arrived back in town we got there just in time to see the sun setting over colorful El Chalten! Check out our other El Chalten posts for more epic hikes from town. 

Have any questions about the Laguna Torre trail or want to share your own hiking tips with us? Feel free to comment below!

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Where To Stay In El Chalten Argentina

Ultra Luxury – Destino Sur Hotel & Spa de Montaña – This fantastic hotel is set in the heart of El Chalten and offers a spa, bike rentals, and even guided tours. Enjoy a large breakfast to start off your day and views of the mountains in the distance from every room.

Fun Vacation – Infinito Sur – This accommodation feels rustic, yet comfortable. Infinito Sur is close to the center which makes it easy walking distance to all the best restaurants and bars. Enjoy an Argentinean buffet breakfast to start your day off and views of Mount Fitz Roy from the property.

Hostel Life – Rancho Grande – Rancho Grande is the most popular hostel in town, and we really enjoyed our stay there! It’s filled with a great atmosphere for backpackers and hikers alike, and has a full restaurant and bar. It also features inexpensive dorms and private rooms as well as a kitchen if you want to prep your own meals.

For more places to stay in El Chalten you can explore the latest prices here!

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Laguna Torre Patagonia Day Hike Guide from El Chalten

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