Mui Ne Fairy Stream: A Strange and Beautiful Walk in Vietnam

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Hidden just outside of town under a random bridge you’ll find the Mui Ne Fairy Stream. This unique walk has grown in popularity over the years, and has become one of the best activities in Mui Ne Vietnam. After having several people recommend this strange place we had to see what all the fuss was about! Now we mean strange in the best way possible, but it’s truly hard to describe it until you visit the Mui Ne Fairy Stream for yourself. We’ll take you through our experience, including a slight freak out walking through the knee deep murky water!

Mui Ne Fairy Stream Info

We ending up getting to the Mui Ne Fairy Stream late in the afternoon once the ticket table was already closed. This meant that we avoided having to pay, but we did have to hurry to make it through before dark!

Also, it’s good to note that if you arrive by scooter it will be a small fee of 5,000 VND to park your bike. If you visit during normal hours collect your ticket, head down the steps, and turn towards the left.

Make sure you go left and don’t walk the wrong way… Otherwise you’ll eventually end up at the ocean! 

Tip: Try to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowds of tour buses.
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Cost: 20,000 VND (Money Collected Roughly 9am-5pm)
Time: 1 to 1.5 Hours

Start of the Mui Ne Fairy Stream Walk

Once we realized we had to take our shoes off we had an immediate thought: How is no one concerned about walking through dark brown water in the middle of Vietnam?

All the tourists there gave off the impression that somehow this is safe, but to us this Mui Ne adventure seemed very sketchy!

Isn’t avoiding dirty fresh water in Asia kind of like rule number one? Of course there is plenty of safe fresh water, but this place seriously looks like a breading ground for parasites. Despite that minor detail the Fairy Stream walk is totally worth it!

If you’ve already made the trip to the Mui Ne Sand Dunes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go check this out next. At the start of the walk restaurants and coffee shops fill the sides of the river.

You can sit down and drink a coconut, or grab a cold beer for the walk. There will also be refreshments towards the end so don’t worry if you pass up this stop and get thirsty. 

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Mui Ne Fairy Stream

Highlight of the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

About halfway into the walk (15 min) you’ll arrive at the best part! This scenic nature of the Mui Ne Fairy Stream is 100% worth it in itself, but this part is truly beautiful. A massive red and white clay mountain towers to your left and follows the stream.

This is where we spent the most time, taking photos, marveling at the beauty, and being grateful that we squeezed in time for the fairy stream. Even if you do the walk just to this point and turn around you’ll still have a great time!

Mui Ne Vietnam Fairy Stream

Mui Ne Vietnam Activities

Deep Water and Liquid Courage

Feeling adventurous and want to continue on? This is when the Mui Ne Fairy Stream gets a little more weird!

Jake had no problem going ahead, however, I was more than hesitant. In this section the dark brown water sinks past your knees as you push through the murky river.

Honestly I tried not to panic, but all I could think about was the movie Anaconda and it was terrifying! Want to know the craziest part? We actually saw people in their bathing suits swimming here!

The most shocking thing was it wasn’t the locals… It was tourists taking a nasty little dip. Confused at this point, we grabbed a beer from one of the restaurants and continued ahead.

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What to Do in Mui Ne

Mui Ne Activities

Mui Ne Vietnam Waterfall

It’s good to know that once you get into the deeper part of the stream you’re almost at the end of this weird Mui Ne activity. An extremely small trickle of water runs down from the rocks above for the grand finale.

If you’ve seen others around the world then this “waterfall” probably won’t be that impressive. Still, it was a nice cherry on top and it gave us a sense of accomplishment for finishing the Mui Ne Fairy Stream. 

Pushing back through the deep water, we dropped our empty bottles off at the restaurant and hurried back. It was getting dark, and the fairy stream is definitely not a place you want to be when the real animals come out!

Overall, we’re happy we took the hour to walk the fairy stream in Mui Ne… Especially the part where the massive red and white walls stretch above. The deep water can get a little gnarly, but I guess that’s all part of the fun right? 

Mui Ne Waterfall

Have any questions on what to do in Mui Ne, or want to share your own experience? Leave a comment below!

Safe Travels,
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Walking the Strange and Beautiful Mui Ne Fairy Stream

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  1. January 17, 2023 / 11:13 pm

    Ha ha…loved your writeup on the Fairy Stream! On our agenda next.

    We only made in from Phu Quoc to HCMC before Covid chased us out in February 2020. Back now to see the rest.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      January 17, 2023 / 11:22 pm

      Thanks! It was such a strange but fun place to visit. Enjoy your trip to Vietnam!

  2. Vanny
    September 5, 2019 / 2:39 pm

    If you love a peaceful place, Lạng Sơn – north of VN is a wonderful choice. Hope you can come there and enjoy Lạng Sơn. ❤️

    • Brigitte & Jake
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      We love the north of Vietnam! Thanks for the invitation ( :

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