Collioure France: Fun One Night Trip to the Colorful Seaside Town

Collioure France Travel Guide Nothing Familiar

If you’ve been to this part of Europe you already know there are many incredible places along the border of Spain and France. However, on our recent road trip, we discovered one of the most beautiful towns we’ve ever seen! Collioure France is full of small stone walking streets, beaches, a massive seaside castle, local markets, and all the best food and wine that the country has to offer. Join us as we break down what to do in Collioure, and share our own experiences in this one-of-a-kind French town. 

One Night in Collioure France Guide

Located just 15 miles from the Spanish border, the town of Collioure France is in quite a unique spot. It sits right on the Vermilion Coastline which puts in a great location.

Collioure is around two hours drive from several major cities like Toulouse, Montpellier, and Barcelona. With its close proximity to Catalonia, you’ll also notice plenty of similarities in the food and architecture here from its Spanish neighbors. 

Chateau Royal de Collioure

Road Trip from Barcelona to Collioure 

We started in Barcelona and actually took three days and two nights to travel up the coast to Collioure France. On the first day, we drove from Barcelona to Cadaqués along the coast and spent a night in this stunning Spanish town. The next day was filled with small seaside villages as we headed towards the border into France.

We arrived in Collioure just before sunset and spent the last night of our road trip sipping wine and walking through the colorful stone streets. After breakfast and shopping at the Collioure market, we headed back towards Barcelona where we visited the 1,000 year old medieval town of Rupit.

Rupit Spain Nothing Familiar Travel Guide

Exploring the Unique Town of Collioure France

When we first set eyes on Collioure we were immediately blown away by the old buildings and beautiful walking streets. Looking around at the giant fortress and crystal clear water, the Collioure beaches were simply magical. Yet, we would find something else waiting for us in the back streets!

From the beach or Collioure market area take a stroll down the bright colored alleyways. Here you’ll find endless shops, bakeries, and local crafts being sold where you can find something special to bring home.

City of Colliorre France

Colliorre France Beach

City of Colliorre France Walkway

Château Royal de Collioure France

The first thing you’ll likely see upon entering the town is the unbelievable fortress. Due to its tremendously high walls, the structure is impossible to miss in the center of Collioure France. It was built back in the early 13th century by the Knights Templar, and it’s long been a key part of the defense of this region.

If you walk behind the Château Royal de Collioure you’ll find a walkway that leads out to a small church. Here there are also several Collioure beaches surrounding the fortress for you to enjoy.

Can you imagine swimming right underneath an 800-year-old castle? Neither could we! Unfortunately, it was a bit too chilly to enjoy the ocean at the time of our visit. We can’t imagine what this place is like during the summer months.

Local Collioure Market

Every Tuesday and Saturday the Collioure market takes over the streets of the town. Here you’ll see everything from delicious bread and cheese to handmade goods and clothes. This is an event that brings both tourists and locals out to shop even in the slower winter months.

In the summertime, the Collioure market actually stretches down to the water and around the castle walls! On our trip, we loaded up on bread, cheese, olives, coffee, and even a whole rotisserie chicken. This makes for a perfect picnic to enjoy along the water or at one of the many Collioure beaches.

Collioure Market

Collioure Market Stands

Day Trips From Collioure France

Route of the Wine: One of the most fun day trips around town is sampling the tasty Collioure wine! The Roussillon wine region is known for having some of the best and there are countless vineyards to visit from Collioure.

Adventure in the Pyrénées: Collioure France is surrounded by the famous Pyrenees mountains. If you’re like us you won’t be able to help yourself when you see the rolling green hills. Head up into them to do some hiking or take a long drive on the gorgeous curvy roads.

The Medieval Town of Rupit: Didn’t get enough ancient architecture in Collioure? This historic Spanish town sits just miles from France is worth visiting.

The Pearl of Spain: Just over the border is a place that gives the Collioure beaches a run for their money! Cadaqués is widely regarded as one of the most gorgeous in Catalonia and definitely lives up to its nickname.


Where To Stay In Collioure France

Ultra Luxury – Le Relais Des Trois Mas – This incredible luxury hotel occupies a small stretch of beach on the far side of Collioure. Enjoy views of the Château Royal from your room, the pool, and indoor jacuzzi.

Fun Vacation – La Frégate – Set right in heart of Collioure village, this hotel has the perfect location for any traveler. At La Frégate you’ll be steps from the Château Royal and have access to a delicious buffet breakfast every morning.

Travel Couple Chambre d’hôtes Les Jasmins – This bed and breakfast is a great place to relax on your trip to Collioure France. It includes a full kitchen and private terrace and is just 5 minute walk to the beach.

For more places to stay in Collioure France you can explore the latest prices here!

Have any questions on what to do in Collioure France or want to share your own experience in this amazing French town? Leave us a comment below!

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