The Stopover: The Miles High Club #1 by TL Swan

The Stopover TL Swan

There is a reason why so many people are jumping on The Miles High Club, and I was desperate to find out what the hype was about. The Stopover by T L Swan is the first book in the series and follows Emily and Jameson through their wild and turbulent romance. So should you make it your next read? Check out The Stopover Book Review and see for yourself!

The Stopover TL Swan Book Review 

Title: The Stopover: The Miles High Club #1
Author: TL Swan
Release Date: October 2019
Genre: Romance 

Where in the World am I Reading The Stopover?

My name is Brigitte. Full-time adventurer and part-time book addict. Currently, I’m sitting on the beach in Phuket Thailand with a $3 umbrella chair and ice-cold coconut.

I started The Stopover and got my introduction to the Miles brothers during my two hazy days of travel between New York and Thailand. The series starts out with The Stopover which I will warn you about…

If you read the first one you are committing to the series because you’ll have no choice but to finish them all!

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The Stopover TL Swan Book Review 

Jumping into The Stopover Book

This book is a page-turner that is hot and steamy in the best way possible. I mean T.L Swan is known for bringing it in her books, but her bedroom scenes leave literally nothing to the imagination.

The book starts out (first pages no spoilers) with an unruly drunk passenger losing it on Emily at the check-in counter. I fly a lot and actually started The Stopover book on the train to the airport. I don’t think there is a single time I check into a flight that I don’t hold some small seed of hope that I’ll get upgraded.

While unfortunately it’s never happened to me it does for Emily which jump-starts the entire story. After a storm forces the plan to divert Emily spends a “Stopover” with Jameson in Boston. There are sparks and obviously a great connection, but then he leaves without asking for her number (ouch!).

One Year Later…

A year later she walks into the CEO’s office after moving to New York and starting her dream job. This is where her and Jameson’s story continues! It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the characters this book will grip your attention and keep you desperate to find out what happens next. 

Honestly, I loved and hated both these characters at certain points in The Stopover book but that’s what kept me reading. At some times, I even wished I could reach inside the pages and literally shake Jameson, Jay, or Jim… Whatever personality he was at the moment!

He really needed to get out of his own head. Other times you will feel bad for him though as he has his problems come front and center. Then later in the book specifically chapters 21 happens and I feel bad. Ouch, he certainly has a string of bad events go down.

I like Emily. She’s slightly a mess, and her thoughts witty and funny thoughts seem to be constantly bouncing around her head. I do slightly cringe by how harsh the two main characters could be towards each other, but hey that’s who they are.

The Stopover Miles High Club

A Few of My Favorite Stopover Characters

Molly and Aaron are legit #friendgoals and every time they are together it’s hilarious. Everyone needs a friend like Molly. Don’t get me wrong I loved Aaron too… But gosh Molly is soooo funny. Her interactions and personal life drama were a great contrast against the tension between Emily and Jameson. 

That brings me to Tristan. Thankfully if you find yourself thinking “oh I wish this book was about Tristan and not grumpy Jameson” you’re in luck! That’s what the second book in The Miles High Book Series is all about. 

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Is it strange that this book has me wanting a sequel about Claudia? She is Jameson’s ex who moved to London to become the youngest editor of Vogue. While I love this style of book it would be fun to read a book with the women being so driven and in a position of power. If you have any tips or recommendations for books like this let me know in the comments at the bottom!

Also… I’ve never had a passionfruit cheesecake but that sounds so good and now I need it. One downside is that I searched around Phuket Thailand and have not been able to find anywhere that sells it! 

Should You Read The Stopover by TL Swan?

The book had several major twists and turns which kept the pages flipping quickly. While I’m not going to spoil the ending, it was very good. I loved it even more knowing that we’ll get small glimpses of the characters throughout the Miles High Club Series!  

Try and get lost in the story and not hung up on the fact that this would actually be an HR nightmare.  This is a fun and steamy book that would be perfect to pack for your next holiday. Just a word of warning, you might be disappointed if you’re reading it on a flight and haven’t been upgraded to first-class!

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Read The Stopover by TL Swan if you…

  • Are looking to be swept into a turbulent love story that is full of lust. 
  • Gravitate towards a book series because you know you won’t be able to stop after the first installment.
  • Are looking for a juicy book to read as you escape your normal routine on holiday. 

Thanks for reading The Stopover Book review! If you’ve recently read an amazing book (no matter the genre) let me and my fellow book lovers know in the comments below!

Happy Reading,

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