Singapore Airlines Review: 18+ Hours on the World’s Longest Flight

Singapore Airlines Review

Singapore Airlines is known as one of the best in the world. It has won countless awards over the years and a popular company for travelers heading to Southeast Asia. Never flown to Singapore before? Well, we got you covered! We’ve taken many trips with Singapore Airlines, with our most recent journey being an 18.5 hour flight from Singapore to NYC. This just happens to be the longest flight in the world so you can imagine that it was quite the experience! Here’s our Singapore Airlines Review in premium economy seating and more fun tips.

Singapore Airlines Review 

After 5 amazing months exploring Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam it was time to head back to the USA to visit family.

We had always wanted to fly on the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to NYC. Not just because it’s the longest flight in the world, but the fact that it would make our travel time easier than usual!

Whenever we go from NYC to Singapore or vice versa, we end up having a layover in Europe or the Middle East. Even though being in the air for 18.5 consecutive hours seemed daunting, we loved the idea of going non-stop without a connecting flight.

Singapore to NYC Flight

Booking Our Singapore Airlines Flight 

When looking up flights on Skyscanner we first searched for a route from Singapore to NYC directly. However, the one way tickets were around $1,200-2,000 USD per person.

Now that might not sound like a bad price considering how far a distance it is. Still, as full-time travelers, we always strive to get the best deals… Especially on long-haul flights!

The last stop on our Asia trip was the city of Da Nang, Vietnam. We decided to search directly from there instead of starting our trip in Singapore.

Surprisingly, the flight was only $720 USD! The reason we originally were looking from Singapore was that it’s a giant international hub. We also wanted to spend a few days in the city.

Singapore is a place that’s special to us and somewhere we always try to see on our way in and out of Asia. As you can see from our articles, we can’t get enough of the delicious local food and beautiful architecture!

When comparing the different flights with Singapore Airlines we found that we could add a two-day layover onto our ticket! So not only were we saving several hundred dollars each by starting our trip in Vietnam, but we didn’t need to buy an additional flight ticket to Singapore. 

In this Singapore Airlines review we recommend perusing their website from a laptop or desktop if possible. It’s easier to find your route and the best price available using the monthly preview calendar. 

11 Best Ways to Save Money on Flights with Skyscanner

Singapore Merlion

What to Know Before Takeoff on Singapore Airlines

Once everything was set for our trip we logged back into manage our booking. There are a few different features you should know about that can make your trip on the longest flight in the world even better.

On the Singapore Airlines website, we could pre-book our seats (for an extra fee), add any baggage or extras that we needed, and most importantly take a look at the flight menu. 

That’s right! For each leg of our flight there was a detailed breakdown of what the meal options would be. If nothing sounds too appetizing there is also the option to “book the cook.”

This allows you to choose from dozens of different options. For our flight we just went with the pre-set meals. However, our friends who used book the cook highly recommended it so we will have to try next time!

Review Longest Flight in the World

Checking in For Our Singapore Flight 

As we mentioned, our flight route started in Da Nang, Vietnam. We called the airline prior to our trip because I had unfortunately suffered a foot injury. Once we explained the situation, they were nice enough to make sure we had bulkhead seats. The first flight from Da Nang to Singapore was short and we arrived in just under 3 hours.

One thing that impressed us immediately while writing this Singapore Airlines Review was their new no-waste policy. All the meals were served in cardboard containers as opposed to what we were typically used to.

We both ordered the Laksa which is one of the most famous soups in Singapore. It was amazing getting a local dish we enjoy at the Hawker Centres on every visit! If you fly often like us then you know that good food on an airline can be hard to come by.

After leaving Vietnam and spending two epic days exploring Singapore, we were ready for our return flight to New York. If you’re planning to visit Singapore check out our articles about Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, and even how to see the amazing Jewel waterfall at Changi Airport.

Checking in for our flight from Singapore to New York was super easy. Singapore’s Changi Airport is extremely efficient and always quick to get through. We stopped at the beautiful Butterfly Garden and then used our Priority Pass to get lounge access for breakfast.

If you don’t have priority pass you can buy a one visit airport lounge pass. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to switch terminals if you’re flying out of a different one! 

One important thing to know about Singapore airport is that you don’t go through the security check until you get to your gate. So don’t wait until the last moment to head there! Also, filling up a large empty water bottle is a good move for the longest flight in the world.

Singapore Airport Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airport to NYC Flight

Changi Airport Singapore Airlines Flight

Boarding Our Singapore Airlines Flight

Walking on a plane and knowing that you are going to be on the flight for 18 hours is a surreal feeling. Regardless of if you’re flying with a top airline or not, that’s an absolutely crazy amount of time to be in the air!

