Ruko F11GIM2: Why This Drone is a Wonderful Gift Idea!

Ruko Drone Review

We recently got our hands on the Ruko drone and are excited to share our experience! The Ruko F11GIM2 model is great for beginners looking to purchase their first drone. Here’s everything you need to know about Ruko Drones, and our best tips in a complete review.

Our Ruko Drone Review

What is the Ruko F11GIM2 Drone? 

The F11GIM2 is one of the most popular selling models from the Ruko company. Its price point makes it a great option for beginners, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing your first drone. Below are what we feel are some of the most important features you should know about.

  • 4K Camera
  • 9800FT Real-time Transmission Distance
  • 2 Batteries with a total of 56 minutes flight time
  • Level 6 Wind Resistance

The battery life is solid, lasting almost up to one hour when you factor in both batteries. It also comes with a great carry case for protection which is small enough to fit in a carry on bag for traveling. 

We loved with the entire whole setup when we first took it out. In the past,  some of our drones came in a softer case. This was slightly annoying as we had to purchase a different one that would work for flights and outdoor adventures.

Review Roko Drone

First Experience With the Ruko Drone

Something we immediately noticed about the Ruko Drone is how large and stable it was. In comparison to our previous DJI Mini 2 drone, it was so much bigger! We’re always kind of worried about flying smaller devices in the wind so this gave us the extra comfort with the Ruko. 

The first thing we did before flying our Ruko Drone was download the official app. Not only do you need it to control the drone and take awesome pictures, but it offers instructional information that’s a must to know before you take off.

We next connected our iPhone to the Ruko which has it’s own wifi and GPS signal. Be sure to always check that you’re not flying in a restricted zone such as too close to an airport. 

After doing the necessary compatibility tests we hit the take off button and launched into the sky. One thing to mention is that the drone doesn’t come with an SD memory card. Luckily, we already have a bunch so we popped one right in. If you don’t have this yet make sure to get a microSD card which goes up to 128GB.

Even though we had prior experience with drones, it was easy to see how simple flying the Ruko was. Before we knew it we were snapping pictures and videos of the scenery around us from above!

Tips For Flying a Drone For the First Time: 12 Step Easy Guide

Ruko F11GIM2

Roko Dones

Where We Flew Our Ruko Drone

We were so pumped to use it for the first time while visiting family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. The first actual shots we got were on our road trip through Vermont. It was gorgeous fall day and we flew it over a pond near the small city of Burlington.

After that, we were off to Europe! The next shots you’ll see are from Costa Blanca on the east coast of Spain. The Ruko F11GIM2 perfectly captured the beach, famous Penyal d’Ifac rock, and sparkling Mediterranean Sea below.

As you can see, the picture quality is really good. We really enjoyed getting these aerial shots and can’t wait to use the Ruko more around Spain. 

Ruko Drone Reviews

Drone Ruko Photo

Photo Ruko Drone

Is Ruko a Good Drone Brand?

Yes! After using multiple drones now over the years to create content we really liked the Ruko F11GIM2. It’s the perfect drone for beginners looking for something sturdy that can handle the outside elements.

The Ruko Drone would be a great gift idea for a boyfriend or husband when shopping for the upcoming holiday season. 

We were also impressed with the mobility of this product after flying it in different parts of the world. If you’re looking for a low-priced but still high-quality device, definitely check out Ruko!

Shop For Ruko Drones on Amazon 

Drone Ruko Review

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own Ruko Drone review? Leave us a comment below.

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Ruko Drone

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