13 Drinks in Spain to Enjoy on Your Next Vacation

Top Drinks in Spain

As soon as you arrive in Spain, you’ll quickly realize how getting drinks out is such a big part of their culture! Food is often the main focus of travelers in Europe but in Spain, drinks are just as fun! From casual wine and local beers to soft drinks and unique coffee, we’ll tell you all about how to order in Spain! 

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What to Know About Ordering Drinks in Spain

Ordering drinks in Spain is pretty straightforward. Nonetheless, we highly recommend learning the basic numbers and polite phrases. A little “por favor” (please) and “gracias” (thank you) can go a long way!

One other thing that you should be aware of is how to order in Spain at a tapa restaurant. In many places, you will get free food to go along with your drinks in Spain! Some of our favorite cities to experience tapa culture are Granada and Sevilla. 

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Top Drinks in Spain

Guide to the Best Drinks in Spain

So what are the best Spain drinks to enjoy? You may think we’re just talking alcohol here, but there is coffee, soft drinks in Spain, and so much more to enjoy! When heading to this special part of Europe on your next holiday you’ll want to experience it all.

Spain is without a doubt one of the best countries in the world to go out in. Not only is the tapa scene a cheap and fun way to have food and drinks in Spain, but there is a variety of other great beverages to try!

Let’s dive into the beer, wine, coffee in Spain, and other mixed drinks you’ll find along your travels.

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Spain Drinks

13 Drinks in Spain to Enjoy on Your Next Vacation

1. Cafe Con Leche

We know what you’re thinking… What’s so special about coffee with milk? It’s something that’s so common around the world and you might already have it to start every day. However, the coffee in Spain is known as some of the best in the world.

First of all, you should know the coffee in Spain is prepared using an espresso machine. After that, they will add milk or water to the espresso depending on how you order it. Cafe con leche is half coffee and half steamed milk, creating a delicious morning mixture.

The coffee is especially strong in Spain due to the unique Torrefacto roasting method. If you’d like a more mild flavor like you might be used to, order a Cafe Americano. 

Cafe con Hielo: More of an iced coffee fan? Since iced coffee is most commonly a takeaway treat, we’ve rarely seen people ordering them in Spain. If you do order it at a restaurant you’ll almost always get the ice on the side to pour it in yourself.

Spanish Coffee

2. Bombon

The bombon is a fun variation of an espresso. It’s made with half coffee and condensed milk in a small clear glass which gives it an awesome and colorful look! This is a cool way to switch it up if you’re out at a cafe in Spain.

Spanish Coffee Bombon

3. Carajillo

Ok, it’s almost time to party! And believe it or not, there is a popular coffee with liquor in it in Spain. If you need an extra pick me up you can order with whiskey, rum, or brandy instead of milk. This is called the Carajillo and you can find it on most drink menus throughout the country.

Spanish Coffee Drinks

4. Zumo De Naranja 

Nothing tastes better than a fresh-squeezed orange juice first thing in the morning! One of our favorite breakfasts in Spain is simple, yet so delicious. It’s a cafe con leche and tostada with a side of orange juice. Honestly, it’s rare to not be served fresh orange juice out at a cafe or restaurant in Spain. Still, make sure to ask if it’s all natural when you order.

Zumo De Naranja 

5. Cervezas 

Spain is full of great beers and it’s common to see people out drinking them at all times of the day. In fact, if you don’t know… Spain has the most bars per inhabitant in all of Europe! What kind of beer you order may depend on what part of Spain you’re in.

Our favorite beer from Northern Spain is Estrella Galicia. While in the South, we prefer beers like Cruzcampo or Alhambra.

If you’re out and just want a tapa it’s perfectly fine to say “un cervesa” instead of specifying what you want. They will serve you a small glass of the house beer which is whatever’s on tap.

Spanish Cerveza

6. Clara

If you’re looking for something refreshing, but that has a lower percentage of alcohol then a claro might be for you! This mixture of lemon-flavored sparkling water and beer is so delicious on a hot summer day.

It’s similar to what’s known as a Radler in other parts of Europe and can be found at almost any bar. 

Spain Facts

7. Sin Alcohol Drinks in Spain

Want to grab a drink out without the effects or hangover? Well in Spain it’s actually common to order a beer without alcohol. This is a good way to still have the taste and blend in at the bar, especially if you have to drive.

Additionally, you can order as many tapas as you want without feeling drunk! They even have 0% alcohol beer on tap at some bars and restaurants in Spain.

Best Drinks in Spain

8. Vino 

Just like beer, wine is a very popular Spain drink to enjoy. Typically they cost just pennies more than a beer especially if get the house wine. Whether it’s red, white, or rose, vino is always a great drink in Spain! 

Drinks in Spain Vino

9. Tinto de Verano 

Translating to “Wine of the Summer,” this is one of the best drinks in Spain to enjoy on a hot day! The refreshing drink consists of red wine, sparkling water, and lemon on ice. Some restaurants will even use one of the most popular soft drinks in Spain, Fanta Lemon, as a mixer over sparkling water. This is definitely our go-to drink on the beach in Costa del Sol!

Tinto de Verano 

10. Cava 

Feeling a little fancy? Well, the good news is that champagne won’t cost you an arm and a leg in Spain! While the most famous sparkling wine is from their neighbors in France, you won’t want to miss out on Spain’s own delicious version.

Here they use the Charmat method in large metal vats instead of fermenting the champagne in bottles. Most of the cava comes from the Penedes wine region not far from Barcelona.

Cava Drink

11. Sangria

Similar to the Tinto de Verano, Sangria is another popular summer drink in Spain made with red wine. Sangria also mixes herbs, spices, fruit, and sometimes even liquor is added. This is a great drink to share out of a pitcher with friends.

12. Sherry Drinks in Spain

Something you may not have known before reading this is that sherry is the national drink of Spain! The history of sherry or “jerez” as they call it, goes back centuries.

The way this fortified wine is made makes it stronger than your typical vino. Wine is distilled longer and with different types of grapes to create a brandy. If you’ve ever been to Porto Portugal, this may remind you of their famous Port wine. 

13. Fanta Lemon 

Alcohol and coffee are the two most popular drinks to have out on the town, but there are some soft drinks in Spain worth trying, too! Fanta Lemon is hands down the most popular and one that you might have a hard time finding in other countries. You can also try the orange flavor, or even pineapple, too.

Soft drinks in Spain

Have any questions about the popular soft drinks in Spain, or want to share your own favorite coffee and alcoholic beverages? Leave us a comment below! 

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Spain Drinks

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