However, if you’re heading out on the long route we did then there is some good news. The lowest seat level is Singapore Airlines Premium Economy, and honestly it makes a huge difference. 

So what exactly is a Singapore Airlines Premium Economy seat? First off, they are larger and have more padding then your typical economy seat. You’ll also find that the seat goes back more and there is a footrest that pops out. The footrest was huge for my foot injury and also helping us sleep during the longest flight in the world.

With the large seats, Singapore Airlines Premium Economy section is set up in a two, four, two format including some single seats towards the back. While it is called premium economy, we have seen business class seats on airlines in the United States that didn’t look as comfortable. Obviously, those are designed for much shorter flights, but we weren’t complaining!

What made our trip from Singapore to NYC even more comfortable is that we had the bulkhead. The entertainment system was slightly far away because they were mounted on the wall. Yet, we really liked the extra space and how easy it was to get up and stretch our legs in the middle of the flight. 

Singapore to NYC Flight Review

Boarding Longest Flight in the World

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy vs Business Class

At the time of our flight, there are only two classes available for this particular route. Business Class and Premium Economy. That means there isn’t a first class option! If you wanted to fly first then you would have to make a stopover in one of the hub cities like Frankfurt, Germany.

We didn’t go for the Singapore Airlines Business Class seat as the tickets can go for almost ten times the price. On our flight, the business class passengers boarded first. As we walked past enviously, we saw the small lounge cubby-like seats that had completely reclining beds.

Considering flying business class? Make sure to check out the official website to see all about the comforts offered after reading our Singapore Airlines Review.

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Premium Economy vs Business Class

Singapore Airlines Seat Amenities 

After boarding the plane we found our seats which came with pillow and blanket. These are essentials so it was a nice touch for such a long flight. There were also a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that were much better than the simple earplugs you usually get.

The one thing we weren’t expecting was to not have an amenity kit included. Typically, on long international flights there will be a small bag with an eye mask, toothbrush, and socks as a courtesy.

After taking so many of these routes over the years with some of the best airlines like Qatar Airways, we can’t remember the last time we didn’t get anything included.

Not a huge deal, but just be sure to pack some long-flight essentials with you. Specifically, an eye mask would come in handy if you don’t already travel with one. You’re going to want to get some sleep on the longest flight in the world!

Some things we appreciated were the adjustable headrests and free wi-fi. We should note it only included a couple of free hours complimentary wi-fi. Still, it was nice to use and be able to chat with friends and family.

Singapore Airlines Singapore to NYC

Singapore Airlines Flight Plugs

Singapore Airlines Seat Amenities

What Did We Do On the Longest Flight in the World?

Our flight from Singapore to NYC took off right on time and we were quickly on our way to North America. The first thing we did was go through the entertainment selection. I mean… One of the great things about flying is the ability to binge watch movies and TV shows without having any guilt, right? 

On the TV console you can add movies to a special folder and make a playlist and be able to easily get to them later. With movies ready to go, we got comfy and started our journey!

On the 18 Hour Flight I… 

  • Watched 3 Movies 
  • Started and finished an entire book on my kindle
  • Slept & listened to music. 

We of course had meals and drinks served in between which we will get to next! 

Longest Flight in the World Tips

Singapore to NYC Movie

Singapore Airlines Review Singapore NYC

Singapore Airlines Review of Food & Drinks

Just after take off we were served nuts and our choice of drinks. I opted for the champagne while Jake had the white wine. Over the course of the 18+ hour flight, we were given two full meals and one small breakfast before landing.

If you got hungry during the trip you could order cups of noodles to your seat, or head to the back of the plane where they had a small snack station. 

First Meal Service 

Around two hours after taking off we had our first meal. We both ended up having the chicken with pesto. It was a large piece of chicken with lightly sauced pesto, edamame beans, and a red sauce.

On the side, the meal came with a cold lentil and shrimp salad, bread roll with butter, and crackers with cheese. We also got a 2nd drink so obviously I ordered another sparkling wine!

The only strange thing was realizing there wasn’t a dessert accompanying our meal. This was a little shocking as airlines almost always serve a tasty sweet option with your food.

Just when we finished eating though, the flight attendants came around with cups of Haagen-Dazs cookies & cream ice cream. What a delicious treat!

Singapore Airlines Singapore to NYC Food

Singapore Airlines Ice Cream

Second Meal Service 

For the second meal we both got the chicken again. At this point, we were several hours into the longest flight in the world and were both ready to fall asleep. Luckily, we kept our eyes open just long enough to enjoy the next dish.

