Uerige Düsseldorf: Fun Trip to the 160 Year Old Altbier Brewery

Uerige Dusseldorf

One our recent visit to Düsseldorf we spent the evening enjoying some beers at historic Uerige! This is one of the most famous traditional breweries around Old Town. Here we tried the delicious Altbier which Düsseldorf is known for. It was also a great chance to taste some local food from Rhineland with our drinks! Here’s what to expect if you’re visiting the Düsseldorf breweries, and why Uerige is a must-visit. 

How to Get to Uerige Düsseldorf

Uerige is located in the heart of Düsseldorf’s Old Town, better known as Altstadt. The area is located along the bustling Rhine River and has roots back to the 12th century.

If you’re staying overnight in the city we recommend being as close to Old Town as possible. That way you can get to Uerige and all the best Düsseldorf breweries by foot! 

You will find Uerige on Berger Str. which is just a two minute walk from the famous Marktplatz town square. Don’t be scared off if it looks quiet and empty from the outside! We couldn’t believe all the people and energy as we entered the bar.

Dusseldorf Germany Beer Guide

History of Altbier in Düsseldorf 

Before we get into our fun experience at Uerige Düsseldorf, there’s a little bit of history you should know! Germany is world famous for its beer, and that especially true of Düsseldorf.

Here they brew a particular style called Altbier. It literally translates to “old beer” which makes sense as it’s thought to have been consumed now for over 3,000 years. 

Altbier has transformed and evolved since then, with what you’ll drink today becoming popular in the 19th century during the industrial revolution. It’s a tasty dark beer with an amber to copper color that usually comes in at 4.5 to 5% alcohol. 

The name specifically comes from the old brewing process involving top fermentation yeast. The moderately cold temperatures also provide the perfect environment for year round production in the Rhineland of Germany.

History of Altbier in Dusseldorf

4 Main Düsseldorf Breweries 

Altbier can be found all around Düsseldorf’s cobblestone streets, from its historic pubs to the more modern bars and restaurants. Old Town is actually nicknamed the “Longest Bar in the World” for having almost 300 bars and clubs situated near each other.

Still, for the most authentic experience, you’ll want to go to one of the original Düsseldorf breweries! The 4 listed below are the most highly regarded. If you can believe it, they’ve all been serving Altbier for over 160 years!

These Düsseldorf brewpubs still use their original family recipes for a unique taste you won’t get anywhere else. For a new age Altbier spot in Düsseldorf, Kürzer (opened in 2010) is also worth checking out if you have time.

  • Schumacher (1838)
  • Füchschen (1848)
  • Zum Schlüssel (1850)
  • Uerige (1862)

Dusseldorf Breweries 

Walking into Uerige Düsseldorf

While there were so many options around Düsseldorf, we chose Uerige after getting a local tip. As soon as we walked in we felt like we were transported into another world. Uerige has been brewing Altbier in Düsseldorf since the 1860’s and you could definitely tell!

After taking in the sights and sounds, we headed into a large beer hall in the back. The rooms to the front were a bit quieter, but oh was it more lively in this part of Uirege in Düsseldorf! 

Before we could even look at the menu a waiter stopped by with a huge tray of Altbier and put two down. It was then that we realized we didn’t even need to bother figuring out what to drink!

Uerige Dusseldorf Germany

What We Ordered at Uerige 

While we often prefer the lighter Weissbier (wheat beer) in Germany, the fruity and hoppy flavors went perfectly with the traditional German food. The waiter marked down each beer we had with a line on our coaster which we thought was a fun way to keep count.

The menu was filled with Rhineland cuisine, with both snacks and more heavy style meals. Since we had ate a Bratwurst not long before this we decided to get the mixed meat plate to share.

The food at Uerige Düsseldorf was all amazing. After a few rounds we asked for the bill, but the waiter simply laughed, dropped another two Altbier on our table, and walked away! We gladly took back another drink before being on our way. What an experience!

Uerige Brewery

Uerige Brewery Bill

Altbier Düsseldorf

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own favorite Düsseldorf breweries? Leave us a comment below!

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Düsseldorf Brewery

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