Is Eurowings a Good Airline? Read This Review Before You Book!


When looking for flights to get us from London to Croatia we found a slight problem! Since we were making the trip in mid-March it was before many airlines started their routes direct to beautiful Split. After some searching, we found that there were two separate Eurowings flights that we could book. While we didn’t plan for a layover with Eurowings Airline, this route actually gave us a night in Düsseldorf, Germany! Here’s our Eurowings review with fun tips, and answering the important question on if we would fly them again.

What is Eurowings Airline?

If you’ve never heard of Eurowings it’s a popular low-cost carrier from Germany that is part of the Lufthansa Group. Eurowings Airline offers flights all over Europe, and select destinations in Africa, Asia, and North America.

The one confusing thing you might come across is that there is another airline called Eurowings Discover. Know that it is part of the same airline group. However, technically it’s a different airline! Eurowings is a budget airline while Eurowings Discover is more for long-haul flights.

Eurowings Airline London to Croatia

2023 Eurowings Review

Booking our Eurowings Flights From London to Croatia

We had to get a little creative with our planning to find our Eurowings flights on Skyscanner. Unfortunately, the website did not allow us to book it all together because we were traveling from the United States.

Our first plane From NYC to London via Norse Air didn’t get in until after the ideal Eurowings Airline flight would be taking off. For this reason, our best option was to book the London to Düsseldorf flight and then make a second booking from Düsseldorf to Split.

Breaking it up like this also gave us one night to explore Düsseldorf which we ended up loving! Also, before starting this trip we weren’t set on flying solely with Eurowings Airline. It just turned out that they had the best prices and times for the route we needed.

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Booking our Eurowings Flights

Understanding the Different Eurowings Fare Types

Basic Fare: As the name states you are booking a basic fare which will also be the cheapest option offered. You must check-in online for your flight and there is only a small cabin bag included with your ticket. This is also Eurowings Airlines economy class which we will share more about soon!

Smart Fare: The middle Eurowings fare also includes online & airport check-in, a small & large cabin bag (8 kg), checked bag (23 kg), seat reservation, and Priority Boarding.

Bizclass Fare: The highest level of Eurowings is called Bizclass and offers everything from Smart. With Bizclass you’ll also get extra luggage, more legroom, and à la cart catering.

For our first Eurowings flight, we booked Basic and added one checked bag for an extra fee. This ended up being cheaper than upgrading to the smart fare.

We actually used United Airlines points to cover the second leg of trip. We booked everything just a few days before traveling so the flight to Split was almost completely full. However, using our reward miles automatically gave us smart tickets!

Eurowings Fare Types

London to Düsseldorf Eurowings Review

Our travel day started in the United States where we jumped on a Norse Air flight from NYC to London Gatwick Airport. Arriving at 6am in London, we had to transfer airports and make our way to the check-in counter.

This was the part of our London to Croatia route we were most worried about as we had to get from Gatwick to Heathrow. Luckily, there is a National Express Bus that goes direct between the London airports in an hour and twenty minutes!

To save time we downloaded the Eurowings mobile app and already checked in for our flight. Yet, we still had to drop off a bag at the counter. As full-time globe trotters, we always make it a point to travel extremely light.

Still, with the carry-on allowance being 8kg, we didn’t want to take the chance of being charged at the airport for an additional bag.

We have found when traveling through Europe that some airlines are extremely strict on baggage weight. At the same time, there are other low-cost flight operators which are much more flexible when it comes to this.

After all our baggage was weighed we checked one item before heading through security. This gave us just enough time to get a full English breakfast at one of the restaurants in the terminal.

Eurowings Flight London to Croatia

Boarding Our First Eurowings Flight

When it was time to board we got on quickly as the flight was relatively empty. Being our first time flying with Eurowings Airline, we were happy to see that the plane was extremely clean and had nice leather seats.

We had seats next to another passenger, but were able to switch to an empty row after taking off. The interior wasn’t anything too luxurious which was to be expected with a budget carrier. Overall though, we were happy with our Eurowings Airline flight.

The in-air time was just over an hour from London to Düsseldorf. Fresh off a red-eye from New York City, we both fell asleep and didn’t wake up till we were landing in Germany!

Eurowings Review London to Germany

Eurowings London to Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf to Split Eurowings Review

After one exciting night exploring Düsseldorf we were back at the airport the next morning and ready for our second Eurowings flight. Due to us booking with United Miles, we weren’t able to complete the online check-in and had to wait until getting to Düsseldorf International Airport.

In Düsseldorf, there was a large row of check-in counters and we moved through the line easily. From there we quickly got our checked baggage taken care of and were given boarding passes. We’re not sure if it was because we had a different fare, but this time our carry-on bags weren’t weighed.

While waiting for our Eurowings flight we used the lounge access with our Priority Pass membership. Just to clarify, this didn’t come with our plane tickets. It’s actually an awesome benefit we have with our Chase Sapphire travel credit card!

When we got to our gate we could tell that it would be an extremely full flight from the number of people waiting to board. With our priority check-in we were part of the first group to get on and hurried to get a place for our overhead luggage.

Eurowings Review Bizclass

Boarding Our Second Eurowings Airline Flight

While we didn’t book Bizclass, our seat was in the very front of the plane in row two. On this leg of our London to Croatia route we had a window and middle seat.

Once everyone boarded there was a slight holdup to find overhead space for all the luggage. The flight still got on its way relatively fast and left by the scheduled departure time.

Just after taking off the attendants came through the cabin with drinks and snacks for purchase. We must have not noticed this on the first flight as we had fallen asleep immediately!

Being a low-cost airline, they didn’t even give us water for free. Some might think this is crazy, but it’s something we see often in Europe when flying budget.

There was an extensive food menu that you can find in the seatback if you do get hungry. Also, they had a pretty cool in-flight magazine about the different European destinations Eurowings Airline travels to.

The flight was just under two hours long and went smoothly. If you’re flying the same London to Croatia route (or really between any European cities) we highly recommend taking a window seat. The view as we landed into Split was breathtaking and the perfect welcome to the country!

Eurowings Flight Wings

Eurowings Airline Flight to Croatia

Eurowings Review Final Thoughts

So would we fly with Eurowings Airline again? Honestly, both our Eurowings flights went really well. We probably wouldn’t spend more for Smart or Bizclass because the flights around Europe are so short. However, the next time we are searching for flights and see Eurowings as an option we would be happy to book it!

As long as you understand that Eurowings is a budget airline you will have the proper expectations. Just make sure to have the correct weighted luggage you paid for and check-in before arriving at the airport. This will avoid any headaches or extra fees on your own trip.

Eurowings Review to Split Croatia

Have any questions about the route from London to Croatia or want to share your own Eurowings Review? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels, 
Brigitte & Jake

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Eurowings Review

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