How to Visit the Beautiful Singapore Butterfly Garden at the Airport!

Singapore Butterfly Garden

Changi has a longstanding reputation as as one of the most impressive airports in the world. So when we found out there was a Singapore Butterfly Garden in the mix?? We were all in! There are no shortage of activities to fill your time, whether you’re passing through on a layover or have spent time in the city and have time to kill before your flight. Yet, one of the most unique places to see at Changi is the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3. Here’s everything you need to know about this special attraction at the airport in Singapore!

How to Find the Singapore Butterfly Garden

The first thing you should know is how to actually find the Changi Butterfly Garden. We have passed through Singapore’s airport many times, but somehow always find ourselves in the wrong terminal. 

The Singapore Butterfly Garden is located in Terminal 3. If your flight is out of T3 then there is truly no reason not to stop in, even if just for a quick look.

Once you clear security look for Singapore Food Street which is right on the second floor to the left. If you see the escalator up to the second floor where the food court is you’re close!

A great thing about the SingaporeButterfly Garden is that you can access it from both the ground floor or the second level. There aren’t as many signs as you might expect for such a popular place, but with a little searching we promise you will find it.

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Singapore Butterfly Garden Changi Airport

History of the Singapore Butterfly Garden 

First opening in 2008, this fun nature exhibit grabbed the title of the world’s first butterfly garden built in an airport. There are over 1,000 butterflies here with over 50 different species flying freely through the tropical butterfly habitat.

Singapore Airport is internationally known for its stunning and creative themed gardens. Some others that are worth visiting are the cactus garden, sunflower garden, and of course the amazing Singapore Jewel. This enormous waterfall is basically one giant garden, and the Jewel is a cant-miss just outside Terminal 1.

Singapore Butterfly Garden History

Entering the Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3 

It doesn’t matter if you enter the Butterfly gardens from the first or second floor, both doors will look the same. There is a row of lightweight chains that hang down at the entrance to greet you.

Be careful when you are entering and exiting the gardens! The chains are actually in place to stop the butterflies from escaping. If you have the choice, we recommend starting on the upper floor and walking down the stairs to the bottom.

Singapore Butterfly Garden Singapore

Exploring the Two Floors of the Butterfly Garden

When we first entered the gardens we thought that we might have to search for the butterflies. Yet, we would quickly find out that isn’t the case at all!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies all around you. The garden is equipped with lush greenery, plants, bright flowers, and even a waterfall! There’s even colorful flowers that are formed into the shape of butterflies as well as pineapple slices. 

Wait, pineapples?? Yes, you read the right. The sweet pineapples draw the butterflies in so you can get an up-close look at them. Hopefully, this goes without saying, but always keep your distance and don’t touch the the butterflies. 

Walking down from the top floor in the middle of the staircase is the best view of the Singapore Butterfly Garden. From here you can see the waterfall with a small koi pond below, and all the precious insects flying around.

Also, don’t miss getting a look at the large case on the ground floor. This is where you will see dozens of butterflies hanging as they make their way through metamorphosis. 

Singapore Airport Garden

Butterfly Garden Singapore Airport

Butterfly Gardens

Changi Airport Butterfly Singapore

How Long Do You Need at the Singapore Butterfly Garden?

Really, there is no set time that you need to visit Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3. If you are in a rush you can easily stroll through and quickly continue on your way. Yet, if you have the time to explore you can expect to spend 15 to 20 minutes.

The Changi Butterfly Garden obviously isn’t large. However, considering they’re in the middle of one of the most popular airports in the world, it’s extremely impressive!

Along with seeing all the beautiful butterflies there are tons of information about the host plants and butterfly life cycle. This makes it a great way to pass time while waiting for your flight.

For Priority Pass holders, there is the a club just opposite of the Butterfly Garden Terminal 3. As we mentioned, you can also grab a bite at the Singapore Street Food court which is right next door on the 2nd floor.

Singapore Butterfly Gardens

Exploring More of the Singapore Airport 

Transiting Through Singapore: Staying at the airport on your layover? Then know there are countless things to do to after the Changi Butterfly Garden! Singapore airport has everything from a swimming pool to a movie theater, and of course the famous Singapore Jewel. Even if you are on a short layover, you can easily pass through customs to visit the massive indoor waterfall. Check out the post below to see exactly how to do that!

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Jewel Singapore

Visiting Singapore: Ideally, you will be able to leave the airport and spend at least 2-3 days experiencing Singapore (read our two day itinerary here!) On our last visit we were flying with Singapore Airlines from Vietnam to New York, and for the same price chose a ticket that gave us a two-day layover.

This gave us time to eat all the delicious food at the Hawker Centres and fully taking in this amazing city in Southeast Asia! Check out all our Singapore articles here to help plan your next visit.

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Have any questions about this article or want to share your own tips for the Singapore Butterfly Garden? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Butterfly Garden in Singapore

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