Moon Bay: How to Visit the Best Beach in Slovenia!

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First off, I’m sure you’re probably wondering about the best beach in Slovenia… I mean who knew there were even beaches in Slovenia to begin with?? It wasn’t until we arrived in Piran that we heard about Moon Bay Slovenia and the Strunjan Nature Park! We would discover that it’s one of the top places to visit on this entire coast. Here you’ll find a beautiful and untouched beach that feels like it’s straight out of a dream. Join us for a hike and swim at Moon Bay in Slovenia to explore one of the country’s best-hidden wonders.

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Complete Guide to Moon Bay Slovenia

Getting to the Best Beach in Slovenia

Your journey will most likely start at Strunjan Public Beach or one of the surrounding towns. We were coming from nearby Piran which was a couple of hours’ walk or a short bus ride away. To be honest, it was not easy to navigate this walk and we got a little lost!

We’d suggest some form of GPS if you do walk, but we strongly recommend taking a bus or quick taxi. However, if you do decide to do it you’ll pass through the salt pans on the way to Moon Bay.

The Strunjan Salt Pans are the smallest still preserved of its kind in the Mediterranean, and have been producing salt for over 700 years! Since the country’s coastline is only 46 Kilometers long the Strunjan Public Beach is also a great place to swim in Slovenia. From here, you simply take a right and head into Strunjan Nature Park for access to Moon Bay.

Moon Bay Location

Strunjan Nature Park

Exploring Slovenia

Exploring Strunjan Nature Park

Located along the 4 km stretch of coast between the Simon and Strunjan bays, Strunjan Nature Park is a small, but gorgeous place to spend your day exploring. The unique nature reserve features rare species of plants, winding turns, and cliffs jetting out over the Adriatic Sea.

Sitting in the Gulf of Trieste, the Strunjan Nature Park has been a haven for the local community for years. Not only is it the best place to swim in Slovenia, but fruits and vegetables have historically been exported out of this area to neighboring Trieste (Italy) and all over Europe. Keep your eyes open as you walk through the forest! Strunjan Nature Park holds the title of one of the most biodiverse places in the Adriatic.

Strunjan Nature Park

Arriving at Moon Bay Slovenia

Once you’re done with your adventure through the dense nature of Strunjan, it’s time to finally time to get to the best beach in Slovenia! This is a place you’ll want to pack a lunch, relax, and spend more time taking in the view. Unfortunately, the path down to Moon Bay Slovenia is not very well marked, but you should still have no problem finding it if you stick to the coast.

Follow the cliff walk from Strunjan Public Beach until you see a path to cut down. If you’re looking from above you’ll see a part of the cliff where it wraps around, with incredible turquoise water to swim in Slovenia below. The walk down the path is only 5 minutes and then you’ll be at beautiful Moon Bay!

Moon Bay Slovenia

An Amazing Swim at Moon Bay Slovenia

Before visiting the best beach in Slovenia, we had thought of this country as a mountainous region with lots of outdoor activities and nature. While that still holds true, our visit to Moon Bay Slovenia really blew us away. The pebble beach and clear blue waters are something out of a dream.

You also should have the beach mostly to yourself even during the summer months. While our time in Piran showcased the amazing Slovenian Riviera, it was nothing like what we would find here at Moon Bay and the Strunjan Nature Park. If you’re looking for one place to swim in Slovenia, this is it!

Strunjan Nature Park

Best Place to Swim in Slovenia

Strunjan Nature Park Moon Bay

Have any questions about Moon Bay Strunjan or want to share your own experience visiting the best beach in Slovenia? Leave us a comment below!

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Where To Stay Near Moon Bay Slovenia

Ultra Luxury  – Hotel Piran – We recommend Hotel Piran as it’s the most high-end accommodation in town. It comes at a decent price tag, but also one that won’t break the bank. Located right on the main walking street overlooking the water, this hotel has everything you’ll need for an amazing stay in Piran!

Fun VacationHotel Fiesa – Located just outside of Piran, Hotel Fiesa has amazing sea views and the peace and quiet you’re looking for in Slovenia. Tasty breakfast buffet and a gorgeous walk along the beach into town.

Hostel Life Hostel Pirano – Hostel Pirano is situated in the center of the town and acts as more of a budget hotel offering private rooms. Also, it’s just steps from the beach and all the action.

For more places to stay in Piran Slovenia you can explore the latest prices here!

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Travel Guide to Moon Bay Slovenia

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  1. Gemma Clarke
    November 8, 2022 / 4:59 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this hidden gem – can’t wait to go on a adventure to Moon Bay next year when I am in Piran 😀

    • Brigitte & Jake
      November 8, 2022 / 5:11 am

      Yes! It’s the perfect day trip from Piran. Enjoy!!

  2. Franklin
    June 16, 2022 / 7:07 pm

    Great article! Question. Where do you park to go to moon bay?

    • Brigitte & Jake
      June 17, 2022 / 4:35 am

      We actually walked from Piran and took the bus back. It looks like if you head to Sturnjan beach you can park there and hike into the national park though. There is no official parking at Moon Bay. Hope that helps!

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