The chicken came in a spicy red sauce with white rice and a side of egg frittata. The salad was pearled couscous with slices of chilled pork, and the dessert was some type of jelly.

Singapore Airlines Review Singapore to NYC Meal

Snacks & Treats

Many passengers were sleeping after the second meal so the lights were turned down. There was a tray of water set up in the back of the plane and a box of snacks for those that were still hungry. This had chips, candy bars, muffins, nuts, and a mix of other treats to choose from.

Singapore Air Longest Flight in the World Snacks

Final Meal

We woke up right as the last meal service was being completed, but still got our snack! The final meal was a focaccia breakfast sandwich that we ate while half-awake.

Singapore Airlines Review Food

Food in Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

The food was decent but nothing we would be excited about again. However, that was partly our fault because there were other meals on book the cook we could have ordered! Now that we know about that feature we will definitely utilize it if flying from Singapore again.

The Laksa from our first flight was our favorite with the spicy chicken and rice being a close second. Also, that Haagen-Dazs ice cream was an unexpected dessert.

Singapore Airline Review Final Thoughts

Whenever planning long trips like Singapore to NYC the first thing we do is check the prices. Still, know that cheap flights aren’t the end all be all when deciding which company we book with.

Sure we could’ve paid slightly less and transferred several times. Yet, we loved the convenience of doing the whole trip in one shot. Don’t get us wrong, being 18.5 hours was a wild feeling! It was still so nice to not have to deal with a long layover though.

We also have to say that Singapore Airlines Premium Economy really makes a difference. We’ve flown with the same company in their regular economy seats before this Singapore Airlines review, and premium are so much more comfortable.

Fun Singapore Airline Review

Singapore Airlines Customer Service

One last thing! The cabin crew was beyond kind and professional until the moment we arrived at our final destination. They were aware of my foot injury and kept checking to make sure I was comfortable. The stewardess even offered to bring me a bag of ice at one point to help with the swelling!

From talking with the airline before departure to the overall experience onboard, the customer service on Singapore Airlines is always amazing. This is one of the small things that sets it apart from other companies we’ve flown with. We would totally fly with Singapore Airlines again!

Longest flight in the world Review

Where to Stay in Singapore

Luxury – Marina Bay Sands  – We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands for Jake’s 30th birthday and it blew away our expectations. Aside from the luxury amenities, swimming in the rooftop infinity pool will be the highlight of your visit! 

IconicRaffles Hotel – As one of the most historic hotels Southeast Asia, staying at the Raffles Hotel will be an experience like no other. Enjoy a Singapore Sling and take in the amazing architecture of this landmark built in 1887.

Fun VacationParkroyal on Pickering– It doesn’t get much more green and lush then Parkroyal on Pickering! This fun vacation spot is literally one of the greenest hotels in the world. Plant life covers the entire property to make for a unique stay in Singapore.

Boutique – KēSa House – Located in Chinatown, this fantastic hotel was built in 1920’s. Enjoy the incredible setting in the heart of the city in a traditional building on Keong Saik Road.  

Hostel Hipstercity hostel – Fun hostel in downtown Singapore with both private and dorm rooms. Great place to meet other travelers to explore the city with.

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own Singapore Airlines Review? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Travel Planning 

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  1. Teresita Sia
    April 7, 2023 / 11:36 am

    Singapore Airlines is the Best. I flew from
    Davao City via Cebu to Singapore then to Munich Germany,it was 20 hrs flight ✈️
    the flight was good,food was superb,
    crews were kind and accommodating.
    In my next flight ✈️,it will be Singapore
    Airlines.Thank you,you are Super Airlines
    I can trust for.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      April 7, 2023 / 12:19 pm

      Great to hear that! Thanks for sharing (-:

  2. Sukumaran
    April 3, 2023 / 6:01 am

    Dear Jake and Brigitte. Just one question. Was your flight towards the East to NYC or the west over Europe and then to America. Thanks.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      April 3, 2023 / 8:41 am

      Hi Sukumaran,

      We flew to the east over Alaska and Canada. I think if you’re going the opposite way (New York to Singapore) you go west over Europe.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Serg
    April 2, 2023 / 9:16 am

    Great article and no doubt there are best airlines in many aspects, always enjoying flight with Singapore air

    • Brigitte & Jake
      April 2, 2023 / 9:23 am

      Thanks! We always enjoy flying with Singapore Airlines as well (-:

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