Piran Slovenia: The Must See City On the Slovenian Riviera

Piran Slovenia

Situated smack dab in the middle of Italy and Croatia, Piran is a little gem hidden on the Adriatic Sea. Combining the best culture of all 3 countries (Italy, Croatia & Slovenia), Piran was a complete surprise for us before carrying onto the Croatian islands. We didn’t know much about the Slovenian Riviera prior to leaving Lake Bled, but wow! This is truly Slovenia’s best coastal town that every traveler should add have on their itinerary. 

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Quick History of Piran Slovenia

As one of the country’s oldest towns, Piran has a rich history to go along with the beauty of the Slovenian Riviera. With roots back to the 7th century, Piran has been under the rule of several kings and empires throughout the years.

Its close proximity to other European countries and the Adriatic Sea also made Piran a favorite for passing Pirate ships. The main influencer has always been nearby Venice Italy, as you’ll see in the architecture of the city. Piran was officially under Venice Rule for 500+ years until 1797 and the decline of the Venetian Republic.

After that, it was succeeded to Austria until 1918, then back under Italian rule during both world wars. Today it’s part of Slovenia, but the cultures of the bordering countries remain intact through the food and buildings you’ll see around town.

Slovenian Riviera

“Beaches” in Piran Slovenia

We say this lightly because like a lot of the coastline on the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, the beaches in Piran Slovenia have no sand! You might be thinking… Hey, what’s a beach without sand? Well, what it lacks in sand it makes up for with clear turquoise waters!

The best part about Piran Slovenia is all the restaurants are located right on the edge of the ocean. You can take your drink in the water, or get up anytime out of your seat to climb down the ladders for a quick dip.

Piran Slovenia Travel Tip

Almost every store in town sells water shoes, and they are more than worth the investment. Going for about 7-10 Euros, they will save your feet in the rocky water of Slovenia’s coast. As an added bonus you also won’t have to worry about stepping on any sea creatures or urchins!

Slovenia's Best Coastal Town

Piran Bars and Restaurants

There is an abundance of great bars and restaurants in Piran Slovenia, all with their own local flare. While traditional food is plentifully served, seafood is what you should be looking to eat on the Slovenian Riviera. From fresh mussels to squid or even an entire fish, seafood is the dish to eat on Slovenia’s coast.

Also, remember you are only 30 minutes from the Italian border. Make sure to have some pizza or pasta as well! With its bordering countries of Italy and Croatia, you’re sure to find plenty to fill your taste buds.

As we just mentioned above, there are so many great options on the Slovenian Riviera. However, that’s not the only place you’ll find great food! Explore the back streets of this charming little town to find local restaurants hiding around every corner. 

Piran Slovenia Restaurant Recommendation

Fritolin pri Cantini: Several times we walked past this small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that had tables filling a back ally square. It always seemed to be packed with people and huge plates of food coming out of the kitchen, so we had to see what all the fuss was about.

It ended up being our favorite meal we had in all of Slovenia, and is a must-try when visiting Piran. We highly recommend the mussels cooked in tomato and cheese!

Fritolin pri Cantini

Piran Slovenia Walking Streets

Like many European cities, an awesome way to see Slovenia’s best coastal town is to simply walk the streets and explore. It’s easy to get lost in the tiny winding backroads that form a maze around the city. Yet, they always seem to spill out into the bustling Tartini Square or ocean.

The Piran streets are filled with shops and cafes to enjoy, and the colorful buildings make it feel like you’re in another world. The Venetian architecture is especially stunning around sunrise and sunset!

Slovenian Riveria

Things Not To Miss in Piran Slovenia

Tartini Square: Right in the heart of the Piran Slovenia is the crowded large circular square. The restaurants and bars are marked up slightly, but it is still a great place to grab a drink and people watch.

Walls of Piran: Sitting high above the city are the tremendous walls of Piran Slovenia. You can easily spend a few hours taking in the views and diving deeper into the history of Slovenia’s best coastal town.

Port of Piran: Stroll along the harbor and take time to admire the different boats from all around the world.

Church of St. George Tower: Make a trip to the St. Georges Parish Church and climb the tower for a great view from above. For just a few Euros you’ll be able to see the sprawling Adriatic Sea and a long stretch of Slovenia’s coast.

Piran Slovenia's Best Coastal Town

Slovenian Riviera Coast

Day Trip to Moon Bay

If you’re thirsting for an actual beach after visiting Piran, don’t worry. Moon Bay is just a short hike or car ride away! This beach is part of Strunjan Natural Park which has fun hiking trails as well. Definitely don’t miss out on Moon Bay on your visit to Piran Slovenia.

Moon Bay: Complete Guide to the Best Beach in Slovenia

Strunjan Nature Park Moon Bay

Have you been to Piran? We would love to hear about your experience and any recommendations for the Slovenian Riviera. Let us know in the comments below!

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Where To Stay In Piran Slovenia

Ultra Luxury  – Hotel Piran – We recommend Hotel Piran as it’s the most high end accommodation in town. It comes at a decent price tag, but also one that won’t break the bank. Located right on the main walking street overlooking Slovenia’s Coast, this hotel has everything you’ll need for an amazing stay in Piran!

Fun Vacation – Hotel Fiesa – Located just outside of Piran, Hotel Fiesa has amazing sea views and the peace and quiet you’re looking for in Slovenia. Tasty breakfast buffet and a gorgeous walk along the beach into town.

Hostel Life  – Hostel Pirano – Hostel Pirano is situated in the center of the town and acts as more of a budget hotel offering private rooms. Also, it’s just steps from the beach and all the action of the Slovenian Riviera!

For more places to stay in Slovenia’s best coastal town you can explore the latest prices here!

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