Gran Canaria Volcano Hike: How to See the Bandama Caldera

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When searching for what to do on Gran Canaria you’d be crazy to miss out on an adventure to the volcano crater! A few years ago we went hiking on Gran Canaria around the Bandama Caldera, and we were looking forward to capturing it on our return to the island. In this post we breakdown everything you need to know about the Gran Canaria volcano crater, and share info on the beautiful Pico de Bandama viewpoint.

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Hiking on Gran Canaria Around the Bandama Crater

Time Needed: 1.5 to 2 Hours
Volcano Status: Dormant
Location: Bandama Caldera Outside of Las Palmas

Pico de Bandama Viewpoint

Before heading off to go hiking on Gran Canaria we recommend taking a drive high above the crater to Pico de Bandama.

Here you’ll get an amazing view of the Gran Canaria Volcano crater, Las Palmas city, and the beautiful ocean in the distance.

You can see the entire 1 kilometer width of the caldera from here and get a birds eye view above what you’re about to hike around. Be sure to check out our full guide to renting a car on Gran Canaria below.

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Pico de Bandama Viewpoint

Starting the Bandama Caldera Hike 

It’s important to note you can actually start from either side of the trail. However, the best place to begin the hike is from the Bandama Golf Hotel. There’s a parking lot near the hotel, but just know you’ll need to walk the road from the end of the trail back to your car.

The beginning of the Gran Canaria Volcano hike is a straightaway until you get to the first incline. To your left you can see directly inside the Bandama Caldera, and to your right will be the Atlantic Ocean.

Starting the Bandama Caldera Hike

Following the Trail

This is the easiest trail you could find hiking in Gran Canaria as it completely circles the volcano crater. Honestly, it’d be nearly impossible to get lost. Yet there’s still a few things you should know before you go.

First off, some of the terrain is dirt while in other places it’s volcanic gravel. This can make some of the hills slippery so make sure to bring your shoes if you’re coming from the beach!

This is not a difficult hike by any means, but there are some steep inclines. Specifically towards the end when you’re going up the road be prepared for a short climb to the top. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great hike for children as some parts are steep with no railings.

Bandama Caldera Hike

Looping the Bandama Crater

After half a dozen up and down hill climbs you’ll near the end of the hike. The trail will actually pop you out on the road which continues up in a spiral to the Pico De Bandama viewpoint.

To complete the loop back to your car you’ll have to walk the road then circle around through the small town. As always, we recommend traveling with some sort of offline map so you can save the Bandama Golf Hotel location and use it to get back from the road.

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Camino Fondo de Caldera

If you’re up for a little more adventure you can also hike inside the Gran Canaria volcano crater! For this section simply follow the signs for Camino Fondo de Caldera.

This will take you down to the very center of the volcano instead of the Camino Borde de Caldera which goes around the outside. The ruins of an old building at the bottom is considered the very base of the crater. This additional hiking on Gran Canaria should take you around 2 hours from start to finish.

Camino Fondo de Caldera

Bandama Caldera Wineries 

The Bandama Caldera is around 2,000 years old, and was created by a volcanic explosion which formed this magnificent crater. Inside and around the area you’ll also see many native plants and trees to the island.

The Bandama was named after a Flemmish trader named Daniel van Damme who planted the first wine vineyards here in the 16th century. On your drive up to go hiking on Gran Canaria you’ll notice several wineries around the Gran Canaria Volcano that still carry on the tradition Van Damme started here.

Pico De Bandama Viewpoint of Caldera Wineries 

Have any questions on the Pico de Bandama, or want to share more information on what to do in Gran Canaria? Leave us a comment below!

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Where To Stay on Gran Canaria 

Ultra Luxury (High End) – VEINTIUNO Emblematic Hotels – Adults Only  – Modern upscale design seen throughout the hotel property and rooms. Daily breakfast and beautiful tropical rooftop with an outdoor swimming pool.

Fun Vacation (Mid Range) – Maresía Canteras Urban Hotel – Tropical island style hotel just steps from Las Canteras beach. Bright rooms with comfy Balinese bed. Hotel also has a beautiful terrace to relax and enjoy a drink at night after exploring.

Hostel Life (Budget) – Avocado Surf Hostel – As one of the more upscale hostels in town the Avocado Surf Hostel is located near the beach and center of Las Palmas. Gorgeous international decor fills the rooms and even features a large terrace.

For more places to stay while hiking on Gran Canaria you can explore the latest prices here!

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Gran Canaria Spain Volcano Hiking Guide

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