Why Old Airport Road Food Centre is a MUST VISIT in Singapore

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Did you know one of the best Hawker Centres in Singapore is actually outside the city? For over 50 years, the Old Airport Road Food Centre has been serving up delicious hawker dishes to hungry patrons. Even though it’s a bit of a trek to get there, it’s widely regarded as one of the best places to eat! Here’s why you should make the trip to Old Airport Road Food Centre in Singapore.

How to Get to Old Airport Road Food Centre

As we mentioned, Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore is a bit outside the city center. This means unlike the popular Lau Pa Sat or Chinatown Complex, you’ll have to plan a trip separate from your other activities.

This made it a debatable destination for travelers like us who prefer to walk everywhere… Especially on a 2 day Singapore itinerary!

However, after our first visit to Old Airport Road Food Centre we were sold. Ever since it has become a must-stop whenever we’re in Singapore. Here’s the 3 best ways to get to Old Airport Road below.

Train: Singapore’s MRT train system is a fantastic way to get around the city. The closest stop is the Dakota MRT station which is just a 3 minute walk from Old Airport Road Hawker.

Taxi: We rarely take taxis in Singapore as they are the most expensive mode of transportation. Yet, if we’re short on time we will check the price on apps like Uber and Grab just to see if there’s a good deal available. On our last trip from Chinatown it was only around 10 Singapore Dollars ($7.50 USD) one way to get here, but it’s typically more than twice that price during peak hours!

Bus: The Bus lines 10, 16, 30, 30E, 31, 32, and 33 will all take you to Old Airport Road Food Centre. Still, we much prefer the train or taxi to this option.

Old Airport Road Location

Old Airport Road Hawker

History of the Old Airport Road Hawker

One of the draws to the Old Airport Road Food Centre in Singapore is that it’s a historic attraction in itself! The complex was built in 1972 as a home for the hundreds of street venders outside the closed down Kallang Airport.

An estate was built with low-cost housing in 1955 on the old airport grounds and this is where the hawker stalls would congregate.

It wasn’t until the Hawker Centre movement in the 1970’s where the new building was constructed that you see today. Old Airport Road Food Centre now consists of over 160 food stalls!

It’s history and number of different food options from around Southeast Asia make it one of the oldest and largest hawker centres in Singapore. There is also a shopping area on the 2nd floor with miscellaneous stores and items.

Old Airport Road Singapore

5 Tips for Old Airport Road Food Centre

Bring Cash: Many of the most popular stalls at Old Airport Rd. don’t take credit cards. Make sure to bring cash with you so you can enjoy all the good food.

Arrive Early: Although the food court doesn’t close until 10:30pm, the best time to visit is early morning or lunch time. The morning is when many spots are just opening up, while the afternoon is when the greatest number of stalls will be open. This will also free up your night to experience the Singapore Light Shows and other fun things to do!

Sit Outside: Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of the few hawker complexes with outdoor seating. We always make our way to the tables near the front entrance on the ground floor for some fresh air.

Clear Your Table: Make sure to throw away your trash and discard your trays in the proper place. Singapore has some strange laws and many which are specifically tied to cleanliness. The last thing you’d want to risk is a fine at the Old Airport Road hawker!

Eat As Much Food as Possible: This almost goes without saying, but eat your heart out! There’s a reason so many travelers make the trip to this well known hawker center. We even recommend going with a group so you can order multiple dishes to experience more of the best foods.

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road Outside

Singapore Old Airport Road

Our Lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre

At first glance, this might just look like any other old building in Singapore. However, once you step inside Old Airport Road Food Centre you’ll be introduced to an endless array of Southeast Asian cuisine. From the traditional char kway teow to spicy pork noodles and fresh fish, there’s so much to enjoy on Old Airport Road!

For our lunch hour we decided to start with a tasty juice. Once we cured our thirst and surveyed all the street hawkers, we ordered a duck rice and wanton mee. The chili and soy sauce combo that’s at most of the food stands really unlock the extra flavor!

→ Make sure to visit all the best Hawkers in Singapore including some of our favorites Maxwell, Tekka CentreLiao Fan Hawker Chan! 

Old Airport Road Food

Old Airport Road Best Stalls

Best Food at the Old Airport Road Food Centre

Keep it mind it may be a long wait for a Michelin plate compared to the other stalls. Yet, if you’re heading to famous street food stand like Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow know that it’s so worth it! Below are more of the best places to eat at the Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Roast Paradise: Delicious char siew BBQ pork roasted to perfection.

Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodles: Michelin Star noodle soup with prawn, pork liver, or pork ribs! Also be sure to try Albert Street Prawn Noodle which is said to be just as good.

Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun: Rice noodle rolls with a range of different fillings. A great breakfast treat.

Xin Mei Xiang Zheng Zong Lor Mee: Flavorful and delicious hokkien noodles done right.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff: One of the many great bakery options at Old Airport Road Hawker.

Toa Payoh Rojak: Legendary rojak salad dish that you won’t regret trying!

Old Airport Road Duck Rice

Have any questions about Old Airport Road Food Centre in Singapore or want to share more of your favorite hawker centers? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Old Airport Road

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